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Sting Reportedly Re-signs With TNA, Mickie James Heading To The Motor City

— While not confirmed, two sources within TNA Wrestling claim Steve “Sting” Borden has re-signed with the organization.

— TNA Knockout Mickie James has been announced for the Motor City Comic Con taking place May 13-15 at The Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, Michigan. Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson, Robbie and Cookie will also be on hand for the event.

— Sarita, known as “Dark Angel” in Mexico, headlines Guerra de Princesas February 27 at Auditorio Américo Villareal Guerra of Cd. Madero Tamaulipa.


  • Nicholas G

    @drg With all do respect there is really no point in talking with an TNA marks because they will never listen to the truth. Which is why I don’t try getting into a war with them. It is funny the only wrestling war going on between WWE and TNA it on the internet. In the real world WWE an there fans could careless what happens in TNA. If you notice it is TNA wrestler an there fans are the only one speaking out on how good TNA is going to be. All you have to look at is the numbers from last year very shot Monday night war when TNA Impact tried to move to Monday nights. What happen TNA got it tail handed to them without WWE lifting a finger an every since then TNA has been in a tail spin looking for something to help put them back on the right track. But all they have it there 5% internet fans an that is it.

    On to Sting I really don’t care anymore if Sting comes to WWE or not it is his choice and I will leave it at that. I respect Sting a lot an will expect what he does with his career he is his on man. An if he wants to stay in TNA not going to matter to me. I wish Sting the best of luck an know even though he has never been in the WWE he will still be in WWE Hall of Fame. There are many wrestler in the WWE Hall of Fame who has never step foot in the WWE.

    In closing good luck Sting on what you do in TNA. An as far as TNA marks don’t bother pointing out the truth. TNA marks live in a small little world an it is called the internet. One of the thing that killed WCW and ECW is going to kill TNA. That is the more TNA listen to people on the internet the worst they are going to be.

  • Toadie

    drg: valid points all around

    Honestly, if Miz doesnt win against Cena, his push will become a total joke & fuel more “Super Cena” hatred… Hunter & Taker are both getting a little long in the tooth, but the match itself could be righteous… No one sells a match like Hunter, he can make The Ultimate Warrior look like Shawn Michaels (on crack)… I’m not big on the Edge/Del Rio match though… I dont much like ADR in any way & I really dont care about this match… After all is said about WM this year, I think I’m gonna pass on it until it hits the torrent sights… =p

  • drg

    @TomC you obviously have some dieing hatred for wwe, because 1. Cena vs Miz seen it? yeah for a couple months before miz becam the superstar he is today over a year ago. Thats called history and its enough to help a feud feel more real but not so much like Cena vs HHH vs Randy orton in whatever combination. HHH vs. Taker seen it yes several years ago, we also saw HBK vs taker before several years ago and theyve had the last 2 match of the years might work out well again with HHH. Nexus Vs Corre seen it? no, not really 2 or 3 encounters in the past few months is called build and thats not even a for sure yet. Also Elimination Chamber has been one of the most highly praised ppv wrestling performance wise for the past while. Coming on here being so blindly biased makes you sound like a dumbass.

  • mike

    look everyone is hating on sting now cause he doesnt wana work with vince lol but when rumors was sting wana going to wwe people love him how funny

  • TomC


    Sting has NEVER been about the “huge payday” – hence, why he NEVER went to the WWF. I don’t know if any of you have been paying attention over the last year or so, but the “huge payday” of the WWE has resulted in CRAP programming. It’s practically the same show w/ the same matches week after week after week – BORING as all hell.

    It was only when McMahon decided to tap The Rock for this year’s Wrestlemania that it got fun again. However, that’s about it for the fun insofar as WM is concerned. Miz v Cena – SEEN IT. HHH v Taker – SEEN IT. Nexus v Corre – SEEN IT. The ONLY remotely interesting potential match would be Lawler smacking the crap out of Cole.

    Let’s face it – Elimination Chamber PPV was one of the absolute WORST ppvs EVER … Rock ain’t gonna wrestle … and HHH is going to predictably LOSE at WM27.

  • Rucdogg

    I have been a Sting fan since I have been a wrestling fan, and everything in me wanted him to go to WWE, would have been huge, but him in TNA is just, owell at least hes on tv. But as far as him getting a huge payday, from what I understand and I could be wrong, hes pretty set as far as cash, maybe he wants to be the one huge megastar that didnt need vince, who knows. At least I get another half year of the Stinger

  • Mark

    That is the whole point. Vince will own it all again. That is about the only thing that would be a surprise at this point.

  • Shawn

    Yeah, the only true most shocking news in the history of mankind that can only be shown an a taped wrestling telivsion show would be, in this case, if WWE bought TNA. Aside from that, lay off the damn hype, Dixie. You don’t have to make everything sound so amazing. You know why? Because it is NOT. Thanks.

  • Mark

    Here are some ideas that might be shocking

    Dixie is quitting TNA
    Dixie is Really a McMahon
    Hogan still works for McMahon
    Bischoff still works for McMahon
    TNA is going back to the six side ring
    TNA is switching networks
    TNA is no longer doing any PPV

    any other ideas because I got nothing. The Jersey Shore thing, STILL STUPID.

  • Mark

    I am hoping the “shock” will be Shane McMahon buying TNA like he did WCW. Right now the only thing that could be shocking would be Goldberg.

  • CC

    I honestly hope that is not their shocking reveal as that really would make them look like total jokes.
    I think everyone has now resigned themselves to the fact that Sting isnt going to WWE anytime soon, so nobody will be surprised if he has re-signed with TNA.

  • Mark

    Again with the sources. Since Sting never “left” TNA, him resigning is not news. It would be good to see him again, but it is not “shocking.” Hey they could be signing the “Shockmaster” or the Blue Meanie or Gillberg. There is your shocker.

  • Steve

    How much do you wanna bet that TNA makes a 2.21.11-esque video hyping Sting’s return next week on iMPACT. Since they say the shocking surprise is in the closing minutes of iMPACT, I expect the vignette to air at that point. Sadly, this will do absolutely NOTHING for Sting or TNA. They’re hoping to cash in on the hype WWE created, but they’ll still be getting a 1.0 rating. In a way, I almost feel bad for TNA. Almost.

  • ##

    Sting revealed as the “shocking moment” TNA has been teasing for tonight’s Impact show would SUCK.

  • is reporting that Sting is backstage at the TNA Impact taping in Fayetteville, NC. It is possible, but not confirmed, that Sting could be revealed as the “shocking moment” TNA has been teasing for tonight’s Impact show. Tonight’s Impact taping is set to air next week.

    more like you got this from exactly where i did…and posted it on the
    ■More on Jersey Shore Star Angelina Coming to TNA page

    so dont try to make out that you found this!!