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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Says Sheamus Isn’t Ready To Be Champion Yet

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who writes a column for Fighting Spirit Magazine, offered his opinion on reigning World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus during a recent issue while discussing WWE’s World Titles and how their importance level has never been lower. Though Austin considers the Irish grappler talented, he doesn’t feel Sheamus is ready to be champion.

Austin wrote, “Sheamus is a big talented dude, no doubt about it. Can he get to where the company wants him to go? That remains to be seen, and there’s a lot of work required from both him and the company in order to jump to that superstar level. He’s doing fine for the amount of time he’s been in the business, and there is no disrespect intended, but there are so many aspects that go towards making a guy draw money with the title.”

Austin also remarked that the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championships should be unified as soon as possible. An article on Austin’s comments is available here.

  • Devil_Rising

    WWE themselves have done a LOT to damage the credibility of their own titles. Hell, Punk has been the WWE Champion, their TOP title, for almost a year, and HOW many PPVs has he main evented? Oh right, they were too busy giving main events to Cena, HHH, Lesnar, etc.

    Absolutely disgraceful on their part.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    They’ll never unify the titles. Because of merch. The replicas sell, and that’s why that stupid goddamn spinner title (yeah I know, doesn’t spin anymore. Same fucking ugly belt though) is still on TV. And Sheamus, while I’m not a fan, is doing ok in his role. But I agree, it’s gotten boring. He was much better as an aggressive heel. The guy that feuded with Triple H in 2010 had potential. Some people just don’t work as a face, and vice versa as a heel.

    The smiles, the “arse” jokes, the loveable good guy role just isn’t natural for him. And he’s been ok as champion, but time to end his reign for now. He should’ve never won the WWE title when he did, also. I always hate when a guy’s first title is a world title. It’s too much too soon. And then when the guy falls flat on his face, it devalues the title. Look at Jack Swagger with the World title 2 years ago. And I like Swagger too. But they made him a jobber ever since. Shawn Michaels said a few years back, or maybe even in his book, that you don’t put a title on a guy to GET him over; you put a title on a guy who IS over.

    Maybe Sheamus should go heel again. But I agree with Austin. He’s getting there, but he’s not there yet. A heel Sheamus vs. Taker at ‘Mania would be great, if Taker wrestles next year. No, I don’t think he should end the Streak nor should it ever end, but Sheamus is like the last guy left that could believably end it, especially if he’s a heel. A great match with Taker at ‘Mania, even in defeat, can get you respect.

  • Nick

    i dont agree with austin on unifi’ing the titles, but i agree sheamus is not a good champion, at least not right now.

  • Bill

    Sheamus could be a good champion, but he always wins so much in the same kind of situations, he gets boring. I mean, Sheamus constantly dominates as champion, it’s hard to feel sympathy for him over the underdog against him. Maybe he’d be better chasing the title rather than holding it. I have a feeling Stone Cold’s comments are refering to his WHC reign, which really needs to end, regardless of Sheamus’s ability.

  • mtlhitman

    I totaly agree with steve austin i never felt sheamus was totaly ready didn’t pay is dues to get there yet (like most wrestlers today lol)Wcw should recreate wcw wrestling not like ecw version and would be able to use wcw world heavyweight title and us title out there.I never was a fans of wcw their is so much indy wrestlers and ex wcw/wwf stars available to be signed.No raw and smackdown talents jumping ship every 2 months build another wrestling promotion a bit alike impact wrestling,1 time per years wwe vs wcw ppv.Too much wrestlers not use and too many useless show’s’like nxt sat morning wrestling or main event kill those too and re create wcw with free agent like flair,nash and send guys like booker.t,regal and top stars that are not ready yet for the big picture like sheamus and swagger out there all the nxt wrestlers and guys u barely see on smackdown and raw wrestle send them their when they get top stars in wcw send them to wwe and old talent who got their best years behind them send them to wcw to help new talent to my eyes it would be possible and interesting.Sting could get a 1 or 2 years run with wcw and they give him the title and them set a final match of is carrer and undertaker carrer at wrestlemania 30.