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Storyline Update on Daniel Bryan, How Long He Might Be Out of Action For

– In case you missed it during last night’s RAW, the official storyline update on Daniel Bryan is that he just suffered a stinger during the assault from Kane.

The storyline is that Bryan was taken to a local hospital to be checked out but had no serious injuries. The feeling is that he will be kept out of action until Extreme Rules.

  • Mike Wells

    Having lost my Dad last month, it’s amazing that he came back so soon. The guy’s gonna be on a huge rollercoaster. Being on the high of winning the belts at the biggest PPV of all, followed by getting married, this will have really pulled the rug from under him. Guy needs time.

  • Will Henderson

    the man’s dad just died, he probably would had lost it several times in the next couple of weeks, in fact he look like he was about to lose it last night and cry during the opening segment before Stephanie McMahon interrupted setting up the sneak and violent attack by Kane. Daniel Bryan can take some more time out to grieve. losing a parent is sad and he’s going though a lot right now, just give him a break. right now they are also building Daniel Bryan as a tough guy who can take a lot of pain, but storyline wise, the doctors are the one’s holding him back, storyline wise.

  • d_pooch

    I’m pretty sure they did this to give him some more time off to grieve his father’s death. I think we will see him back before Extreme rules. The timing is just unfortunate considering he was not at Raw last week for being on his honeymoon. Just a shame that a new champion can’t be on TV as much as he should be.

  • Stock Shark

    Good way to go with such a weak looking champion keep him off the air. Damn already injured this soon dude is not built for the rigors of wrestling.

  • David Capuana

    I’m assuming they did this because of his father’s death so he can be with his family.