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Striker Defends Lawler, Punk-Lawler Talked About Backstage, JR Comments

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross says he enjoyed CM Punk’s segment with Jerry Lawler on last night’s RAW. Ross wrote:

“@CMPunk is brutally blunt, whether one agrees w/ him or not. Best in World’s verbal jousting w/ @JerryLawler is good stuff. #SauceIt”

– At the same time, WWE announcer Matt Striker says he does not endorse anyone dissing Lawler. Striker wrote:

“If @CMPunk doesnt like Jerry Lawler or Michael Cole’s commentary I can think of someone’s style he may appreciate…. Let me be clear: I do not endorse anyone ripping on Jerry Lawler. He has paved the way so a guy like me can be in this business.”

– On a related note, the back and forth between Punk and Lawler on commentary during the Big Show vs. John Cena main event last night had a lot of people talking backstage.

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  • yofits


  • Rucdogg

    CM Punk sucks. The most forgetful 10+ month title reign in wwe history. He gets lost in the shuffle, hes not ready to be a main eventer…which is why hes NEVER in the main event of any ppvs. Somebody had to say it.

  • JohnCena33

    What a bunch of whiners.
    How do you people hold jobs?????


    Put Heyman together with JR en you got yourself a dreamteam…the rest is shit.

  • chronoxiong

    Lawler sucks on commentary. He deserves to be ripped by Punk. End of story.

  • poko

    If Lawler just didn’t play the role of a blind “good guys are always right” hypocrite, he wouldn’t be so bad. There have been plenty of face commentators who didn’t always swallow everything a face performer does. It’s embarrassing.

    A heel cheats and he throws a fit, a face cheats and he praises them for “doing whatever it takes”.

    Also, Jerry, we can hear the crowd at home when an audience has a mixed reaction to Cena. Stop telling us how much they love him. It makes your character look senile.

  • SYM

    @Alan Wake WTF are you talking about? Striker is great and actually talks about The Wrestlers, Booker is meant to be entertaining, and the Fact you did not mention Josh Matthews is crazy. There are plenty of great commentators who need to be on RAW.

  • Alan Wake

    The problem is he is terrible…As a FACE commentator. As a HEEL commentator he was fantastic. Plus he worked with better people like McMahon and Ross. Babyface Lawler with Cole(Heel or Tweener) is just…awful.

    Who would replace him? Matt Striker is terrible and Booker T is entertaining for all the wrong reasons. My vote goes to William Regal.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Jerry Lawler is way past his sell by date as a announcer, He hasn’t been remotely entertaining since around 2003. I think a brand new team is in order soon. I know they will keep Cole thats a given but make it a three man team please.

  • Jimbo


    And still sucks at it.

  • Devil_Rising

    To be fair, it’s not honestly Michael Cole OR Jerry Lawler’s fault that they suck at commmentary. They say what Vince WANTS them to say (sometimes literally verbatim), and they sit and talk about what Vince WANTS them to talk about. Vince doesn’t want “sport like” play by play commentary of the MATCH. He wants them to sit there and talk about the ridiculous storyline, or sometimes, some issues not even remotely related to the match. That’s just what he wants. It wasn’t always that way. Especially back in the 80s, with guys like Lord Aflred Hayes, Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan and Jesse Ventura, those guys were the class of announcing, if you ask me. Yes, they still talked about storylines, but they also ALWAYS talked about the match that was happening in the ring. They always had a play by play guy, and they always kept the “sport” in professional wrestling. But that changed, especially by the late 90s. Something else that, if you want to be technical, again, actually came about during the “Attitude Era”.

    So while Punk is correct, it’s not that Lawler SUCKS. It’s that Lawler does what he’s told.

  • CC

    I’m sorry Striker, is this still real to you?
    Simple fact is, if you look at it as being real, Lawler was totally out of order with the comment he made, so why shouldnt Punk take offense?
    Is Striker trying to say that Lawler can do and say what he wants?

    Its all storyline anyway, but regardless of that, Lawler deserves no special treatment as he is shit, and has always been shit.
    His annoying high pitched voice, shit jokes and creepy comments about females are cringe worthy.

    Honestly, when it was JR and Heyman doing commentary when Lawler was off standing up for a woman who ended up divorcing him, it was probably one of the best commentary teams in years. Get rid of Lawler, Cole & Booker, keep Mathews and bring back JBL or Heyman.

  • Jimbo

    Lawler is legitimately awful on commentary. So is Cole for that matter. I don’t think any two announcers in history could hit you harder in the face with “look at me, I’m the face announcer!” And “look at me, I’m the vintage heel announcer!”. Subdetly is clearly not in either of their vocabularies.

  • SYM

    Lawler makes Michael Cole look like Gorilla Monsoon on commentary.

  • BlaH

    Punk is correct Lawler stinks up the joint every monday night . The King must
    have some good dirt on VKM for him tp still him around. Jerry is a shell of his old self.