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Sting Inks Contract Extension With TNA, Eric Young & ODB Wedding Invite, More

— TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter announced Thursday afternoon that Sting has reached a new contract agreement with the organization.

She tweeted, “THRILLED to have just signed the new @Sting talent contract. So proud to have him part of the TNA family! Here’s to some great times ahead!”

— has announced that Eric Young and ODB will hold their wedding on the April 12 episode of Impact Wrestling. The website issued an invitation to fans asking them to RSVP via Facebook.

The invitation states, “Join us for a Match made in Wrestling Heaven in the IMPACT Zone, WHERE NOTHING CAN GO WRONG! BAM!!!”

— Angelina Love is auctioning off a “Beautiful People” outfit she wore at several Impact and live events in 2009. To view the auction, click here.

  • Sting

    ohh on another note…Why do guys buy womans clothing?lol

  • Sting

    Amen Jason……Anyways really looking forward to this wedding…wonder who is gonna break it up?..but i really hope they do nothing to break it up…cant wait for my unlimited pretzels and jello shots woohooo!!!

  • Valo487

    Fuck off Jason.

  • 1919dpg

    @jayhawk there’s no way they would have him wrestle a full time schedule. he might get an even shorte schedule than michaels had. he’d probably just to do tv and the ppv.
    storyline wise, they would probably, well atleast hopefully give him and taker some freedom to do as they wish. they’ve done so in the past with taker and michaels and jericho feuds.

  • JayHawk

    We all know he doesn’t want to work the WWE road schedule. And for him and taker to have a good match they would have to have them work more then 3 or 4 shows to build the match the Icon vs the phenom. And would the wwe creative do it right current storylines speak for themselves. Really maybe the wwe should read the stuff the fans right like on here and get a clue of what people really want to see bring back angle let him Punk and Jericho feud for who is the best in the world.

  • CM Mark

    As long as Sting is happy then I am happy for him. Sting is a Legend, simple as that.

  • Best In The World

    @jason how is it that you kno that angle will not go back to wwe i bet hes back there in the next 3 to 4 years once he realizes tna is garbage cause it is, Angle should be world champ now but bobby roode is… tna is a joke.

  • Stevie P

    How does it feel for Sting, at his age, to not be wrestling in WWE in 2012? Meh, TNA can have him. If memory serves me right, there were reports that he needs to be carried throughout his matches now. Don’t get me wrong, he was one of the biggest draws in WCW and I was a huge fan of his, but now I’m not all that high on him. At his age and his limits, he’s not that great as a performer now. I would love to see Sting vs Taker at Mania but if not, I’m alright with it. TNA and WWE should be pushing their young talent anyways.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Are we seriously never going to see Undertaker vs Sting at Mania then?! ='(

  • Jason

    LMFAO, you know why most big name talent want nothing to do with the WWE in 2012 for? Because WWE treats there talent like shit. Sting will never go to WWE and Angle will never go back to WWE either. The WWE fucking sucks and it’s for little kids that wish they could one day be like John Cena.

    One last question, how does it feel? How does it feel to know that Sting will never wrestle for the WWE? Ha

  • Best In The World

    TNA IS BRUTAL Sting shoulda went to WWE to face taker at Wrestelmania 29

  • ##

    Sting is no “Icon” until he goes to the WWE, which probably will never happen. Sting is scared and old. His reasons for not going there are lame excuses.

  • Logan

    And TNA is “reportedly having financial problems”. But, his paychecks must be looking great more power to him trying to make a few, well more than a few, bucks.

  • Jason L

    Ignore the stupid trolls please.

  • XX

    R.I.P the career of the bitter icon sting.

  • Rucdogg

    Stinger! NOoooooooooo just go to wwe before you Way too old to do anything! get you a dvd and get in the hall of fame, damn sure bet him vs taker is never gonna happen now tho

  • Jon-Jon

    It’s sad that Sting won’t put aside his pride for once and jsut give fans what they want. I se where he’s coming from, he’s the guy that wants to be remembered for never needing the WWE or McMahon to become a star, but the fans want it. He’s a HUGE star, and him coming to the WWE would benefit the entire business as a whole. If Sting come for ONE match against the Undertaker, he would have more than enough money to be set for the rest of his life, he could sign a Legends deal and get paid for that for the rest of his life, and we could finally get Sting shirts, action figures, DVDs, etc. Hell, imagine if the WWE and TNA worked out an agreement to put some of Sting’s TNA work on a WWE DVD. That would be great for the entire wrestling business, but Sting is letting his pride get in the way of success.

  • 1919dpg

    what an idiot. he could make double the money in wwe. he should just go to wwe wrestle taker and maybe hhh, get inducted into the hall of fame and sign a legends deal. stop wasting your body away in that shithole.

  • luckysalt

    Im guessing its another 1 yr. Great news for TNA

  • stockshark28

    Oh lord!! @Shawn did TNA hurt you did they scar you for life Just watch WWE and shut the hell up already would you PLEASE would you!

  • Shawn

    Worst decision of his life. Then again, if it’s guaranteed money (and with Panda Energy, rather than TNA), it’s great. Why, you ask? Because we know the length of the contract is far greater than TNA’s future existence. I’m just putting it out there, but TNA will go bankrupt and/or get bought out by Vince before Sting’s contract runs out.