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Storyline Update on Triple H’s Injury, Five Things Lesnar Hasn’t Conquered

– WWE has also posted an article looking at five things that Brock Lesnar could still conquer in the WWE. Amongst the items listed include rematching the Rock, beating John Cena and ending The Undertaker’s streak.

– WWE is featuring a storyline article about Triple H’s future after his loss to Brock Lesnar last Sunday at SummerSlam.

“Our whole wrestling careers I’ve known Triple H,” Road Dogg said in the article. “His arm was literally broken in the same place that it was months ago. I don’t know if you come back from an injury like that at his age. ‘The Perfect Storm’ may have just done it. I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him yet.”

  • Tombstone

    Brock still has not conquered pro football.

  • donners

    liking how Yofits was nice enough to ‘bleep out’ part of Billy Gunn’s name….

    … but still called Sheamus a ‘white prick’.

  • Shane

    The WWE has the ability to erase things from history if they wish. So if they say Lesnar hasnt beaten Cena, then he hasn’t.

  • Wellsy

    Brock Lesnar has never won the World Heavyweight Championship. He should give Sheamus a go. There’s no one really left for him to fight over on SmackDown, it’s kinda boring!

  • Tombstone


    OK its time to put down the crack pipe.

  • Shawn O B

    @yofits that’d be badass if they would lighten the hell up and include some harmless swearing and some flipping of birds since some of us pay for this stuff. im rather stubborn when it comes to streaming. i should try that shit out. oh and no rudolph. i dont want to hide under the tv tray since i cant see the tv screen. IMO

  • yofits

    Bad (beep) Billy Gunn will return and face Brock Lesnar at Hell in a Cell to avenge Triple H.

    Bad (beep) Billy Gunn will win and Trippy H will reward him a world title match.

    Bad (beep) Billy Gunn wins title from that white prick Sheamus at Survivor Series and goes on to defend the title at Wrestlemania, in a champion vs champion, kiss my (ass) rematch from Summerfest 1999 against The Rock (who won the wwe championship at the Rumble). The match features James “JR” Ross on commentary.

    The match will be the last time 2 wrestlers from the attitude era wrestling each other with Bad (beep) Billy Gunn winning both titles.

  • devontet

    yeah he beat cena in 2003 at backlash i think.. wwe ignores a lot of shit….

  • rabid

    He hasnt held the internet championship… Must be scared of the woo woo wookie….. Lol… It writes itself ” the perfect sunny day”

  • Edmundo

    He means in 2003 lol Lesnar already beat Cena before he became the superCena he is now

  • xXx

    he beat the crap out of john cena but he lost the match

  • robert

    has* sorry about that

  • robert

    but he had beat john cena……?