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Earlier this morning in Newton, Connecticut, a 20-year-old man arrived at an elementary school and killed 26 people, of which 18 were children.

Several people in the industry commented on the tragedy on their Twitter:

WWE: “WWE is saddened by today’s tragedy in #Newtown. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.”

Dixie Carter: “Devastating news. Deepest sympathies to the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Prayers to all who have senselessly lost love ones”

John Cena: “I can not believe the news I am hearing out of CT. My heart and sympathy to all the victims. Such a tragic day. #staystrongnewtown”

Bobby Roode: “Thinking about the families that are suffering today in CT. As a father, this makes me sick to my stomach. #PrayForNewton”

Chris Jericho: “Just heard about the school shooting. I want to puke. Time for Americas love affair w guns to end. Maybe it’s best if the Mayans are right”

JBL: “Incredibly sad news in school shooting. I can’t believe how twisted some people are terrible.”

Jim Ross: “Wife Jan & I lived in Connecticut 4 yrs, wonderful people. This horrific, school shooting unimaginable. What if it were your kids? So sad.”

Maryse: “So deeply shocked and saddened to learn about Sandy Hook Elementary. Sending thoughts and prayers to the families.”

Shane Helms: “My heart goes out to the families in CT dealing with this school shooting. CNN is saying at least 10 kids are dead. So awful. Anyone that doesn’t think we need better gun control laws is either in full denial or just a moron. How many have to die before we wake up? The US is one of the WORLD’s leaders in guns and therefore murder. It’s not a cosmic coincidence. The choice is simple, we either do SOMETHING or we do NOTHING. We can be better than this. We SHOULD be better than this.”

Rosa Mendes: “A tragic day in Connecticut, I’m praying for the victims and their families. Connecticut elementary school shooting.”

Michael Cole: “God bless all struggling with the horrors in ct today. Thoughts and prayers go out”

Seth Rollins: “Heart goes out to all the families in Connecticut. Just shakes me to my core.”

Michael McGillicutty: “I cannot begin to understand why… What is wrong with people? Makes me sick. # PrayforNewtown”

Matt Morgan: “Please say some prayers for the AWFUL,evil shooting victims and families affected from Newtown Conn tonight! 15 min from my grammar school!”

Matt Hardy: “What a terrible, senseless tragedy that happened at a school in CT today. Total insanity. I’m praying for all the victims & their families. Today reminds me that we can’t change or control others..But hopefully by changing & controlling ourselves we can positively affect others..”

Rey Mysterio: “My prayers & condolences go out to all that lost their loved ones @ Sandy Hook Elementary!”

Mick Foley: “What could possibly compel anyone to create the type of suffering we are learning of in CT? My heart aches for everyone affected.”

Miss Tessmacher: “Everyone stop and pray for the innocent lives of the parents and children who shot in the CT elementary school shooting today. God bless!”

Diamond Dallas Page: “God bless those lost and injured as well as their families in CT”

Maria Kanellis: “Praying for Newtown and all the families that lost someone today. It’s a sad sad day. What’s going on in our world? So confused. The right time to talk #GunControlNow is now. I don’t want another tragedy. Other countries have done it. Why do children have to suffer?”

Chris Masters: “I’m not blaming guns.Im saying no more automatic weapons seriously.No normal citizen needs an automatic weapon. So they weren’t automatic weapons.Even more reason for regulation.Anything that well make it harder for Crazy people to get guns!!!!”

Heath Slater: “This world that we live in is a sad sad place.”

David Otunga: “I’m saddened by the news of this unbelievable tragedy. Especially, being the parent of a small child. #PrayForNewtown”

Roddy Piper: “Sometimes we have to stop, and realize how lucky we are! My heart goes out to Connecticut! Going to hug my kids now.”

Titus O’Neil: “As a Parent of 2kids in elementary school I can’t even begin 2Fathom the pain of Losing them in anyway!My Heart goes out 2the families in CT”

Jeff Jarrett: “Thoughts and prayers to all involved in this senseless tragedy…”

Madison Rayne: “Praying that all families affected by the awful tragedy in Connecticut today feel God’s grace during this awful time.”

Gabe Tuft (aka Tyler Reks): “As a parent, my heart is broken for those who lost their children in CT today. I’m at a loss for words.”

Angelina Love: “Sooo sad to read about this elementary school shooting in CT…my goodness what is wrong with these ppl who commit such heinous crimes..”

Abyss: “Prayers and condolences to the families of ones lost today in Connecticut. Such a horrific tragedy. #Godbless”

Road Dogg: “I have no idea why bad things happen to innocent people! My family and I pray for all the families involved in this tragic event. God bless.”

Howard Finkel: “Thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of today’s senseless tragedy in Newtown, CT #PrayForNewtown”

So Cal Val: “God bless those who are having to deal with this tragedy. Just disgusting what evil can do. So sad to hear of this. #PrayForNewtown”

  • chris benoit

    not many news stories make me cry poor chirdearn

  • Sick of the Crap

    Nor about this issue:

    School shooter Adam Lanza likely on meds; labeled as having ‘personality disorder’


    New Study Shows U.S. Government Fails to Oversee Treatment of Foster Children With Mind-Altering Drugs


    Do research on every person that has committed such an act and you will find over 90% were on mind altering drugs or their family/friends were informed they had Metal Issues, which today’s Law’s, Thanks to the ACLU are harder for them to get the help they need. As today the person with Mental Issues, can just say no to help and no one can “make” them get it.

  • Sick of the Crap

    All of these ppl talking about Gun Control, but NOT about things like this:

    Far Left Groups Defeated Connecticut Mental Health Protection Laws Just Months Before Shooting


    Obama administration, Congress quietly let school security funds lapse


    So the safety programs that could have stop this was defended. And yet those who have issues with guns, will blame the gun, not the Government’s lack of funding for safe doors and staff to man them.

  • Apacaveli

    that was just awful when i heard that my prayers and deepest condolences go out to all the connecticut newtown victims.

  • Vanilla Thriller

    And Americans wonder why there hated so much. Cause of all youre stupid gun laws.

  • scooter

    I’m an atheist but if saying a prayer for those kids helps someone through the day who am I to judge?

  • Tenryu Genichiro


    Just STFU. Using a tragedy like this to criticize people’s beliefs is sickening. How insecure can you be?

  • Tenryu Genichiro

    America’s obsession with guns has gone too far! As a parent myself, I am really shaken by this. All I can say is, I’m grateful I live in a safe country where I can send my children to school without having to worry about whether I’ll see them again. I hope that sorry piece of shit roasts in hell forever for what he did.

  • http://facebook.com Ceejay

    Ricardo please shut your mouth. I bet a lot of things will work out better for u if have belief.

  • yofitz

    Fatt Lardy will not diet!

    Anyhoo, Obama should ban guns. Only Police officers and the military should have guns.

  • Maniac

    Send me your “comfort” so I can verify a comparison on results.

    While I am not religious, I find anybody who chooses to criticize the belief of a higher power, on the same day as a tragedy such as this, is incredibly vain, arrogant and callous.

  • http://www.clickfitpro.com Jon

    Ricardo, I could not agree more. Very well said.

  • MMPR 90′s Kid

    Its sad that you can’t send your kid or kids to school without knowing whether or not their safe. I can’t even comprehend as to what the parents are going through at this moment. Not only this but I think 22 kids in China got stabbed as well. Things like this makes me question the future of humanity. At this rate will there even be a future worth living? God is not sleep and the day will come…soon R.I.P

  • Ricardo

    You can always spot the idiots by the use of “god bless” and “pray for”. Sure, “send a prayer”, that’s going to work. What about “I send my comfort to the parents by guaranteeing them that the death of their children was not in vain, and we will change things to make sure that it doesn’t happen to other people’s children”? No, that’s too much work. Let’s just keep passively adoring stupid, evil divinities from our couch and going to mass on Sunday.

  • SYM

    I bet the pres of the NRA will have a press conference on monday in Connecticut and say guns are amazing, shooting off guns at the end of his speech.

  • a heyman guy

    shane helms is a fuckin retard. guns dont kill people. people like today kill people…rip

  • misfit del rio

    Nothing anyone can say or do, nothing worse then when an inncoent child is the victim of violence. God bless…

  • ShutYoMouth

    This is possibly the saddest of all Shootings for the simple fact that innocent Children were harmed. To kill is senseless regardless of the reason but this is just very disgusting and horrid to read about, or even imagine. 2 Shootings in 1 Year. Its outrageous.

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