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Sting Revealed As Person Behind 1.3.13 Return

– Sting was revealed on Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling as the person behind the 1.3.13 clips that have been airing on Impact Wrestling the past few weeks.

Sting noted in the latest clip that he wants his bat back and he’s coming for Aces & Eights, and Doc in particular. Here is footage of the latest clip.

  • yofitz

    I really don’t like ‘the crow’ Sting.

    Joker Sting is better. As a matter of fact, Joker Sting is best version of Sting.

    Bring back Joker Sting, Dixie!

  • Territories

    But the Undertakers 101 returns are sooooooooo freaking special! LOL

  • Shawn

    We’ve seen this before. Get original, TNA. Thanks.

  • HugeNippleCesaro

    1.3.13 Sting Returns
    1.10.13 Sting Returns AGAIN

  • yofitz

    Sting sucks, they should bring back JOKER STING.

    at least that version of sting was funny.

  • deadmans streak

    And? Does sting really need a return promo every time he goes for a coffee? He’s got a video to tell us he’s coming after festus with a bat! Im so excited a bit of piss came out

  • Frank

    I meant who’s been gone couple of months.

  • Frank

    It’s pretty lame they have to have a big return for a guy whose only been gone a couple months!

  • Scratches Head

    I’m sure the whole world knew sting was the person behind this 1.3.13 return. Lame.

  • Zedd

    He was gone for like what 2 weeks? once again a stupid return for Sting’s boring ass.

  • Jeff

    So the blatant theft of WWE’s Undertaker promo. Brilliant or classless?

  • Best In The World

    I want my bat back too lol, how gay tna has gotten sting getting his bat stolen from aces& 8s lol lame