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Sting vs. Hogan Plans, Dixie Carter Rumor Killer, Abyss Injury Update

– While it’s not etched in stone, the current plan is to have Sting vs. Hulk Hogan main event TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. This would all depend on Hogan’s health and if he can wrestle or not.

– Abyss worked this past weekend’s TNA live events with his teeth still missing, so he hasn’t gotten them replaced yet from when Rob Van Dam kicked them out at the iMPACT tapings a few weeks ago.

– Regarding recent rumors online, Dixie Carter has not been replaced in TNA or demoted. She is still the President of TNA and is still involved in all major business decisions. Dixie’s mother Janice, who has a financial role with the company, has been to maybe two shows in the past few months but is not running things.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    If these two wrestle at BFG, don’t make it the main event, and not for the title. Kurt Angle should be in the main event.

  • elvisD

    Jimbo that was hilarious, Hogan still thinks he’s the man that brought Tna to a whole new level brother, well let me tell you something jack, Hulk Hogan never doesn’t know how to back down brother, he hulks up a pile of shit, says his prayers( so that he won’t break his back) eats his vitamins(steroids) and lives the american way(sells out and destroys) Hulkamania is running wild(Brainwashing method used back in the 80’s) and what you gonna do brother when hulkamania runs wild on you(Fear tactic that rhymes on time) What a piece of shit, and to think I used to cheer for this man EPIC FAIL!!!!

  • adam tarasievich

    WOW this will be terrible if it happens. I mean if hogan and sting do fight for the title and hogan wins TNA or Impact whatever you want to call it is dead. I mean they are hanging on by a thread right now but that could be the final blow if it happens.

  • we all thought russo was bad but hogan just takes the piss

  • Payaso

    Actually Jimbo, I don’t think Hogan is intelligent enough to be destroying TNA on purpose. I used to be Hogan’s biggest fan, believe me, and now I am so tired of him. He just does not know when to quit! He has turned TNA into WCW.

  • erik

    I don’t want to steal miz catch pharse. but real hogan? this is not 1996 anymore hulkster your one high impact move away from joing wheelchair club

  • jimbo jones

    Next time on “THE IMPACT CONSPIRACY”: We see 2 of the dominant forces from the wcw/nwo era go at it at “impact’s” biggest ppv of the year. Hoagn vs Sting in a match to the death(which in their case is probably not too far off). But what sting and the rest of the people at “IMPACT” doesnt know is that Hogan has a deal going down. Let’s go backstage for a sec.
    VKM: So Flair is on board with this too?
    HOGAN: Yea, dude! Its all good brah!
    VKM: This is gonna be bigger than the montreal screwjob….
    HOGAN: So i can keep the title when we’re done, right?
    VKM: Yea sure HULK. Just make the ppv suck. I mean EC-WWE suck. Then i’ll swoop in like a hero and buy out the company.
    HOGAN: Yea brother, I got my man Vince Russo working on it right now dude!
    VKM: Just imagine…..”WWE IMPACT”.

    No disrespect to sting cuz he’s one of my all time favorites, but that match will be horrifying. 1996 was a good year for the “wrestling” business an Hogan vs Sting was big money then. But now, Sting is still in decent shape, but hogan will come to the ring with a walker…pop a leg drop for the 1 2 3…and go home. And if this is indeed Hogan’s idea, it just further explains my theory of Vince paying Hogan behind the scenes to wreck TNA…er…IMPACT. Hell, he couldve planned it for WCW also.

  • Bill

    TNA is stupid & a poor man’s WWE with swearing. TNA 2008 was like a modern 90s ECW… fresh & original.

  • CM Mark

    Sting vs. Hogan? Really? PUSH ANDERSON YOU IDIOTS. He’s the best you’ve got.

  • Stevie

    Wait a minute here. Didn’t were read about Sting getting carried by his opponent and he relies on that? So…Hogan’s gonna carry Sting? But Hogan’s on the edge of killing himself in the ring, so is Sting gonna carry Hogan? What’s gonna be the case?

  • CC

    Honestly, do even the die hard fans of those two want to see that as a main event? This isnt 1995 anymore, and just cause guys like Undertaker, HBK and HHH can still knock it out of the park in a main event match, doesnt mean that a broken down old man and Sting (sue me, I am a fan so I aint gonna insult him) can do the same.
    If there is any truth to the fact that Sting needs leading through matches, then working with a guy who can barely move is hardly the dream match that TNA probably thinks it is for fans.

  • StocktonJoe

    @GreasyRabbit75 — On the other hand, it would be a TRUE “WCW” Match. You’ve heard of “Tables, Ladders and Chairs.” Well, this would be “Wheelchairs, Canes and Walkers.”

  • GreasyRabbit75

    Are they trying to insure that nobody watches Bound For Glory? I was sick of that match in WCW.

  • Ronald

    That match, if it happens, could very well be the nail in the coffin once known as TNA, or is it iMPACT Wrestling? lol

  • David

    Good God, do NOT put those two fossils in the ring together… Is this all a ploy to put the belt on Hogan or something?