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– Several WWE developmental talents have been given new ring names for NXT:

* Stephen Cole is now known as Cole Andrews

* Smith James is now known as Bull Dempsey

* Strongman Adam Scherr is now known as Braun Stowman

* CJ Perry is now known as Lana

* Britney Fetkin is now known as Devin Taylor

* Erika Hammond is now known as Veronica Lane

* Lexi Kaufman is now known as Alexa Bliss

* Rebecca Quinn is now known as Becky Lynch

Source: PWInsider

  • ssadasd

    “Braden Walker” rule.

    Give people stupid, hopeless names they won’t ever “get over” with and make sure to have them job to Jindar Mahal.

  • ssadasd

    with names like this, they don’t need to worry about branding.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Branding in case they get huge.

  • los322

    Damn, what’s with all these generic names??

  • Matt Farrell

    Good lord, those are awful names.

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