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Tag Team Tournament and More Announced for This Week’s TNA Impact Wrestling

TNA has released the following preview for Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, taping tonight in Orlando at The Impact Zone:

– STILL World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode will be in attendance on IMPACT WRESTLING on Thursday, having retained the gold after a 3-3 tie in the Ironman Match with challenger AJ Styles at Final Resolution! Now, Roode begins to prepare to defend the title against Jeff Hardy at Genesis! How will AJ Styles react to losing his chance at the World Title?

– After beating Jeff Jarrett in the Steel Cage match at Sunday’s Pay-Per-View, “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy is the NEW #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. He’ll get his shot at the upcoming “Genesis” event in January. However, Hardy won’t get any rest on Thursday, as he’ll be in action on IMPACT WRESTLING!

– How will The Jarretts react to what happened during the Cage Match at the PPV? The bigger question is – which one of them will be FIRED this Thursday night as a result of the loss? No doubt, they are livid over what happened, and things may get a whole lot worse for one of them on IMPACT when Sting announces who will have to leave TNA IMPACT WRESTLING!

– Also on Thursday, IMPACT WRESTLING will feature the start of a month-long WILD CARD Tag Team Tournament to determine new #1 contenders to the World Tag Team Championship, currently held by Matt Morgan and Crimson! Rumor has it some very INTERESTING pairings are being discussed by officials! For details and the participants in the tourney, don’t miss Thursday’s SpikeTV broadcast!

  • MJ

    So the wild card tag team tornament are just random ass teams getting put together just to see if they could work together. Seen this before with the knockouts that sucked.

    Are they doing the right things? somewhat hell yes.

    Does some of the stoylines still suck? Hmm! Eric young vs robbie E, D-von’s kids are running around, Immortal is still there, garrett bishoff’s getting a push? that clears it up!

  • Terry

    i hope chris saben is all healed up from his injury ive been to see the return of MCMG! hope their in the tournament

  • Jason

    I said it from the start, TNA is moving in the right ways and is miles better then that trash on WWE kids zone.

    I love TNA at the moment and this is coming from a 25 year fan of all things WWE.

  • poko

    I love the wildcard tag team tournaments. This might be worth watching. Also, Roode retaining the belt without any kind of interference is fantastic. Heels almost always have to cheat to win. I hope that means TNA creative is going all-out with his title run.