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— It was announced during tonight’s episode of SmackDown that the Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio match at TLC would be a Chairs Match.

— WWE.com announced the nominees for 2010 Superstar of the Year for Monday’s Slammy Awards. The winner will be determined by fan voting. The nominees are John Cena, Randy Orton, The Miz, Edge, Kane and Rey Mysterio.

— Maryse and Melina revealed on Twitter that they will be on hand for tomorrow’s Tribute to the Troops event in Fort Hood, Texas.

  • To Gilbert In Fairfax (TGIF)

    are you serious!? i type only “Kane” and the site tells me my post is too short. what do you want me to do? nag about cena and look like a tard, just to affiliate myself with ppl who cant see that it wont ever make a difference. cause the dude is freeking marketable. to kids only? puh-leez? then why is it every week i see a bunch of obese college dudes with orange shirts, and not just obese little kids? all i wanted was to type “Kane”, but seems like i had to rant like a no good braggart.

    anyways, i say kane becuz this world title reign of his, depending on how long it lasts, has been the strongest compared to that flip flopping, spinner encrusted, joke of a title on Raw. which cant seem to find a waist that’ll fill it for more than 3-4 months. still…the overall product this year is better than last. and TNA is dead.

  • The Anti Cena

    shouldent cena not be in there seeing as hees “fired”

  • charlemange

    Cena or Miz will win and at TLC there will be a ladder match between Cena and Barett and if Cena wins then he gets his job back

  • kill cena haters

    here we go another day with alot of cena haters when r u lames going to stop hating damn!!! get a life u pesents

  • JAck45

    If rey wins… ill never watch SMACKDOWN again!

  • kriskooo

    i dont care who wins as long as it’s not cena

  • venom

    Yea, Cena will probably win. That’ll be the storyline for him to get his job back.

  • CiB

    It’ll be Cena who wins becasue that furthers his angle, and his angle is the most important (incording to WWE creative)

  • Rated_R1982

    aw good grief! it’s Edge! he returned from the worst injury an athlete could ever suffer a torn Achilles Tendon and won The Royal Rumble! how many others can say they returned from such a serious injury and won the Royal Rumble (which just so happens to be my favourite event of the entire year!

  • yechiel {israel}

    cena’s gimmick sucks,but orton’s gimmick is stupid. the miz had a great year and should win. for me the superstar of the year is michael cole,he’s an awesome heel commentator doing a great job annoying us every week.

  • me

    cena and mysterio are boring over rated and pander to children, only idiots and/or small children like them, neither deserve to be superstar of the year, it’s fake anyway, like maria won last year cos she was on the apprentice or whatever it was, despite mickie james being 100x more popular, either cena will predictably win, or orton/miz will which will result in the other one attacking them in some manner to further their feud, mark my words.

  • Soulshroude

    Not really a contest. Either Cena, Orton or Miz. Those were the most interesting characters of the year.

  • Evasion

    Randy Orton will clearly win this if the fans are voting

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