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Sympathy for Bryan, RAW Hitting a Milestone, Update on WWE in Japan

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– In an update on our earlier post about WWE’s return to Japan in August, they have announced some matches now. Yoshi Tatsu will wrestle Chris Jericho on August 20th, John Cena will face Sheamus on that same show and the August 21st show will feature Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton and Cena & Tatsu vs. Jericho & Sheamus.

– The 900th episode of WWE’s Monday Night RAW will take place on August 30th in Binghampton, New York.

– The impression within WWE among most is that Daniel Bryan didn’t know about the “Chris Benoit protocol” where talents aren’t supposed to choke each other with objects. Word is that the protocol was something that was talked about in meetings and some of the talents who have been around for a few years knew about but it wasn’t something that was talked about regularly. There is a lot of sympathy right now for Bryan.


    I believe it was Randy Orton who Cena choked out with Handcuffs and it was at the Breaking Point Pay Per View last year. That match is on the Best PPV Matches DVD.

  • Damien Phoenix

    Should of thought of that before you released him lol

  • effmelater

    this just in. cm punk is fired. i guess at a house show he put a bible down on top of rey mysterio after he beat him. It was to go along with his SES gimmick, however those in the locker room have been told that it is too close to what benoit did to his son and therefore he is being future endeavored. management feels bad and will most likely hire him back after his 90 day no compete expires.

  • 15

    i think daniel bryan shudd just go to tna..i mean even if wwe rehires him,they would not use him to hiz fullest look at evan born,cristian,yoshi tatsu,ezeckial jasckson etc..this is just a waste of time..buhh i wudd still like to see daniel bryan back in the wwe tho..buhh wwe needs to use him right

  • me

    this has to be a story line they never go on and on about this kinda of stuff

  • Treg

    I hope Vince comes out tonight on Raw and the crowd starts a you screwed Bryan chant heh

  • Jimbo

    ssssssh, theMark. don’t say that out loud! 🙂

  • Gimmick Guy

    lol the “Chris Benoit protocol”. sorry

  • kurt angle

    who really fucking cares

  • We Want Danielson

    So why “fire” him and not just give him a future warning or suspension at the very worst? Far worse has gone on in WWE (and will continue to go on) since the Benoit tragedy. Either somebody was out to against Danielson, and used this as a way to “set him up” or get him fired (via politics)… OR there’s still a slim chance it is just a storyline. Very doubtful, slightly hopeful.

  • mikey412

    its spelled BINGHAMTON, NY no P. and the show in Binghamton is being advertised on ticketmaster as Smackdown, not Raw unless they are misinformed.

  • terry

    bs they should of have told bryan something b4 he went out there and did that, and he didnt even know about it! come on wwe u messed up on this one, rehire him, if he really got fired that is..

  • theMark

    Didn’t CENA CHOKE Batista with handcuffs?!?!?!

  • CaptainObvious

    Looks like they’re gonna push mr. tatsu before going to japan xD
    I Think it’s a great oppurtunity for a great performer.

  • scooter

    don’t be the way he went out he can get booked anywhere in a main event spot