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Possible Stipulation for Bryan vs. Orton at Battleground, Post-RVD Plans for Ricardo Rodriguez

– Ricardo Rodriguez is currently scheduled to be with Rob Van Dam until RVD takes time off in October. After that, Ricardo may be put with Rey Mysterio as his personal ring announcer.

– Stipulations are expected to be added to Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio at WWE’s Battleground pay-per-view. There’s talk of Bryan vs. Orton being an Iron Man match. That would allow WWE to do another indecisive finish, leading to Hell In a Cell where there could be a definitive winner once and for all.


  • millerj265

    Oh im not saying that the thought of HHH as champion isn’t completely out there and quite ludicrous, im just saying that hunters big ego (which having one isn’t a bad thing and to be as good and as big a star as he is he would need a big ego) might lead him to believe that in order for Bryan to real step out as a top tier guy in the eyes of the fans he would need to beat someone with the legacy he possesses. And given his influence backstage and the fact the Vince obviously still doesn’t see Bryan as a top draw, I could see trips being able to convince him that Bryan needs to win the belt from trips to truly be looked at as a top guy. Now im not saying this will happen and I do believe HHH is trying to do what is no pun intended best for business, im just not 100% convinced yet that he has completely removed himself mentally as being a top in ring act who can draw and who needs to go over guys, or who guys need to go over in order for them to become established. I mean all we need to do is go back and look at cm punks rise in 2011, punk beating HHH in there match would have certainly benefited him, but not really anymore then punks back to back wins against Cena already had. And the fact that he lost to him, outside interference or not hurt punk in a way that just made no sense what so ever, even if it was to set up the Nash vs HHH match they could have gotten there without destroying punks momentum by giving HHH a victory that at this stage in his career he didn’t need. And that’s my fear going deeper into this storyline. Now if they do fight and it goes down the way you said it could, that would be great and it would definitely help out Bryan immensely, but if they decide hunter needs to win the belt first before Bryan gets his win over him then I think that will hurt Bryan more then it helps.

  • ddfindl

    Well, I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility to book him against Bryan… just not with him carrying the WWE title. They could put it on the line with the championship on Bryan and he retains, but the idea of HHH ever having the belt again is just really out there to me. If they REALLY wanted him to look legit (storyline wise, of course) put him in a match with the Undertaker at WM30 after a feuds with Trips.

  • millerj265

    I do too. But then there’s a part of me that thinks HHH probably truly believes himself to be such a big star that the only way to truly get Bryan over as a believable and credible top tier star, is for Bryan to conquer the mighty king of kings for the WWE title. He obviously doesn’t though, being the only guy in yrs to beat cena without any outside distractions or a wacky finish accomplished that as well as anything they could ever do. I just wouldn’t put it past hunter and his ego to believe Bryan needs a win over him to truly be legit.

  • ddfindl

    I really doubt we’re ever going to see HHH with the strap again.

  • millerj265

    You souled me on this gimmick the second I saw that he with awesome.

  • abbasadabad

    Neither answers the 10-count, too predictable of a stipulation. Or of course, the refs counting cadence is too fast for the 10 count.

    Every match which was designed to be “Fool Proof” for interference has only been broken multiple times, the fans cannot suspend disbelief on this much longer. They need to either give Bryan a real run or give Randy a “final win” and a next feud partner.

  • abbasadabad

    Creative changes their mind 5 days a week and 6 times per day.

  • abbasadabad

    How about have him debut as Chimera, the new Luchador?

    He could have a gimmick like The Hurricane where as Ricardo, he is weak and wimpy and never admits to being Chimera. Then, as Chimera he wins with awesome and fights for justice.

  • JohnCena33

    Iron man match sound good, let each man get two pinfalls, and at hell in a cell, have bryan win by jumping off of the cage onto orton, that would be a lasting all time memory, imagine orton down on the ground, bryan and the fans chanting yes, then he jumps

  • millerj265

    That could work as well, and seeing as ADR will probably be WHC till mania they could have RVD return and challenge him for the belt there and win it, Then at extreme rules have RVD vs ADR in a ladder match for the WHC, RVD wins there successfully casting ADR out of the WHC picture followed by Damien Sandow cashing in his MITB to win the WHC. Then RVD could put Sandow over strong at the nxt PPV setting him up as a strong Champion. That’s a winning scenario on every level. It gives RVD what will probably be his last big WrestleMania moment, and gives him one last run as a world champion. It would put Sandow over strong as a legit WHC and main event player if he were to beat RVD clean at the following PPV after cashing in his contract. And it would FINALLY get ADR out of the WHC picture, I like ADR and I think hes amazing in the ring but the mans either been in a match for the title or has been defending the title for over a yr now. And ill place a good amount of the blame on wwe for not giving him any meaningful feuds to work with, but his run as either a challenger for the title, or as champion has just been boring and uneventful. And regardless of whether its the wwes fault or his for the terrible run he’s had, he needs to step out of the title picture scene for a good 6 months to a yr because its just beyond stale at this point and he needs to be gone from it for awhile so it can seem fresh and relevant again when he finally does return to it as a top contender.

  • Jim

    Why not have Ricardo turn on RVD when he has match with ADR and pair him up with ADR again to set up the comeback feud when RVD comes back. Makes to much sense I guess

  • Tim

    He could always be Sin Cara’s ring announcer. Oh wait…

  • millerj265

    If it does end at HIAC maybe there planning to replace Orton with another hand picked face of the company. Could even be trips himself I can see him challenging Bryan at survivor series and winning then screwing Bryan at TLC to retain. Then we roll into the royal rumble and Vince returns to help Bryan win saying that HHH cant run the company and be the face of it at the same time. This would build then to the finish of the McMahon power struggle story line with HHH vs vinces guy at mania and it would give Bryan big title wins over Cena, Orton, and HHH heading into either a Cena rematch at mania or if all was right in the world and the wrestling gods were to smile down upon us all, a Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk WrestleMania show stealer. Probably wont happen that way but a wrestling fan can dream cant he lol.

  • CC

    You cant take these news stories as fact. There is no way of knowing how long this feud and storyline will continue.

  • Stumpy

    Here’s a thought… why not let RR wrestle instead of making him out to be a big wimp. Last I checked, he is a wrestler.

  • ddfindl

    So they ARE ending the feud at HIAC? That’s a little bit disappointing; not that I’m a huge Orton fan, but they’re building this up to be a big deal and I feel like it should last longer than that just to build up a natural feeling of hostility in the company amongst everyone who disagrees with the McMahons. They’ve enveloped all of RAW and SmackDown into this storyline just to kill it 3 months later? lol, never change WWE…

  • xXx


  • Matt Trovato

    So after RVD Ricardo will work for 2 weeks until Mysterio gets hurt again.