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Is Sting’s Arrival a Big Priority to WWE Officials?, Latest on Sting Signing a Deal with WWE

– WWE has been working on concepts for Sting t-shirts pushing the theme of calling him “A Man Called Sting” since WCW trademarked the phrase and WWE owns the intellectual property rights to it. A memo came in to WWE’s merchandise department last week to start working on the ideas for Sting.

Regarding Sting signing a deal, as of Monday the word is that he has not signed but is very close. Another source noted that internally, the idea of Sting coming in has not been talked about as a high priority issue compared to deals to get names like Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, Batista or The Rock.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Dan

    I would think Sting is a huge priority, not for what they actually do with him but so Vince can finally say he got his man and anyone big ended up working for him.

  • Nik Roseveare

    No sir, that wouldn’t be “ironic”… Just bad luck.

  • xXx

    wouldn’t it be ironic if they’ve already conceptualized for him and at the last second he doesn’t sign? :))

  • Jason Lentini

    Sting not high priority ? I call BS. Number one I’ll believe it when I see him on WWE programing. Number 2 They need to give up on a few time off Rock. Dave’s already there for 2 years. Hopefully Brock will be gone soon. Hogan I can see as a high priority only because its the 30th anniversary of ‘Mania and the rumor of the WM1 main event being inducted.