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Story Behind Vince McMahon’s Remark On The One Legged Wrestler

Vince McMahon joked on Raw on Monday about John Laurinaitis signing the “wrong one-legged wrestler” to a WWE deal.

The story goes back to when WWE was looking to sign Zach Gowen to a contract. Vince McMahon instructed John Laurinaitis to sign then 19-year-old Zach Gowen to a WWE deal. Unfortunately, Laurinaitis offered a contract to a different one-legged wrestler, who at the time was 37 years old.

Tom Prichard was working for WWE at the time and had already sent a plane ticket and contract to Zach Gowen. When Gowen arrived to WWE Headquarters, John Laurinaitis had no idea who he was. McMahon then scolded him for offering the wrong one-legged wrestler in his late 30’s a WWE contract.

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  • Killa

    john your dumb as fu** if u think that loser zach gowen can wrestle better than cena

  • SWAG


  • voice of reason

    @ buttercastle no he’s not the captain he’s the admiral of the fleet of fail boats

  • john

    least both one legged wrestlers.. wrestled better than cena and better on the mic than johnny ace!

  • Devil_Rising

    On a side note, Zack Gowan was one of the worst signings WWE has ever had. Yes, it’s impressive and inspirational that he overcame his handicap and actually “made it” as a wrestler. That’s great. But by all accounts he carried himself like a real jackass, and certainly didn’t ACT humble and thankful for what he’s achieved. Which is why he got fired.

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    LMFAO! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • rko

    I never realized big johnny’s character and his real life persona were one in the same.

  • Buttercastle

    He’s the captain of the fail boat.

  • Jerk Factor

    Ha ha! Classic Ace!