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SummerSlam Axxess News, Chris Jericho Knocks Sin Cara, Goldust, Cena

– John Cena has opened a YouTube page where he is posting weight lifting videos. You can see it at

– A fan asked Goldust on Twitter when he would be returning to action. Goldust replied with a “not anytime soon.” As noted before, Goldust has been working backstage as an agent with the Divas.

– The SummerSlam Fan Axxess autograph signings kick off today in Los Angeles. CM Punk has been added to today’s signings while Sin Cara has been removed from today’s and tomorrow’s signings. Zack Ryder has also been added to Sunday’s signings. If you attend any of the events in Los Angeles this weekend, feel free to send us a report.

– A fan wrote to Chris Jericho on Twitter last night that the new Sin Cara used his Lionsault as his finish on last night’s SmackDown. Jericho responded: “Not surprised. Just another Jericho ripoff…”

  • Corey

    Jericho you suck ass. I have never liked Chris Jericho and never will. During ALL of his matches he talks to his opponents, any real professional wouldn’t have to do that or make it so obvious. It was as a bad as when Chyna was in there, everybody had to talk her through matches because she sucked just as bad as Jericho. The ONLY reason you ever became a somebody is because your more show then go, your good on the mic. Sin Cara is a great talent, the moonsault has been around long before you were doing it. Hell even your Lion tamer is a form of the Boston crab and Cloverlief, nobody actually rips off moves.

  • T3nd41

    Ironically funny for someone who’s been ripping off a page out of Rowdy Roddy Piper’s book, huh Christina Jerk-sicko?

  • RawisWar


    Jericho reinvented that move actually not onve but twice from a normal Boston crab to a Liontamer in his WCW days were he puts one knee on the opponents back or neck and the other in his WWF days the Walls of Jericho were he does the Boston crab but is elevated and stands rather than bends.

  • cmpunkmark

    people take things so seserily i thought it was funny

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Some people are reading way to much into his tweets. @ Mosepipe, good someone else was able to comprehend that.

  • xcxvx

    Go fuck yourself.

  • Mr Steal Yo Kinder Egg

    Jericho isn’t playing a heel on twitter… That’s when you know ur toooooo into wrestling when you think real people which byenlarge Jericho is now, is playing face or heel in twitter. He was just saying the first thing that came to his head! It wasn’t a well pre scripted tweet now was it

  • mark

    jericho is already a heel, he left as a heel so there is no turn indicated here.

  • Mosepipe

    The ‘…’ suggests a joke, some of you guys need to chill.

  • CM Mark

    Shut up Chrissy nobody cares sweetheart go listen to St.Anger.

  • simon07

    But Jericho knows 1004 moves so its obvious people will copy him…

  • paulbstoltz

    Hey Jericho, How many people did you rip off. lmao, Like you were the first with the boston crab

  • Bawb

    Unless he comes back full-time, I think it’s dumb he continues to be in character.

  • venom


    He did the lionsault after the sprng board. You would have seen it if you watched the whole match. I think you might have vision problems.

  • xcxvx

    That wasn’t even a lionsault. It was a spirngboard senton. Learn your moves people. Lol.

  • Bill

    I never even noticed that Sin Cara did the lionsault. Hey, do you guys think that Christian’s “surprise” at SS for Orton is Jericho? I mean, Christian & Y2J have teamed up before, & Orton punted Y2J months back. A feud is possible. So do you think Jericho’s returning?

  • Seth

    Good call Stevie P.

  • Stevie P

    Man you guys are marks. He’s obviously not serious.

  • venom

    It was so obvious that was somebody else. People that don’t come on this site can even figure it out. You would think this guy would at least do the same moves.

  • JIR

    I am not a fan of Fozzy but Jericho has every right to express his opinions like you and I

  • Paton

    unless your going to stop playing with your band FOzzy and come back then we don’t give a crap Jericho. You ain’t in WWE so he can uses it if he wants

  • Vini

    Jericho is turning heel via Twitter 😀

  • Bawb

    LOL Jericho is quick to the punch on Twitter these days.