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Survivor Series PPV Buy Estimates Lowered, Jim Ross Says No Benoit In HOF

— Dave Meltzer stated on the December 24 edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that the Survivor Series pay-per-view buy figure is lower than the initial estimate of 280,000. It was reported that of that figure, 180,000 pay-per-view purchases came from the United States. The updated estimate drops the buy figure to 260,000 as only 160,000 pay-per-view purchases came from the United States for The Rock’s first wrestling match in over seven years.

The estimate compares to 244,000 buys for Survivor Series in 2010 and 235,000 in 2009, which nearly got the show scrapped from the annual pay-per-view line-up.

— Jim Ross commented on Chris Benoit’s candidacy for entrance into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“Chris Benoit will never be inducted into WWE HOF,” he tweeted Tuesday. “Great wrestler but horrific ending to his life overrides career.”


  • Kamala’s Foot

    Beniot’s bowflex beat Beniot by submission.

  • Kamala’s Foot

    I think Kevin Sullivan should induct Beniot.

  • Corey

    The WWE HOF is a joke anyway. I mean Drew Carrey? Its a laughing stock now.

  • Wildeye

    First of all I am not going to say that Benoit should be praised for what he has done or anything, but it seems to me that people don’t pay attention to any facts. People are just too quick to complain about what they read.

    Benoit had no control over what he had done to his family and himself. It was proven by specialist that the amount of blows to the head did some damage to the brain. People PLEASE hang out with someone who has some brain damage of some sort. That is how you would learn to understand that getting your brain rattled in your head can make you totally different. It must be hard for those close to him to swallow what he has done. Do I think he should be in the HOF? Yes as for the WWE, they have their reasons. Respect it or shut up.

    For those who always say Vince is an idiot, you try being the CEO of a billion dollar company that has been around for mega years. He must be doing something right considering HE IS STILL IN BUSINESS. Also he isn’t the only one in charge, he does have to answer to the WWE Board of Directors.
    As for Owen Hart, I believe he should be in the HOF as well but there are a such thing as LAWSUITS which can cause a business to lose money. Also like a few others has said RESPECT for Martha Hart no matter how much they think she is wrong.

    There is a few more things that i would like to say about it but I already know that those who hate or think they know more about something running a wrestling promotion that has been around for a few decades will have something mean or stupid to say to me. So please if you have been in anyone’s shoes who is or has worked around the WWE say what you must, but facts are facts and im sure that no one can see through solid doors especially from thousands of mile away.

  • TS93

    Not reading the comments. Benoit not in HOF? Duh! He was my fav wrestler but he’s a killer. Dont make excuses thats the fact. As for Owen Hart im sure 1 day his wife will pass and he will be inducted. Shes bitter because had they not been so careless Owen wld be alive 2day

  • Bill

    @luckysalt, yes. When I said forgive & forget, I was referring to Owen’s wife. I know she doesn’t want his name mentioned, but I’m saying that forbidding it won’t solve anything. Vince is an idiot, what happened happened, you can’t change anything. Let the Hart family rejoice with Owen AND Bulldog getting inducted.

  • luckysalt

    Owen isn’t in Hall of Fame because his wife won’t give permission @Bill. She won’t let WWE mention him whatsoever, what the hell do you think Vince is purposly ignoring Owen?

    Its nothing to do with Vince, it’s Owen’s wife, and Vince has to respect that, plus she took out a court order.

    Bulldog on the other hand is a different matter, he should have been in Hall of Fame a long time ago. Nothing stoping that.

  • Bill

    Put Owen in the HOF! It’s been a decade. Forgive & forget! Vince is an idiot, we know. Not mentioning Owen on TV won’t change that!

  • Monty

    Maybe in the HOF in 30 years but not in the near future.

  • GOD

    Shut up Nicholas.

  • Nicholas

    First off there is no way the are taking the WWE title off of CM Punk. Punk is not the problem. The thing is WWE is going threw a rebuilding stage I still believe. The young guys are very talented. The thing with pushing young talent. It is not so good for the short run. Because it takes time for the young guys to build up new talent. What CM Punk really needs right now it is a rival. Stone Cold had the Rock, Hogan had Randy Savage and Ric Flair had Sting that is what is missing in the WWE right now. A dam good heel. To me the best person to turn heel right now hate to say it is Randy Orton. Why Randy Orton because to me he is a better heel then a face. Why is Randy a better heel because he learn from the best. I do feel WWE is on the right track. To me WWE is interesting to watch because they got so many good young talent they just need a dam good heel.

    On Benoit going in the Hall of Fame that is not happening. Not now not ever. Hey I love Benoit as a wrestler but never did I think he had such a dark side. The only good thing that came out of that is the WWE been so much better a there drug policy. Is it perfect no nothing is perfect but it is better then nothing. Sorry put the day Benoit killed his wife, kids and then himself he close his dam faith.

  • Jon

    If Beniot is in the HOF, it just like saying let put Jerry Sandsuky into the college HOF. JR right Beniot should never ever enter the HOF.

  • kenn

    WWE wants to take the belt off CM Punk because of low ratings, does this mean The Rock will no longer main event Wrestlemania because he does not attract buys

  • Mojojojo

    You people need to get a grip. Vince McMahon doesn’t need that kind of heat on the company… it would be nothing but negative publicity if they inducted Benoit into the hall of fame. And who would be there to accept the honor anyway!? He murdered his wife and child and his father loathes Vince and blames him for allowing the wrestlers to take steroids and allowing chair shots to the head.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    I was probably one of the biggest Benoit fans there was. I loved him as a face and I loved him as a hell and I loved the toothless agression line LOL. But ask me if I think he should be in the HOF and you will get a great big HELL NO!
    I am sure he probably went thru something none of us will never be able to understand. But there is absolutely no excuse in this world for dileberately harming your wife and son.

  • liam

    ur career accomplishments mean shit if u committ a terrible crime, people lose the respect for u, with no respect u get no reward!! look at oj simpson for god sake, all hes known for is the guy who got away with murder, not for his sporting achievements.

  • RUSTanator

    just a little fact for you guys.

    carlos monzon was a very famous argentine boxer, boxed in the 60’s and 70’s, considered one of the best ever, south americans loved him.

    he killed his wife by throwing her off a balcony, he also beat women on multiple occasions throughout his life. he then died in a car crash while serving jail time for the above crimes in 1995.

    yet he still features in the fight night boxing games, and will no doubt go into boxings hall of fame.

  • Bawb


    Politically correct? What? How? No one wants him there, he KILLED HIS WIFE AND CHILD. Read Ross’s statement again, it presents a perfectly logical argument. How is the blue hell does one induct him anyway, describing his illustrious career and then…just ignoring the last most significant part of his life? Oh, and would you expect fans and those in attendance to cheer for him at the ceremony? You think fans are ignorant fools? What are you smoking?

  • El Dandy

    You mean it’s only politically incorrect to kill your wife and child? But otherwise it’s OK

  • Aaron

    If it were up to anyone in the company, he’d be inducted. The WWE has to maintain a political correctness. It’s not that people didn’t love him. He was probably the greatest technical wrestler ever. Watch Angle-Benoit from the Royal Rumble. That fued was awesome. It’s just like hiring fat lazy _______(insert dirogatory racial description here). Have to appear politically correct, even though he deserves to be there.

  • kevbot

    @Symbiote completely right. its a shame. but no way will he ever be in there.

  • Symbiote

    I don’t get why people keep asking this question. The last days of his life completely wiped out all his career accomplishments! He killed his own son & wife people!!! That can’t be forgiven & for that he will never be in the hall of fame!