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Sting Officially Signing with WWE No Longer Considered Imminent, Update on Other Projects

– It’s been reported several times since WrestleMania XXX and even before, by numerous sources, that Sting officially signing with WWE was imminent. Now that it still hasn’t happened, the feeling is that imminent is no longer the word to describe the situation.

You may remember Sting revealing in an interview that he indeed had talks with WWE a few years ago and that he came close to signing. There was a deal in place a few years back where WWE believed Sting was coming in for 100 dates. This may have been the deal Sting revealed in the interview but he ended up not taking WWE’s deal and as we know, went with TNA’s deal instead. Hopefully this isn’t another instance of Sting coming close to signing with WWE but backing off with a deal on the table.

At last word, Sting is still scheduled to work on several WWE Network and DVD projects.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Sting won’t sign with WWE… EVER!!!!!! Give it up IWC

  • Claud3Giroux

    I honestly believe we will NEVER see a Sting v.s. Taker match. As a fan, it looks and sounds amazing on paper but with the two of them at their age I can’t see the match living up to many of the fans hopes and dreams. I do however believe we will see Sting in many WWE projects, possibly get worked into an angle for a Wrestlemania and hopefully the HOF Induction he deserves. No offense to him, but the TNA induction was bogus!


    Just because the undertaker streak got broken that doesn’t make not the phenom not the dead man he’s still the guy who out of 21 different wrestlemanias no one could beat hrs still the same sadistic person who tied Stephanie to cross and hung her over the ring for the world to see still the guy who came through the bottom of the ring and drug people to the he double hockey stick s so why on earth do ubsay the flare isnt there is beyond my thinking. The whole match could be based on him losing. On him falling down losing a step. If undertaker is the dead man sting is the guy that lets u knw it’s time to die at least in wcw that’s how they first potrayed his character with that whole crow image. This would be an awesome match streak or no streak

  • D2K

    They screwed up by having Lesnar beat the streak. If they were gonna have the streak end it should have been next year against Lesnar and this year should have been Sting/Taker. Since they blew it I’m sure Sting is in no hurry to get involved. There is nothing going on right now that is useful for his debut. If I were him I’d wait until just before Royal Rumble to sign.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    give it up with these sting to the WWE articles, only announce it when its official. as it stands right now unless i see sting live on raw its all bs to me

  • ScrewDWade

    Sting wanted to have a match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania. With all the talk of Taker not fighting again and the luster of him being undefeated gone, theres no rush for him to sign. What’s he gonna sign for? To face HHH? Cena? Kane? There’s no hype for that nor do they make sense.

  • rabid

    But I thought he had the papers… but the “sources close to him”said… but but but but.. how could the internet have lied to me.. oh well