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Storyline Change for Big E?, Latest Superstar Toyz, Eve

– R-Truth is featured in the latest episode of WWE Superstar Toyz:

– Eve Torres tweeted the following this morning about leaving WWE:

“I arrived Texas with the Divas Championship in my luggage, and left Texas with this belt. Whelp, time to go”

Eve Belt Buckle

– WWE officials have at least had talks about breaking Big E Langston away from Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. No word when it might happen or if that would mean a face turn for Langston.

  • ecw1998

    Im speculating but if twiiter comments are true then it kind of makes u think hmmm what if

  • ecw1998

    scott steiner might become a member of ACES AND 8’S …FTW

  • Johhny

    news here dolph does need a manager he is boring otherwise

  • Johhny

    is it just me or are langstons eyes to small for his face?He looks so weird

  • Will Henderson

    i rather have Scott Steiner be Dolph and AJ’s muscle if they do split Big E from them. plus Scott could carry both Dolph and AJ where Dolph and AJ try to be serious but Big Papa Pump says whatever he wants and calls people a “back stabbing, ass kissing, butt fucking or sucking (call back to the Ric Flair Shoot from WCW) has been”.

  • ahndaewoong

    They need to break up all three and let them go their separate ways. Dolph doesn’t need anyone by his side and they need AJ to start wrestling instead of having her make out with half of the roster.

  • Matt Trovato

    Yeah, dunno who’s fantastic idea it was to have every single NXT star come up as a heel. Is there some kind traumatic experience they go through between NXT and the main roster?

  • Sam Peters

    Big E just dont look convincing as a heel, if he goes back to being a face like he was on NXT then he could use the whole 5 count thing he was doing