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– Hulk Hogan wrote the following on Twitter earlier today:

Spoke with BFG Series guys to let them know a change. Going forward all BFG Series matches will be 15 minute time limit. HH

– Christopher Daniels and Kaz defeated Kurt Angle and AJ Styles for the World Tag Team Championship titles in the main event on TNA Impact Wrestling tonight.

  • SYM

    Ok I think TNA should do something for the Tag Team Division like what they are doing for the Ultimate X Tournament. Have Teams Qualify for a Tag Team Title Match. Bring in some unknown Tag Teams and freshen up the scene.

  • King Albert

    omg why do TNA keep feeding TNAwful marks with such pathetic shit and they just say its amazing, wake up retards TNA is fucking shit, who the fuck are you kidding? watch ROH or PWG or NJPW instead, get a fucking life. NJPW pisses all over TNA, TNA is the aids of professional wrestling.

  • Devil_Rising

    You know what they SHOULD do? They should keep the belts on actual tag teams, instead of just big singles wrestlers slapped together. That goes for WWE as well. I remember a time when both companies had robust tag team divisions, FULL of dedicated tag teams. Now? Not so much for either one.

  • ant

    um Nitro thats what happens when wrestlers go to other organizations,want to puruse singles careers and have injuries it usually splits up the tag team for example homicide went to roh,team 3d wanted to be singles wrestlers,alex shelly left tna and sabin is now injured once again anyways,anarquia was released breaking up mexican america,Generation me went to ROH,and the nasty boys and vkm were released so i mean thats what happens

  • Nitro

    What happened to TNA’s tag team division? just a couple of years ago, their tag team scene was one of its high points that quickly put WWE on the defensive, they had a bunch of great and solid teams like the Machine Gunns, Generation Me, the Dudleys and the Nastys, LAX, VKM and even the legendary Steiners were on TNA once, but now all those teams are gone and they are being forced to have individual guys who have absolutely nothing to do with each other pair up to make it seem that they still have some teams left

  • ant

    ummmm only a fool would want kaz and daniels to be the tag team champs over aj styles and kurt angle i mean that has the potential to be a great tag team they could be called “Damn Phenomenal”

  • scooter

    Aj and Kurt are great individually but daniels and kazarian just seem more like a legitimate team good call by TNA.

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