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Sting Says He Almost Joined WWE Last Year, Wants To Face The Undertaker

Sting appeared on 97.9/105.5 KISS-FM on Thursday to promote Impact Wrestling at Wembley Stadium. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Which wrestler he’d like to face that he hasn’t yet: “I’d have to say the top one… Undertaker. I think wrestling fans have wanted to see Sting vs. Undertaker for years. I think between his gimmick and mine, it could be pretty cool. We could do some pretty cool stuff.”

If he has any regrets over not joining WWE: “Yes and no. Who wouldn’t want to say that they’ve done at least one WrestleMania? I’m not going to lie to you, I wish I had done one of those. I’ve had great conversations with him [Vince McMahon] over the years and been real close on three or four different occasions. There was always a need met or desire of mine met with WCW or with TNA, so I stayed.”

When was the last time he almost joined WWE: “Last year… we were very, very close.”

The audio interview is available here.

  • Pig

    Sting never went to WWe because he didn’t agree with Vince’s morals. Thats been written many times. It had nothing to do back then with travelling dates. It would now.

    Sting has already worked some of the biggest PPV’s ever. Just not WM.

    Sting already wrestled Undertaker aka ” Mean Mark Callous” many years ago. Undertaker was a skinny toothpick back then. Didn’t have the gimmick and got waxed. Sting knew coming into WWe he would not win or get a good show against Undertaker.

    Sting is iconic in wrestling. He has not done the movie thing like the Rock…so he may not be recognized by the non wrestling fan.

    Sting does not need to be in WM to finish or highlight his career.

    Although I dont really want to see two past their prime wrestlers go at it just to hype an event…..I do think WWE could make Sting look very good wrestling the Undertaker. Hell Nash could barely walk when he left TNA, the WWebrings him into a rumble match and everyone marks out. He actually looked like he had a move left…the died hair was a laugh…but it rejunvenated his look and thats what WWe is good at.

  • Jason

    I’m glad Sting never went to WWE, WWE is so damn kiddy like that the whole product feels like something out of an episode of Barny and friends. TNA Impact is where it is at imo.

    When you have 15,000 english fans chanting WWE sucks and TNA rules, you know something is wrong with the WWE product.

  • Devil_Rising


    Well, that is and isn’t true. Let’s take a look.

    Diamond Dallas Page – Yes. They did make him look weak. At least at first. They cast him as a cowardly heel against Taker, and to be fair, that is basically the character he’d been playing in WCW before it went under. But they still should have played up the “Original People’s Champion” more. Hell, that right there, DDP vs. Rock, could have been priceless.

    Booker T – I wouldn’t say they made him look all that weak. During the Invasion, he was feuding with The Rock, WWF’s top guy, and he even won his “Five Time WCW Champion” deal then. Sure, he had his ups and downs after that, and he CERTAINLY should have been put over by HHH at WM19, that was one of the most pointless HHH wins in history. But he ultimately did have another World Title run, and he was treated like a star.

    Hogan – Speaks for himself. I guess it was destined that he was going to be treated huge, because he is huge, and the reaction that he got from fans, especially in TO, was amazing. So they turned him face and gave him one last run. Not bad for an old man that couldn’t really go anymore.

    Hall & Nash – With Hall, sadly, he was never a main eventer in either company. He should have been. I know in WCW specifically, his boozing kept him from that. And that’s what happened in WWE when he came back. I don’t think he would have been World Champ, but he did booze his way right back out, again sadly. Nash on the other hand, I think he would have been given a huge push, if he could have stayed healthy. But he couldn’t. Injured his arm, then came back, blew his quad. Just too injury prone, otherwise I feel he would have had another World Title run in him.

    Goldberg – Certainly not made to look weak. He came right in, fought the Rock, then went on to beat HHH for the belt. Only around a year, but that was his choice. He was treated like a huge deal while he was around though.

    Scott Steiner – This was really Steiner’s fault. The fact is, Steiner made the choice to bulk up and lose the mobility and wrestling ability he used to have. He used to be fantastic. But he wanted to roid out instead. And “Big Poppa Pump” just didn’t work. They tried pushing the hell out of him when he first joined WWE. He main evented two straight PPVs against HHH. But those matches were terrible, mostly because he just can’t really wrestle anymore.

    Ric Flair – Again, he never did get a world title run, but honestly, at his stage of his career, he did what he should have been doing, which was giving back and putting younger guys over. He was still treated like a huge deal, and had a lot of high profile matches.

    Point being, I think Sting would have been treated right, like a huge deal, if he had bothered coming to WWE. Taker vs. Sting would have been one for the ages, but he chose not to do it, because he’d rather stick around TNA as their General Manager character? He could have even DONE that, after doing WM with Taker. But he chose not to. That’s his bad. I still maintain that he is an “Icon” of this business, for sure. But his fear of not being treated right, or not liking the WWE’s content, or whatever… just pointless. I do agree that he SHOULD have come to WWE. Not because it would have “made him”, but because the fans would have loved it.

  • Moo

    Big sting fan, be kinda weird seeing sting in the wwe, sting doesn’t need to do mania if he doesn’t want too.

  • Nicholas

    @ bc mitchell like you post on Sting a lot. It is like I said at the end of Sting wrestling career it is going to prove. Yeah he was an Icon in WCW and at one point WCW was a big company. But to me Sting career took a way step back when he went to TNA. Like I said would have rather he stay retire because it made no sense what so every. I say Sting was not a smart business person. He went for the safe company an to me that shows me Sting don’t have a good business mind. To me TNA is WCW just under a different name. I just don’t think Sting should have just stay retire. Hey even Ric Flair has said many times in Sting young career that he should have gone to see Vince. Ric Flair has said many times that Sting could have been an even bigger star then even Hogan in the WWE. To me you can’t really say Sting was scare just not to bright.

  • marvin

    All these years and never in the WWE, but there is still a little time left before he’s not viable anymore

  • Jason

    Just that, public relations. I like to hear and understand why people have such a problem with TNA from all sides of the forum. So far I have heard some good reasons but for the most part it’s just spam from where I’m standing. Tonight I will be on the radio via Indie Wars to talk about the TNA/CWF tour. Check us out, live at 8 PM C

  • V-R-A


    That’s cool man. Not to put salt in your eye, but I find it interesting that a TNA Public Relations member would be on a wrestling website such as this. Any reason why?

  • Phil Collins

    @ Jason

    Hook it up with a job.

  • Jason

    Sure whataboutme, don’t know if they will listen but I will try.
    VRA I am in the public relations department and help deal with on the road promotion.

  • V-R-A

    @ Jason

    What do you do for TNA?

  • bc mitchell

    3 1/2 Hours? Damn I didn’t realize your mom was down there for so long. Just messin with you. I got a little long winded I know. Super bowl was boring the hell out of me.

  • donners

    bc mitchell spent 3-and-a-half hours writing out those 2 giant comments, and got 1 like, 1 dislike for his troubles!!

    should’ve kept it like this:

    *sting is an icon

    *he has left it too late to really put on the type of match fans wanted to see in wwe

    *if he turned up in wwe tomorrow, a lot of people would still mark out

    *he deserves his place in the HOf, probably being inducted by flair

    *it doesn’t matter where you ply your trade, people will acknowledge your achievements if you deserve them, and over the years sting has earned his status as one of the greats

  • scooter

    sting has explained why he wouldn’t go to wwe in the past and thats that he felt some of the ex wcw guys were made to look weak in wwe and felt he’d have to pay his dues all over again personally I don’t agree bcause as good as he was I wouldn’t say booker T was a legend by 2001 where as sting was

  • Austin316

    i hate reading long comments..

  • Knightcon

    There are wrestling fans left in America. I love the business as a whole. Tna has sucked for a while but I feel its the same problem the WWE has. Bad storyline. Both companies have talented works. And I agree comparing 10 years vs 60 years is hard to do. Hogan should retire and let this generation shine. But the old gaurd at the WWE need to do the same. Hell. ROH is doing better TV shows now days as crazy as that is

  • b c mitchell

    @Devil_Rising. Almost good points. Here are my counterpoints. Yes the NWA at one point was bigger than WWF but that was before Sting got there. The AWA was too but Sting never worked there. Lets face facts in the post Wrestlemania landscape in order to truly be amongst the greatest of all time one did have to at least attempt to make it in the WWE. Not saying its right but it that company has been the measuring stick since the first Wrestlemania. While min a pre-Wrestlemania landscape a wrestler didnt have to be a WWF guy to be a star post-Wrestlemania he does.
    You are 100% correct when you say all wrestling fans should know the names you listed I clearly said I was speaking of wrestlers that NON wrestling fans had heard of. The men you listed are indeed legends in the wrestling industry and I would never dispute that but to be an ICON one has to be more. Its a matter of semantics but I consider being an ICON to be greater than a legend. Bottom line is my grandma has heard of Hulk Hogan but has no idea who Bret Hart is. No disrespect to Bret, HBK, Flair or the others you listed but an average person who doesnt watch wrestling has no idea who they are but thanks to Rocky, Slim Jims, and shitty Hollywood films they do know who Hogan, Savage, Austin, Rock, and Piper are.
    I gave credit to the cruiserweights for WCWs success. And while Sting did play a part in the rise of WCW I wouldnt say he was a cornerstone of it unfortunately. During the majority of the rise he wasnt one of the heroes fighting he was standing in the rafters being emo.
    Also by saying WCW was the 2nd biggest behind WWF historically you kinda made my point for me. Sting has always hitched a ride with the number 2 company. I was simply stating my opinion that one reason for this could be a slight bit of fear and self doubt about whether or not he could cut it under those bright lights and harsh scrutiny. It seems he picked the safe route by staying in the smaller promotion instead of going to the grand stage.
    In closing while I respect Sting and his multiple acclompishments I, for one, will always feel something was missing because he never even tried to go there despite saying he knows the fans wanted it and he always gives the fans what they want. He always seems to have an excuse why he didnt try and I think thats a shame because I think he would have been HUGE with the WWF/E hype machine behind him.

  • JIR

    Should have, could have but you didn’t Sting would love to see it but it all depends on Takers health and the right story

  • Devil_Rising

    @b c mitchell

    Sorry dude, but I have to cut you down on that one. Sting absolutely is an “Icon”. All WRESTLING fans know who Sting is. And to suggest that he would only be an Icon IF he had come to WWE at some point, is rather silly. That’s basically saying that you can only BE an “icon” if you work for WWF/E. There are plenty of great wrestlers who have never worked for WWF/E.

    Also, to say that the ONLY “Icons” of wrestling are the ones you listed? Really now. What about Bret Hart? HBK? Kevin Nash? Ric Flair? The Undertaker? Mick Foley? Ricky Steamboat? Ultimate Warrior (as much of an absolute tard of a person as he is)? The Road Warriors? The Four Horsemen? Jimmy Snuka? Diamond Dallas Page? Etc. etc. etc.

    Maybe not all of those guys “permeated pop culture” as you suggest, but still, mention the name “Undertaker” to most people, they will at least know he was a wrestler. Same with Flair. Same with Hart, and most of those other names.

    And to suggest that Sting wrestling in the NWA or WCW was “small time”? You have a point, with TNA. It’s only been around a decade, and still isn’t the huge promotion that it wants to be. But NWA? Dude, the NWA was far bigger than the WWF until “Rock n Wrestling” happened in the mid-80s. AWA was also “big time”. And when several NWA territories merged to become WCW, THAT was “big time”.

    WCW was the second biggest wrestling company in wrestling history, right behind WWF. WCW blew WWF out of the water for two years, and that wasn’t JUST because of the NWO. It was because of the NWO, yes. But also because of Goldberg, because of DDP, because of Sting, because of the great cruiserweight wrestlers, etc. The NWO would have been nothing without the “heroes” that fought it, like DDP, Goldberg, Flair, Sting, etc.

    So while I do absolutely agree that Sting missed the boat, and SHOULD have at least come in for a month or two to do ONE WM match, I would say that he deserves to be considered an “Icon” of the business.

  • b c mitchell

    I believe some clarification is in order. First Ive been watching Sting since he teamed with a young Jim Hellwig bka Ultimate Warrior. I remember him as a part of Eddie Gilberts posse teaming with Rick Steiner in his early NWA days all the way through neon surfer Sting, crow face Sting, wolfpac Sting, and now alleged “icon” Sting. I personally feel that Sting is a tad overrated yet still great. Hes like the Scottie Pippen to Ric Flairs Michael Jordan, a great hall of fame level talent but not an Icon.
    In referencing him being “scared” I am not just talking his near joining last year but also the multiple times in the past he had to go. It seems to me he always took the safe route by staying in his comfort zone of the smaller NWA/WCW and now the tiny TNA. While his age and having lost a step or two may play into his decisions now what was stopping him years ago? Loyalty is one thing but at the end of the day to not test himself on the “big stage” that is the WWF/E seems to be doing him a disservice of sorts. Its a shame that when his career ends there will be a lot of what ifs? in regards to how he would have fared in the big time. I for one think as big as he is he would have been a true icon had he gone to WWE.
    In regards to his working for WCW during the 90s boom period I would argue he had little to do with that. The NWO brought those ratings. The usage of Hogan, Savage, Hall, & Nash are what lead to that. The exciting cruiserweight action you didnt see in WWF at the time played a bigger part in those times as well. Sting was never the focal point really. The biggest part he played during that time was when he shut up for a year and just pointed a damn bat. When the story finally culminated it fell flat. Not his fault totally but bottom line he was always better chasing the big gold belt than when he held it.
    For all the he didnt want to be treated poorly like other WCW guys I present the following list of ex-WCW wrestlers who had success in WWF/E: Ric Flair(WWF champ), Arn & Tully(tag titles), Sid Vicious(WWF champ), Goldust(IC champ), Marc Mero(IC champ), Rick Rude(IC champ), Road Warriors(tag titles), Steiners(tag titles), Nasty Boys(tag titles), Undertaker(WWF champ), Steve Austin(WWF champ), HHH(WWF champ), Nash(WWF champ), Hall(IC champ), Big Show(WWF champ), Foley(WWF champ), Jericho(Undisputed champ), Guerrero(WWE champ), Benoit(World champ), Mysterio(World/WWE champ), Booker T(World champ),Goldberg(World champ). The second half of that list, which Im sure Ive left out a few, is comprised of guys WCW didnt have a damn clue what to do with. Yeah some guys tried and failed but such is life.
    As far as Stings “Icon” status I say no. To be an Icon I say one has to transcend the tiny world of pro wrestling and permeate pop culture itself. To that end the only real “Icons” of wrestling are as follows Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, Stone Cold, and The Rock. You mention these names to a non wrestling fan and there is a good chance theyll know the name. Say the name Sting and youll get ” yeah I loved him with The Police.”

  • Devil_Rising

    Certainly would be better than HHH vs. Taker with HBK Part 126.

    Seriously, Sting….you have NOTHING left to accomplish with TNA, at all. You should have joined WWE for 6 months, hell, even just long enough to do WM. Taker vs. Sting would have been huge.

    I honestly believe this is going to be Taker’s last WM. Ending at 20-0 seems about right, and he’s getting up there in age.

    Sorry Sting. You fucked up, friend. Guess you’d rather play “Sheriff” over in TNA for nothing, instead of actually adding to your legacy by having a “Wrestlemania Moment.” Too bad dude.

  • WeAreOne

    Says no to wwe. Now he is joker-sting

  • Nicholas

    I would never call Sting scare hey to me Sting coming to WWE sunk a long time ago. He is not a smart buisness person. Think of this Sting went on to face Jeff Hardy instead of Undertaker how that turn out. Also that whole heel gimmick in TNA all to put old Hulk Hogan butt over one last time I hope. To me Sting going to TNA was a bad buisness move would have rather he just stay retire it has never been the same with Sting in TNA. I am an always will be a Sting fan respect the guy a lot. Hey I was a big WCW fan which I feel TNA is trying to be. The smart and only business move was WWE or stay retire. To me TNA was a step back a nightmare if you ask me.

  • poko

    I’m not sure where the entire idea of Sting being scared is coming from. Sounds like complete guesswork. What we know is that Sting hasn’t wanted to work a full schedule for awhile, and that’s likely the need that TNA did the most to accommodate.

    Sting vs. Undertaker would be great, and his first appearance in the WWE would blow the roof off. I believe wresting really misses that thrill of having top level wrestlers move between two largely equal promotions. I’m betting Sting only signs short-term contracts as this stage of his career, so if he and Vinny Mac could swallow their pride, I think it’s still within the window of possibility. It’s a window that’s almost closed, however, so it had better be soon.

  • kamala’s foot

    This old man should give it up. Sting and Hogan can go have races in their wheelchairs at a nursing home instead of wrestling.

  • venom

    We all want to see Sting vs Undertaker, but everybody should stop getting their hopes over it because it will never happen. Sting will never leave TNA and same with Angle. Their loyality is TNA. If they left TNA for more money, then those two would be liars. The only time I believe Sting would have joined WWE was after McMahon bought out WCW. I doubt Sting would even accept being in the HOF.

  • Diesel

    Seriously whats with all these crybabies??

    Kudos to Sting for sticking to his principles, but at the same time I just wish it’d happened earlier in their careers as both of them are near enough on their final stages of their careers which is a shame.

  • WhatAboutMe

    Hey jason. Can you suggest to you boss that the next time tna comes to the UK they should do a show in the northeast e.g Newcastle or sunderland. We have one of the largest fan bases but get very few shows.

  • Jason

    Yes I work there, have for a while now.

  • me

    and you’re an idiot for not doing it, sting.

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  • Andy Garland

    sting wwe owns your video libary from wcw aleast do one wrestlemania and except a hall of fame award before your career wraps up

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    @Jason you work for TNA?

  • Jason

    The product of TNA has nothing to do with the low viewership of TNA(Which btw is not that low seeing as how they are the most watched program on Spike and get over 1.2 million extra viewership when you count the DVR percent into it all. While WWE gets about 250,000 views on DVR per week on avg vs. TNA’s 1.2 million per week) If you count the total into effect WWE gets 5 million viewers on avg for raw while TNA gets 3 million viewers total on avg for Impact. That and WWE has been around for 67 years vs. TNA only being around for almost 10 years. Not really fair to compare the brands via the amount of a fan base. Also I find as I travel around the world with TNA that in America most wrestling fans only watch WWE out of some kind of blind loyalty and refuse to give any other brand a chance. Hell I asked one fan on a WWE game online why he did not like TNA and he said because it’s not WWE. I was like WTF kind of answer is that.

    How you can call TNA bad after the past three months of it’s TV product vs. the last 4 years of WWE’s tv product makes me wonder. TNA is not perfect, I say that as a worker there but it’s far better at the moment vs. what the WWE is and I challege you to prove to me other wise. CM Punk is the only thing that I like on WWE and even that has been booked half good and half crap.

  • Goofdaman

    Reading this is heartbreaking…I am a diehard Sting fan, and the anticipation for 2/21/11 last year was the most excited I had been with the WWE in a long time, and to read here that Sting was that close to make that dream a reality is just sad…I, along with others, wanted that to become a reality last year, but at least seeing this shows that the theories of the promos being for Sting were not false!

  • CC

    Not being in WWE has absolutely fuck all to do with being scared and everything to do with not wanting to work a full time schedule.
    Thats the only reason he works for a pile of shit like TNA?

    Whats funny about Jasons post though is that he mocks the WWE’s viewing figures …. ha ha ha … whats his defense for TNA’s shockingly low viewing figures if its so brilliant.

  • Jason

    BC Sting is one of the biggest names in this business, he was at one time ranked the best in ring worker in North America for 3 years running. Sting worked for WCW when WCW was being watched by over 12 million fans a week, something the WWE has never done at any time in there history. Sting is better off out of WWE because at the moment WWE sucks. TNA is where the real talent is at…

  • aaron

    I think he was serious early on about not joining the WWE because of the way the WCW wrestlers were treated and used during the invasion storyline. But now is too afraid he won’t be good given his age. I hope he does join, but yeah it won’t be the match we wanted to see when he and Undertaker were in their prime

  • bc mitchell

    I don’t how unpopular this gonna be but bottom line is Sting has always been a little scared to go to WWE. He’s nervous being on the main stage will expose some flaws, both real and imagined. He’s like that guy who hangs at high school parties 3 years after graduating. He likes being the biggest fish in a small pond. I think he’d succeed but he’s clearly a little scared he won’t.

  • Myers

    Well dumbass, if you would like to wrestle the Undertaker, it might help if you go to work for the company he works for.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(