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More on Taker Working Rumble, Preview for Stephanie Training Article

– The RXMuscle website will be publishing an article detailing Stephanie McMahon’s training in the next few weeks. Chris Z Photography released the following preview photo of Stephanie working out:

stephanie mcmahon working out

– We noted before that WWE officials were talking about having The Undertaker just work the Royal Rumble main event as a surprise entrant if he didn’t want to come back for a full WrestleMania storyline and match. The idea would be that Taker doesn’t have to have a huge match at WrestleMania and they can still use him at the Rumble to create some buzz.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Apacaveli

    i think undertaker will win next years royal rumble beat who ever is at wrestlemania win the belt get back his world title his holy grail get one more title run before he retires and hangs up the boots for good then next night on raw after mania he retires and vacates the world title lights go out and he disappears with the world title left in the ring..

  • The Showoff

    Stephanie is not that skinny I don’t think and she has much bigger boobies.

  • Whitewing

    Her face looks photoshopped and her skin around her ches, shoulders and arms… ew. x.x

  • rob

    Steph’s face looks photoshopped.

  • Best In The World

    Steph looks amazing

  • Unique

    Someone had an idea on here a while ago that I liked. Taker wins rumble….. Easy road to WM. Beats whichever champion (Ziggler?). Lights go out…. Taker is gone, leaving the title in the ring. Taker retires leaving the title vacant.

  • WOW

    that photo couldn’t be anymore airbrushed. Her face looks painted. I like Steph but that photo is jacked

  • Me

    So basically Taker & Kane vs Rey & sin Cara at WM, not too heavy for taker and it will get the record attempt back on for most masks worn in 1 arena

  • JIR

    If not Punk vs Austin let him face Taker at WM it would give fans something other than HHH vs Lesnar and Cena vs Rock 2

  • What’s the point of having him just in rumble and not at wm that’s like having hacksaw jim duggan or any other legend that appear as surprise and not compete at wm, no disrespect.