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Sting Posts Cryptic Twitter Message, Trailer For Movie Starring Mr. Anderson, More

— Sting posted a cryptic message on Twitter Friday reading, “I’m done.”

The message was retweeted by the official Twitter feed of Impact Wrestling.

— Mr. Anderson appears in the straight-to-video movie Dogs Lie, by Vanguard Cinema. The TNA Superstar announced on Twitter that it will be released on April 26, 2012. The trailer, which features Anderson in a few scenes, is below.


— Christy Hemme is handling ring introductions for this week’s Impact Wrestling live event tour of West Virginia.

— James Storm is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Inside Wrestling.

  • adam

    I know i mean they dont even have anyone that is nearly as good that you can push i mean those guys aj styles samoa joe there awful and the ones they fired to make room for them jay lethal and petey williams they could never draw fans.

  • Buttercastle

    @adam you realize you named 3 TNA stars, and all 3 of them are like the triforce behind that company, and I’m sure if one of them goes then the very foundation of the place will crumble. Because god forbid they allow people who didn’t have wrestling careers in the 80s and 90s be relevant.

  • adam

    As much as i have always been a fan of sting and really wanted to see hte taker match. It is time for the people like sting taker flair hogan i will even put kane into that list its time for them to hang it up already. I cant put triple h because he doesnt really wrestle much anymore and seems like he enjoys being behind the scenes more. But if they do have sting still wrestling for the title thats a lil much

  • Tommy

    Wow, if WWE movies sucks (which they do) and can’t tell you about this movie.

    If you get all sweat by a ”cryptic message” saying: I’m done. You really need to get some excitement!

  • Will Henderson

    i think Sting’s tweet means he’s done being Mr. Nice Guy and is gonna become full blown insane icon Joker Sting, so basically his tweet is storyline progression related. which means that tweet is helping setup Sting vs. Bobby Roode at Victory Road 12.

  • Myers

    He finished eating his supper and felt like working the internet haha.

  • Kc

    lets bring bacc Mavan to end Undertakers streak lol

  • Stevie P

    He’s done with TNA and going to wrestle Taker at Mania?!?! Yeah I can only dream of it because it ain’t happening.

  • Rob Buck

    Its probably to set up next weeks impact. He’s supposed to step down from his gm role next week