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– WWE Champion The Miz will be appearing at The Warwick Mall in Providence, Rhode Island on Saturday, January 29th from 12-2pm.

– United States Champion Daniel Bryan will be appearing at the Save Mart in Fresno, California on Monday, February 21st from 11am until 12pm.

– WWE is running a Royal Rumble promotion with K-Mart stores where you can receive $10 off the upcoming WWE All Stars video game when you spend $30 on WWE merchandise in their stores.

– WWE has posted part 2 of their “Where Are They Now?” feature on former WWE Diva Sunny where she talks about helping charities these days and other topics. Here’s what she said about Vickie Guerrero:

“What I’d really like to do is come back against Vickie Guerrero, because let me tell you I think Vickie is doing a fantastic job. I’m watching her and I’m like, ‘Wow, she’s really kicking [butt].'”

  • Dann

    How is Vickie really kicking butt?
    She manages Dolph Ziggler and she is the Smackdown! Special Advisor.
    That’s it.
    What has she done to really kick butt?
    Nothing. That’s what.
    Is she a good heal? Does she draw good heal heat? Yes, she does.
    But that is it.
    She hasn’t led anyone to a World Title or tag team titles.
    She hasn’t won a World Title herself.
    She hasn’t really kicked butt at all. None. Sorry.

  • Boomski

    She has always been on of my top favorite Divas. But sometimes with wrestling you can’t ever tell if it wasn’t a small good pop to try to get back there. I was surprised those were comments she made. And Vickie is kicking some major ass as a female heel. I love to hate her.

    Sunny brown nosing/Vickie rocks

  • Trixie

    The moment Vickie opens her mouth the crowd boos. Which means she’s really good at her job to get that kind of heat.

  • DA 420 KING


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