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Tag Team Gets New Name, TNA Drops Pay-Per-View Event

– Daniels and Kazarian’s tag team is now known as Bad Influence.

– As previously reported, TNA’s announcement that Lockdown is being moved from April to March is a result of the company cutting back on the number of pay-per-views and breaking from the monthly-PPV format. The latest on this situation is that February’s Against All Odds pay-per-view has been scratched, so TNA will have Genesis in January and then Lockdown in March.

It’s believed that TNA will remove more pay-per-views from the calendar as well. No word on whether TNA reducing the frequency of their pay-per-views will result in a price increase for the remaining shows.


  • luckysalt

    WWE desperately need to drop the number of PPV’s what do they have 13 or 14 a year? It just end up being the same matches for 3 PPV’s straight.

  • TomC

    I agree 1000%, Devil_Rising.

    The monthly PPVs was one of the WORST moves in professional wrestling. It ended up being virtually the same matches as the last PPV.

    For WWE, I think the “peak” lineup for PPVs was/would be:
    – Royal Rumble
    – Wrestlemania
    – SummerSlam
    – Survivor Series

    MAYBE keep Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell

  • Devil_Rising

    The monthly ppv format never worked anyway. It gave too little time to build feuds or mathches. And especially back in the “Attitude Era” peak, too many title changes. If you ask me, even for WWE, it would be desirable to have no more than 6 PPVs a year. I say, lessen the number of PPV events, make them each 4 hours, and make sure the cards are actually worth paying for. WWE was getting ridiculous for a few years there, having something like 14/15 a year.

  • Apacaveli

    that gundam dance that bad influence does is fucking stupid and pointless taz said it best thursday it suckssss lolz.

  • Shawn O B

    sounds like a good idea if they want to spend little on production costs and pay they’re wrestlers salaries. ppvs better be good as i know they are. any money lending for them is maybe less.

  • Dwayne

    Love the name suits them well, I would of also enjoyed Team Appletini