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Sting Talks WWE Owning Footage of His Career, Match with Undertaker, More

The Phoenix New Times is featuring a new interview with Sting. Here are some highlights.

Differences between TNA and WWE: “I have not really watched their product for some time now, occasionally I’ll flip though and I’ll see little bits and pieces here and there, but I really don’t know what’s going on up there. And for 27 years I’ve been doing this now, and I have never — hardly ever — watched our product. Watched anything that I’ve ever done. So I’m more of a hands-on guy while I’m there in the thick of it and it’s happening. But watching it happen on TV after it’s already been done? You know, I just never have done that.

“I’m glad that the storylines are what they are now…eh, I don’t agree with everything happening, but, again, whatever is put before me, I will always just try to enhance or tweak or make changes that I think will make it better for everybody. And I’m not just talking about for myself, I’m talking about for everybody.”

Who he’d like to make into a big star: “There’s some great talents here. Magnus is somebody who I’m watching and going, “Man, there’s definitely that could be done with him.” He just needs to find his niche. There are few others that I’m interested in working with and I want to do that.”

If he’ll ever be inducted in WWE’s Hall of Fame: “Well, I know every year there seems to be talk of it. There’s rumors that always fly. It was all over the Internet pretty big last year or the year before. So, I don’t know, especially now that I will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. They may just turn the page at that point. I have no idea.”

WWE owning footage of his career: “Yeah, that’s tough for me. It really is. I’ve been public about this over the years, although I don’t feel that way anymore. At that particular time [when WWE bought WCW] it was like the enemy came in and took all the women and children, raped and pillaged and whatever else happened. It was a hostile takeover. It was surreal. I could not believe it, you know? And when [WCW] ended it was a weird deal. There have been times over the years where I wanted to have some footage to use for other personal things in life and I don’t have it. Although I did call once and they were great. They gave me whatever I needed and it was nice.

“It was for religious purposes. I was giving testimony in churches and different places like that and I just wanted to have some footage. And, of course, as long as it was going to be used in that setting, they didn’t really mind.”

If he would ever join WWE: “Ahhh…It’s too tough of a question to answer because its not just what they would do. It would have to depend on what the dynamics of that particular time would be. What’s going on? What’s the context? For example, right here with TNA. What are my choices? You just never say never.”

Who he’d like to face outside of TNA: “Everybody knows, as far as non-TNA wrestlers, it would have to be Taker. Always wanted to have one real cool thing with Taker… The last time I spoke with him is when he was with WCW [when he was “Mean” Mark Callous]. Teddy Long was his manager and I actually worked with him. We worked a few matches.”

  • Hmmmm

    I’d have to disagree with Booker being treated well there. His only world title reign required him to change to that ridiculous King “Bookah” gimmick.

    I’m a fan of Goldberg but he never got screwed at all, his run in WWE was a dominant one. I did always prefer Lesnar over him though.

    As for Sting going to WWE it’s a catch 22 really. One side says he’ll probably get inducted to the hall of fame and would further cement his legacy by competing in all major wrestling companies. BUT he may not get inducted and could potentially be used like shit. At least in TNA it’s solid for him.

    In my opinion I wouldn’t want Sting to face Taker at Wrestlemania. The reason is because I value the streak but having Taker go over Sting wouldn’t be right. Considering Sting, given his age can still wrestle more than once a year and he does it well! Unlike a certain Nature boy or Hulkster…

  • cc

    Simple fact is that Goldberg wasnt given the same kind of star status he was given in WCW, so to him he got shit on.
    What actually happened is he came in on a short deal, got to be champion over a lot of guys who deserved it more, but was not booked to be the dominant wrecking machine he was in WCW. One of the main reasons for this is he looked so average in WWE. In WCW where there were a lot more small and average sized guys, he looked like a big deal, in WWE he looked like just another guy.
    Granted, no way was Vince gonna let one of WCWs top guys look too strong, but for that you cant really blame him to an extent. Hell, it took Booker ages to get back to the main event champion status after the whole Invasion thing finished.
    I reckon though that if Sting ever came in, his status in the wrestling industry is a lot more respected, and would be treated a lot better. He has a kind of HBK aura around him.

  • barry horowitz

    totally agree with jefferson d’Arcy on this one,just because you guys were fucking 6 when Goldberg debuted and he was your hero you’re gonna get upset and say he got shit on in WWE,what the fuck exactly made Goldberg deserving of anything in the first place? he was some shitty green horn that got pushed to the moon because of how he looked. get over him he’s irrelevant.

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    @Jefferson D’Arcy
    It’s all true. He had every oppurtunity, but he just couldn’t catch fire like he did in WCW.

  • David

    Maybe he should have a 1-2 year run and get both the main titles and become the Undisputed Heavyweight WWE Champion. Then defend it most the year against the top guys one by one then Punk can fight him Monday on Raw after a PPV event where Sheamus or a top talent beats him up in a no dq match or somthing then Punks Match can be against Sting in a 1 Hour Iron Man Match… Punk can get the win right at the end and everyone can continue to have an excuse why Punk sucks since Sting defended the title the night before in a battle and Punk didn’t. Then Sting can have Taker come out and challenge Sting to a Match at WrestleMania which would draw Stings attention away from the title and this would also solve the current title problem WWE has since as it stands two HeavyWeight Titles is to much as they don’t have enough talent for two anymore. They also only need the Intercontinental Title & Not the US Title. Unify the titles like the Tag Team Titles but don’t make them as ugly as the god awful Tag Team Titles.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    @ Shay R.

    How exactly did Goldberg get shit on? I would LOVE to hear how. Why, because Triple H got his belt back in the end? Well, I’ll get to that in a sec. But Goldberg seems to feel the same way you do, because he’s bitched over the years how WWE “treated” him. Ok, Goldberg’s WWE career in a nutshell… I’m pretty sure they hyped him at WrestleMania XIX, then he debuted the next night on RAW. He beats The Rock at Backlash, then beats both Christian and Jericho in mini-feuds. In the meantime, destroys everyone else. Finally, he gets his title shot at SummerSlam in the chamber, and goes through Jericho, Orton, and Shawn Michaels by himself. That’s bullshit right there, I don’t care who you are. To go through those 3 like they’re Primo, Epico, and Santino. Total squash. And Triple H wins by countering Goldberg’s spear with a sledgehammer shot to the shoulder. So Goldberg is protected. They fight one-on-one at Unforgiven, Goldberg takes the hammer to the face. THE FACE! Bumps, then gets right back up, totally no-selling a fucking sledgehammer shot, spears Triple H, jackhammer, 1-2-3… new World champion. Again, Goldberg is made to look like a monster. He pretty much kills everyone in Evolution on a weekly basis. Beats Triple H AGAIN at Survivor Series. And at Armageddon, in a triple threat with Kane and Triple H, Goldberg finally loses the belt. Gonna bitch because it was Triple H who pinned him? Well it was Kane’s chokeslam that beat Goldberg, with Evolution pulling Kane out of the ring, and Triple H picking up the scraps. So yeah, Triple H is champion again, but still, Goldberg is protected.

    Fast-forward to WrestleMania XX, he beats Brock Lesnar in the last match for both guys. Originally Lesnar was supposed to go over, but since he was leaving and Goldberg verbally agreed to stay a little longer, Goldberg got the win. But the lying bastard didn’t stay, and left too. And the fans knew that, so that’s why MSG shit on both guys in that match. But Goldberg got pinned 3 times in his run, all by Triple H yeah, but all tainted victories to make Goldberg look good. He beat Rock, Lesnar, and had a run with the title. How exactly is that getting shit on? The guy got everything based on who he WAS, because he did nothing impressive once he got to WWE. The company licks his ass for a year, then he has the balls to complain about it. Sorry for the long rant, but fuck Goldberg all the same.

  • Shay R.

    LOL @eric. I couldn’t disagree more. Goldberg literally got shit on by the WWE. What are you talking about?

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    Fuck u Devil. It’s a wrestling gossip site. Not a term paper. What’s wrong? Not writing 2 page posts anymore?

  • eric

    What i am trying to say. Sting can have good run in wwe. Bill goldberg former top wcw guy. Had good 1 yr run with wwe. Goldberg made alot impact. BookerT who was 5time wcw world champion. Had great sucess in wwe. tag team titles, ic champion, us title, former world heavyweight champion. BookerT is gm of smackdown. So sting could have good run in wwe. No excuses for sting. bookerT and bill goldberg had sucess in wwe. also billy kidman dominated cruiserweight divison. as lightweight, and crusierweight champion. Also held wwe tag team titles with london. Kidman is now trainer in fcw. So sting could be used right. Just as goldberg, bookerT had big sucess in company

  • Devil_Rising

    Grammar people. Grammar.

  • If the wwe want sting they gotta have go over the taker for the whc its only right he take that belt that belong 2 wcw. Picture that storyline

  • eric

    He could be used right in wwe. have a 1yr run in wwe. Just as goldberg had in 2003-2004. goldberg debut in april 2003. face beat the rock at backlash 2003 in good match. then feud with hhh over world title. build well beat hhh for world title at unforgiven in 2003. had a good 3 month reign as world champion. than face lesnar last match at wm20. sting could be same face taker in great dream match at wrestlemaina. match every pro wrestling fan wanted for over 15 yrs. feuded with rock face him in great match. face shemeus or cm punk have good regin as world champion or wwe champion. he could have good run in wwe. as goldberg. or even lesnar had good 2 yr run in wwe in 2002-2004. sting in wwe facing taker at mania would be great match. A match alot of wrestling fans would love to see for long time. sting made name for himself in wcw. taker made a name for himself in wwe. it would be pretty cool. To see these to legends/icons face off at wrestlemaina!

  • RAMSES 2


  • mtlhitman

    Him and Taker is a dream match we all wanted to see since 98 we would be all happy to see this at a WrestleMania.Sting and CM Punk , Sting vs HHH , Sting vs The Rock , Sting vs Steve Austin , Sting vs Brock Lesnars so much fresh storyline but doubt they would ever happen unless he as a 1 or 2 years run.

  • chronoxiong

    Darn, we will never get a proper Sting DVD unless he jumps ship. But I kinda don’t want him to jump ship either. 🙁

  • David

    Sting to me is like TNA/WCW version of Undertaker. Great matches and hard to pin. Been a Sting Fan Since I’ve been watching wrestling just about. The ONLY way I would want Sting in WWE would be to Fued with Undertaker and let him come in fight the World Heavyweight Champion get the title fight a few other big names to build up them fighting at Stings first ever WrestleMania to beat the Undertaker in a 2 out of 3 falls no DQ match and steal the show like Undertaker always has the last few years. Infact even if Sting lost I would love to see that match or even just a no DQ first fall match.

  • fivogoeswest

    Sorry I just found it funny for some reason when stings even sayin he doesn’t watch tna. lol good times.