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Strange Happenings with Mark Henry After Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown Tapings

– An odd situation happened after Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Des Moines, Iowa. After SmackDown ended, Mark Henry came out for a dark main event that was advertised to be Christian vs. Randy Orton. Henry entered the ring and just waited as no opponent ever came out. Henry waited for around five minutes before finally beginning to cut a promo to the crowd. Each time Henry would begin to speak, the microphones were cut.

Instead of getting a promo accomplished, Henry began to taunt some fans at ringside. After 15 minutes of this going on, ring announcer Tony Chimel announced that while fans waited for Mark Henry’s opponent, WWE thanks the fans for attending.

Henry’s music started playing for a few minutes before stopping. Hornswoggle’s music then hit but he never came out. After a few minutes of that, The Great Khali’s old theme music played but again, nobody came out. Khali’s music stopped and Vince McMahon’s music played but as expected, he didn’t come out either. After about 20 minutes since SmackDown ended, Henry got tired of waiting for an opponent and walked to the back. No word yet on what happened but it sounds like WWE was playing a big rib on Henry.

  • venom

    That’s a shame that the fans had to sit through that. It’s better than anything in TNA though.

  • I’d be ticked if I were Henry

  • Justin

    THat’s actually a pretty hilarious rib.

    And a much safer one than JBL or Hardcore Holly beating the shit out of you.

  • Bill

    Stupid WWE. I’d be confused if I was there. Why the Great Khali’s old theme? Does he use it? Now, if they used some old themes(I.e. Nation of Domination, Vader, etc.), then I’d be mildly interested. But still, stupid WWE,

  • CC

    If it was a joke on Mark Henry, it was at the expense of the fans.
    To be honest, I have never seen a dark match advertised before, but if the fans were expecting Christian vs Randy Boreton, and got a fat guy standing in the ring like a lemon, thats a bit of a slap in the face.

  • Zach D

    @ Thumper!

    That’s messed up man.

  • Greatness

    Mark Henry could not get an opponent because he filled the ring by himself. Hornswoggle was a nice try but Henry was just too big for the little bastard.

  • Thumper!

    I would enjoy Mark Henry’s big Penis.

  • Zach D

    Yeah, there could be Pre-School Toys present.

  • JIR

    It would have been funny if you were there reading it sounds dumb

  • Automattic


    Watch your language, young man! There could be kids here, don’t go throwing around that “W” word, you know it’s blasphemy!

  • Zach D

    But we already know Vince doesn’t care what we want even though the fans are the only reason he has a business in the first place! He would be just like everyone else without the fans. We bring him the money and he still spits in our faces.

  • Jimbo

    Another giant middle finger to the fans. Making them sit around all that time for a bunch of BS.

  • Zach D

    That’s pretty stupid to do, especially 4 the fans. So Henry really thought he had a match?

  • Mikey

    A “rib” is playing a joke on the wrestlers, I mean entertainers

  • Hunter

    Playing a joke…

  • Zach D

    What’s playing a rib mean?
    Anyone know?

  • Digger

    Sounds better than the last few episodes of Raw.