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Possible Tag Team Partner for Sin Cara, Mick Foley Correction, WWE’s The Reunion

– In a correction from earlier, Mick Foley will be appearing at today’s RAW live event in Newcastle, not the SmackDown tapings from Liverpool.

– WWE Studios’ The Reunion with John Cena is now available on DVD and Blu-ray at Walmart stores.

– As seen on Friday’s SmackDown, Epico has joined Hunico to feud against Sin Cara. Word is that Averno may finally be signed by WWE to team with Cara against the former FCW Tag Team Champions.

Cara requested that Averno be signed by WWE earlier this year to work with. Reports out of Mexico this year have went back and forth on whether or not Averno was coming in. After the recent WWE tour of Mexico where Averno took part in tryouts, it’s said he’s now waiting on the call to join WWE’s blue brand for the tag team feud.

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  • joe

    @snark chavo got fired

  • venom

    Maybe Epico can be a Gold Sin Cara and the ohter guy can be Green Sin cara. It is interesting that Sin Cara led to three other guys getting hired. Sin Cara will probably win the World title next year. Obviously WWE still likes him that they are going through all of this to help him.

  • cenaWWE

    @Edo’s @Bill LMAO! brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edo. Risk

    They can form a stable named “The migthy morphin power caras”
    or “the tenage mutant ninja caras”

  • Bill

    What if instead of having Hunico get unmasked & become a stereotypical hispanic with rap music, they took the Sin Cara angle even further & revealed Epico as anofher Sin Cara, like Sin Cara Rojo or something, Then, Sin Cara recruits Sin Cara Amarillo to help him in a 4 man Cara feud. Or is this just too confusing?

  • Snark Mark

    Sin Cara is interesting business. It seems like his exposure has led to three different performers getting hired and pushed just so someone is there to catch his botchy ass. Of course, he also drove Chavo to early retirement.

  • adam

    Well the sin cara and hunico part will be we dont know about if epico or averno are as botchtastic as the other two.

  • Sammo

    Those tag matches will be botch-tastic!