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– Talk within WWE is that a stipulation may be added to the Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show match at WrestleMania XXVIII beyond the Intercontinental Championship being on the line.

– Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has already arrived in Boston, Massachusetts for tomorrow night’s Raw SuperShow at the TD Garden. He is staying at the same hotel as WWE talent.

Johnson posted a photo of himself on Twitter hanging out with a large group of fans.

– The March 3, 2012 episode of WWE Vintage Collection featured the following matches: Buddy Landel vs. Bob “Spark Plug” Holly (WWF Monday Night Raw – December 18, 1995), George “The Animal” Steele vs. Nikolai Volkoff (WWF Prime Time Wrestling – June 23, 1986), Batista vs. Tajiri (WWE Raw – May 10, 2004), “The Natural” Butch Reed vs. Tito Santana (WWF All American Wrestling – December 7, 1986), Cactus Jack vs. Dustin Rhodes (WCW Main Event – March 1, 1992), Bret Hart vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler (WWF Monday Night Raw – March 13, 1995), Harley Race vs. Pedro Morales (WWF live event – December 6th, 1986).

source: PWInsider.com

  • KpNuttzLol

    Could be a Special Guest Enforcer/Referee. Shaq would be the referee/enforcer.

    It actually makes sense. Wwe said Shaq isn’t competing,he could still be a referee though. And it fits in with the embarrassing Wrestlemania moment where he;’d screw Show over then help him at last minute.

  • aircon

    butler match rules!!!!!

  • Ironcross

    why the hell did they make the stipulation news until they know what kind of match it is..

  • rocky sucks

    big show needs to put cody over’just like rocy needs must do for cena. “know your role,great one”.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    i say the stip should be falls count anywhere….imagine if they go outside and have a 30 minute match all over miami, similar to that of goldust and piper at wrestlemania a few years back.
    i can picture it now, cody in a airboat on the everglades with show chasing him in another airboat…lol

  • Dave

    Mania is the next PPV.

  • Dave

    I’m hoping Goldust comes out. Kicks Big Show in his Golden Globes. Then makes it a Brother Vs Brother match. It’s still not too late to do it.

  • Albert

    they cant pull a match out if its announced already… the match would just last like 20 seconds with someone hitting their finisher and winning

  • mark

    if cody purposely gets dq’d or counted out he has to wrestle his brother for the title. either later at wm or next ppv

  • Jimbo


    Then let him drop at the next PPV. Don’t have him lose to Big Show at WM.

  • Tyler

    Hey Cody if you want to keep the title after WM just get injured before then they will pull the match out they did it with the MITB barrett is supposed to win he got injured they pull it out

  • Hollywood Dreams

    Maybe it’s a “Goldust on the Pole” match

  • Nick

    ^than they would unifi the titles, and thats stupid..

  • Jimbo

    Nobody gains anything if big show beats Rhodes. That would be awful booking. I don’t care what the stipulation is, just have Rhodes win.

  • Bill

    A retirement match would be such a cliche. I’m all up for the butler match!

  • Lord Barvis

    @Splash Even this would be fine:

    “Until you pin me Cody, Wrestlemania is not over!”

  • Prince

    Well if it’s Show loses he retires, then we all know he’ll win. That would be a stupid stipulation to add.

  • Nick

    No, dont do if big show loses he retires, big show can still help talent get over, by using a gaint as a way to say look i beat him, it should be something like maybe an iron man match, we havent seen one of those for a while even if its only 15 20 25 minutes etc..

  • Splash

    Take a page out of Seinfeld. If Big Show loses he becomes Cody’s butler.

  • nick

    nice to see the i.c title on the line…. but with big show, ehhh.

  • chronoxiong

    How about if Big Show loses, he retires?

  • Davey Zoo

    Ladder match would of been good if it wasn’t the big show. Maybe they could the stipulation that if big show wins or loses he retires.

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