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– This past Thursday’s edition of WWE Superstars on WGN America scored an 0.9 rating while the replay did an 0.2.

– In case you missed it on last night’s SmackDown, Jeff Hardy is gone from WWE action after losing a Loser Leaves WWE match against CM Punk. Hardy gave a short speech after the match to the fans and basically said he would be back when the time is right.

– The Undertaker vs. CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Title in a Submissions Match was made official for the Breaking Point pay-per-view on last night’s SmackDown.

– Drew McIntyre returned to the main roster on last night’s SmackDown. Drew has appeared on RAW and SmackDown before and lately has been working many WWE dark matches. Since leaving TV the last time, he has held the Heavyweight Title in WWE’s developmental territory, FCW. McIntyre was supposed to face R-Truth on SmackDown but attacked Truth during his entrance, causing a no contest. Drew cut a promo and said the party on SmackDown is over.

  • avdangerously

    Ie vampi

    Id be happy to be an australian announcer for wwe. Maybe announce wwe superstars.

    As for an australian wrestler id probably nominate TNT from AWF

  • Ryan

    If it wasn’t for Finlay, the womens division would not have been near as good as it was during Lita/Trish days. He was the main man that got them to that point.

  • Raziel

    Finlay has also helped train a lot of stars that the WWE has had in recent years and have now.

  • Kammy

    i agree with u squggy but look at hardcore holly and big daddy V, been in the business for a while but most likely wont be in the HOF

  • squiggy

    yes findlay is a legend of wrestling.Regardless if he has held a major belt or not the man has been in the business for over 35 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!He held the wwe US title a few times and held the wcw Television title numerous times.C’mon slapnuts can you tell me that a man who has been in wrestling for 35 yrs is not a legend.He has seen more crap go down and done more things with his life and experiences than you or i will ever do.Give findlay hjis props he is a company man, he does whatever crappy schtick the stupid wwe wants him to do, and he never complains.Thats a real man, and a class act in the locker room.I have personally met dave findlay and he was the greatest.You need to do your homework b4 you start looking down.

  • slapnutz

    Finlay a legend? fuck no. regal is good but boring. Tatsu needs to improve alot. Kofi I agree with he’s awesum.

  • Vampi

    WWE needs more international wrestlers. There is the incredible, awesome, one-of-the-best: William Regal. There’s Finlay, a legend. Yoshi Tatsu, one of my favorites and a great performer. And McIntyre. There’s Paul Burchill too. There’s Kofi, who in real live hails from Africa… WWE needs mexican wrestlers, japanese wrestlers and an australian one, for al the 5 continents…

  • David

    Ya i agree..he has potential in him and I see him as a future star.

  • avdangerously

    I like McIntyre. Can’t wait to see what he can do. WWE is certainly earning the “world” in its name now.

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