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Sting Returns to TNA, Victory Road PPV Update, TNA Live Attendance, More

– TNA built to last night’s iMPACT in hopes of a huge rating with the returns of Hulk Hogan and Sting, plus the debuts of MTV star Angelina Pivarnick and NFL star Bart Scott. TNA was hoping to establish iMPACT outside of Orlando as a big deal by having a major show.

– In case you haven’t heard, Sting is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion after returning on last night’s iMPACT and defeating Jeff Hardy. Hardy will get his rematch at the Victory Road pay-per-view.

– Victory Road on March 13th isn’t being pushed as a major pay-per-view as Lockdown on April 17th is what’s being focused on. Currently scheduled for Victory Road is Sting vs. Jeff Hardy in a TNA World Title match and Beer Money vs. Ink Inc. for the TNA Tag Team Titles.

– TNA’s live event in Elmira, New York on February 11th drew 1,414 paying fans for $40,550. The February 25th show in Norfolk, Virginia drew 1,500 fans and the show in Richmond, Virginia drew 1,200 fans. Attendance for TNA events has been up as of late.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Sting is a stupid, stupid man. He had a chance to be apart of history in that of being apart of WRESTLEMANIA and what does he do? He goes back to TNA. It’s laughable. I mean he would have made more money, he would have satisfied hs fans in wanting him there. So what TNA’s ratings jumped a bit, that was over a year, they aren’t competing with WWE, if they were they would return back to Monday nights where they failed miserably against WWE. Not even Hulk Hogan could save them from defeat, Sting should have took the deal from WWE, enough with the pride B.S. and join WWE and become apart of the biggest wrestling company in the game.

    Also am not putting down TNA. But a lot who worked there or still work there even complain. Some guy’s are only making $500 per appearance and fitting the bill for their hotel and food. I like TNA and actually trained with a couple on the roster myself years ago, but TNA wrestling needs a better production value, Thursday show looked good though, new look, but they still have a long, long, long way to go to be at the ranks of a WWE.


    Sting’s gimmick is that he is a DARK character and the darkest color anyone can wear is BLACK, so Sting should ditch all other colors and just go BLACK!!!


  • CM Mark

    Sting was saying “One more time” after he won the belt. I guess this is his last run. Good ol Sting. Good to see him back.

  • Sting’s attire looked like a prom dress lol I still liked it, though, as it was a change from the normal. I’d would’ve prefered some designs on the side and back, as well, though. It looked bland on the back.

  • TomC

    Gotta agree with you on the Stinger ring attire, Rucdogg … the red sparkles on his tights made him look pretty gay.

    @mj . . . when are you going to understand that pretty much EVERYTHING is a ripoff of something else? Very little of what WWE does can be considered “original.” At least Hogan isn’t getting “emails from the anonymous Network Executive.”

  • Rucdogg

    first TNA looked great in a bigger arena, kinda looked like a real wrestling program, take the hint Dixie. second, im glad Sting is back, prob the biggest Sting fan around, but whoever told him to wear that crap he had on last night needs their ass kicked, that looked horrible,lol. just go back to black Stinger. Damn that deathdrop off the ropes while Hardy was hanging there looked brutal!

  • mj

    Finally! The Has been has come back! to this piece of SHIT!!!
    Jeff Hardy won the title two weeks ago and suddenly Sting shows up out of nowhere and saves the day!(AGAIN!) So out of everyone In the TNA locker room noone could beat hardy except for a 51 year old man9(YES A 51! YEAR OLD MAN with face paint!) im not going to insult Jeff hardy by calling him a druggie Look at RVD! i wouldn’t call him a druggie either! Because some ppl on here might be suffering from problems like them. Anyway Tna being in a arena is good and all but they’ve been in the same place for years! TNA needs to act like wwe doesn’t matter but they do. For example The :Network” is a ripoff of the Raw GM, 3-3-11 is a ripoff of 2-21-11, The Screw job in florida is a ripoff of the Screw job in 1997! Anyone who defends tna needs to see that theres alot negatives then postives

  • Kevin

    tna has the shortest shittyest matches with the worst endings and they flip flop titles likes its nothing the mear fact they keeping giving that druggie washout jeff hardy the title shows how pathetic and desperate they truly are.

  • Rich

    yeah the north carolina crowd was on fire i have to admit and the new titantron was clean as hell..the crowd errupted when sting returned and i have to admit sting hasnt had too many injuries so he looks great and deserves to be the tna world champ instead of hardy.

  • shawn

    i dont mean to front. but sting being champion after a hiatus kinda sucks. i never got the hype back then about sting in nwo days (and i watched and liked of course) and i really dont understand now. i thought the matches back then were less exciting than other booked ones. thats all.
    well, ill still watch the show anyways if i have the prefered time. i been out the wrestling loop lately for a couple weeks now and both shows would put me to sleep anyways.

  • TomC

    @Kevin – GROW UP !!

    Last night’s show was a GREAT STEP in the RIGHT direction for TNA. TNA looked great in the larger arena. Now, Carter & company need to figure out what it’s going to take to CONTINUE this trend and bring IMPACT and all of the PPVs out of the Orlando studio much much more frequently.

  • Kevin

    fuck tna dem niggas suck

  • 6burgh

    say what u want about hogan and eric, but ticket and merchidise sales r going up.