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Strong Sales For “CM Punk – Best in the World” Video, “WWE ’13” Unboxing With Kofi

– Sales for WWE’s CM Punk – Best in the World DVD and Blu-ray were strong in its first week of release. The DVD sold 28,938 copies for $576,472 and the Blu-ray version sold 23,272 for $581,571. It was No. 19 in overall DVD sales and No. 9 in Blu-Ray. No other sports titles ranked nearly as well.

– WWE has published a video of Kofi Kingston unboxing THQ’s WWE ’13 video game. WWE teases, “Check out what awesome surprises lay in store for the WWE Universe with WWE’s latest and most innovative video game ever!”


– WWE returns to the Bercy Sports Palace in Paris, France on April 20, 2013. Tickets go on sale November 19 at 10:00 a.m.

(source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Ricardo

    1. “No other sports titles ranked nearly as well.” – Have any other sports titles been released at the same time? Or are we comparing a new release with everything else on the market?

    2. How do sales for this DVD compare against other first weeks for other WWE releases? Have they been higher or lower at an equivalent time? What about other sports titles?

    It may be true that the DVD did capture lots of attention – but it’s doubtful since it’s about the champion that drove away more audience than any other probably in the history of the company. This looks like cherry-picking the sales numbers that fit the narrative of the DVD having sold a lot. Is this whole website sucking Punk’s turd-bombs now? I thought it was just the commentators.

  • Sammo

    (Because it’s “a lot” in English)

    But on subject…. yessssssss, awesome Punk DVD. It’s rare indeed to see a WWE employee speak so candidly about the company on an official production.

  • mtlhitman

    Wwe produce some very good dvd way to go again !

  • Sammo

    Is “alot” wrote as one word by Americans?!

    I always see it wrote like that on here. Looks weird to an Englishman.

  • Mark

    Yep I agree with above . Its a really good dvd. I respect CM Punk alot more after seeing his life story. I am glad he chose to stay with the WWE .

  • Omar

    Indeed. It seems like one of the most honest documentaries produced by WWE, and the first I have seen that has criticism on the practices of modern WWE for an extended length of time.

  • aaron

    I own the Blu-Ray. It’s really good video. He has a very interesting life and definitely a good video to watch for any fan of wrestling.