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Stipulation Added To Hardy vs. Jarrett PPV Match, Knockout Doing Custom Shoots

— TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter announced a stipulation for Sunday’s Steel Cage Match between Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett at Final Resolution.

“If Jarrett loses, either he OR Karen will be fired,” she tweeted Saturday afternoon.

Karen Jarrett will be handcuffed to Sting at ringside.

— Angelina Love is offering custom professional photoshoots through TNA Wrestling photographer Lee South. The price is set at $450.00. Additional details are available here.

— Jackie Moore remains listed on’s roster page after stating last week that her contract with TNA Wrestling had expired. She tweeted Wednesday, “Will be free soon.”

  • Nytemare

    Nah I think Karen would be fired, as way for Tracy Brooks to take over the knockouts, and they can start it by having Mickie win the title, than Karen getting fired, and Tracy being promoted. That would be interesting to see. Jeff would make a good choice, to explain why he off TV. I agree no angel in the title picture, but won’t mind seeing Sting win the title, than using it to help get new wrestler over, by losing to them

  • venom

    So I guess this is a loser leaves TNA match? We all know who ever loses will be brought back with in a month. I can see Hardy winning and facing Roode at the next ppv. Better than seeing Angle or Sting in the title picture. Those two are the Cena and Orton of TNA but are older.

  • OrkyBoy

    Looks like JJ is getting “fired” for a while to work on TNA’s projects in Mexico and India. It makes sense and is a good way to explain why he will be off TV.

    As an extra plus this gives more time to other wrestlers so it’s a win/win situation!

  • @heyfit cuz she’s banging dumbass “double J” Jeff Jarrett

  • PinkSinCara

    The stipulation should read: “Anyone named Jeff gets fired” match

  • Sean Mooney

    I’m guessing Karen will be fired for a couple weeks? Or maybe Jeff for a month, I don’t see Jeff losing.