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Another Survivor Series Tag Match?, Vince’s Backstage Incident, More

– The New York Times has a new article up looking at Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign, noting that in the past three years she has spent close to $100 million of her own money on her campaigns, including the one that failed in 2010. The Times wrote:

“Ms. McMahon may or may not get to influence job creation as a senator. But she has already made an impact on the Connecticut economy by dishing out close to $100 million for two Senate races over the past three years, far more than anyone has ever spent of their own money to win any federal seat. She has long since blown by the $72 million Ross Perot spent of his own money on presidential bids in 1992 and 1996.”

– We noted a few weeks back that a top WWE Superstar lashed out at Vince McMahon backstage, pointing out that WWE’s product was in trouble, the ratings were bad and Vince himself may be out of touch. Word now is that John Cena was the one to speak out.

– WWE officials are now considering adding another traditional elimination Survivor Series match to the Survivor Series pay-per-view later this month. With Team Punk vs. Team Foley featuring top stars, the second match will likely feature midcarders.

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  • mtlhitman

    Just to correct mr.golden age dork there look at the attitude era ratings profit and wrestlers created in that era.Golden age was great i respect and love wrestling because of that era,but cut the crap the only reason why it work well it’s’because of how naive and ignorent peeps was back then half of the audiance said wrestling was 100% reel and it wasn’t they lost some viewers of that era first some are too old or have past away and some quit watching wrestling.Ric Flair,Hulk Hogan,HBK,Randy Savage they where making more cash in the attitude era and we had actuly competition with wcw and ecw to get that boost to raise the rating been creative how can a golden age keep wrestling alive in this degenerate era (real life) kids dont play with toy ar 11 years old anymore at 10 years old they buy their first iphone,they have internet it will never be the same but if wrestling was 14+ again we would have bigger rating and we could enjoy a cena more agressive who use course language he is the face he is money i am not bashing Cena i dont like him but i dont hate him but trust me pg era is not good for 16+ years old going from 6.2 to 3.1 i dont think that we can dislike attitude era i know at least 20 peeps that stop watching wrestling because we are very limited as for been creative with this current pg era u trash talk about the attitude era but the only reason is u must be one of those loser who mail wwe on how violent product is and u mail tv provider to try to get them banned lol stop been a dummy and bash the great attitude era !

  • SYM

    Don’t believe for a second it was cena

  • Best In The World

    ^^forgot lol my bad

  • Sam Peters

    @Best in the World

    how can they when Orton is in the Team Foley vs Team Punk……..

  • Best In The World

    Make the 2nd Match Team Barrett vs Orton

  • Matthew Carter

    @Lord KGM, first off, shut the hell up, you are full of crap. If you knew anything about wrestling, you would know that the attitude era was an experiment, and it worked, and it produced some of the best wrestling around. I guarantee you, if these PG-Era wrestlers had have tried wrestling in the attitude era, they would have had there asses handed to them. Randy Orton and John Cena are both from the end of the attitude era, and those are just two examples. Make sure you know what you’re talking about before you go running your mouth. Also during the attitude era, ratings on RAW and SmackDown were through the roof.

  • nick

    Cena demands all the titles to spin!

  • Sam Peters

    and if there is another 5 on 5 match i could see it being

    Antonio Cesaro + 3MB + Tensai


    R-Truth + Justin Gabriel + Team Cobro + Brodus Clay

  • Sam Peters

    wow it was Cena, maybe he himself is fed up of the PG era now and realises it cant be all about kids, they need to up the rating enough where we can have the odd bit of comedy but needs the balance of kida and adults, more profits in the long run

  • It sucks that John Cena gets a lot of heat for the lame product, but the fact is he sells merchandise. I believe he is speaking out now because the sun is starting to set on his top spot (Ryback is next probably) so he knows things need to change (Cena heel turn teaming with Punk, Heyman, and Lesnar to create a new faction) and build up new faces to go against the all star heel cast, this way guys like Miz, Kofi, Alex Riley, Justin Gabriel, Zack Ryder, etc. can elevate.

  • Davey Zoo

    Team Punk vs Team Foley is already a mid carder match almost.

  • Wayne

    Cena still is boring and he still is boring lbvvs. Ok him standing up to Vince Mcmahon says nothing. Who hasn’t stood up to Vince Mcmahon. That’s what the boss want u to do! But all of the superstars are doing what JR said. They just want to follow instructions instead of just being themselves out there and perform. SMH Cena fans always thinkin someone hatin on their boring wrestler. U can keep him.

  • TheSheepDog

    ^^ Keep trolling trolling trolling trolling what? keep trolling trolling trolling trolling.

    Dudes nailed a more incoherent, asinine promo than the Ultimate Warrior, and that takes some beating!

  • Lord KGM

    First, John Cena hasnt said anything so believe the rumors if u want. Second, Linda owns Vince so to think that the WWE will change over some fans and rating is obsurd. Finally, all of u fans better get used to PG WWE because even if Linda stops running for Senate, they arent going back to TV14 for the fact of losing younger viewers. Get over ur pathetic hold of the attitude era…which wasnt that great to begin with! The WWE title loss all of its luster during the attitude era with it switching hands more than years Ric Flair has lived. Just horrible product overall and I hope WWE actually tries to go back to the Golden Era format. Even younger kids agree that the Golden Era (late 80s, early 90s) was better than the attitude era! Hulk Hogan (prime), Ric Flair (prime), Randy Savage, etc came from the Golden Era where there was no over the line theatrics to draw viewers and pack arenas. Simple as that, peace Lord KGM

  • Stevie P

    I just don’t like Cena’s character. I like how he treats most of the other guys. Him along with other guys like Punk were probably the only reason why Zack Ryder got into the US Title picture to begin with. If he got in Vince’s face about the current stale product, I say good for him. He’s basically the face of the business right now so I’m sure it’s looking bad on him too.

  • Jimbo

    Cena knows what’s up. Of course, I hope he realizes that part of the stale writing is him being involved in the main-event of PPVs ALL THE TIME. I mean, from Last November to this past September, WWE pretty much told us that anything John Cena does is more important than the WWE Title.

  • ajdimick

    @Brian hey I def meant to like what u said but I accidentally hit dislike lol. But yeah I agree. Everyone bitches about cena. About how he’s vinces bitch and gets everything handed to him. So when he actually stands up to vince and basically tells him what the real WWE universe wants, (not the fake one they talk about on tv), you guys just rag on him more. Cenas right. All you gotta do is listen to the crowd reaction at the shows. HIAC the crowd was quiet. The following night on raw the crowd was quieter. Vince needs to wake up and smell the roses. Your wife isn’t ever goin to be senator. So tell her to stop blowing $100 million in three years just to lose more and bring back the old school wrestling. Fuck pg, they only dropped the rating for her anyways

  • Brian Adams (DPW)

    Wait, so the IWC hates on Cena all the time but when he does exactly what we want him to do we hate on him more? I just don’t get what you guys want from the guy.

  • Omar

    Damn! No more brown nosing for Cena?

  • well thats probally why cena isnt getting his title shot im totally fine with that