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Talent Meeting Held Before RAW, Report on WWE Issuing New Payments

– There was a talent meeting held before Monday’s RAW in Dallas, Texas. Talents were given the chance to speak up about being unhappy and reportedly, nobody did. The meeting apparently ended with everyone being told to use common sense and be careful with social media.

– We noted before that some of the WWE midcard talents were upset about being paid just $500 per night for working the recent tour of Central and South America. The reason given by a source was that talents are usually paid more for international tours but this one wasn’t as successful.

In an update, WWE officials sent out a memo to the talents who worked the tour and said there was a clerical error when payments were done. New, increased payments are to be issued to the talents soon.


  • Shawn O B

    ha ha ha . no comment.

  • nikki

    meh that meeting was..cena..punk..and hhh

  • SYM

    WWE “Where Cowards are Made”. I was actually at the meeting and Cena said he hasn’t banged Kaitlyn Yet & he had his fingers crossed for a future date.

  • Matt

    BAHAHAHA wow WWE doesn’t know how to manage people at all. They know if you speak up the person will be punished. If WWE really cared about the talents “happiness” they would be conducting 1 on 1 interviews with talent promising no backlash over their comments and then communicating their findings to the talent. This is HR Management 101.

  • Jim

    The guys on the roster are dickless. Great chance to do something and they sold out. The clique forced Vince’s hand years ago but this time the current roster were given the opportunity but were bought out by a ‘clerical error’ (yeah right).

    As for the divas they’ll do what they always do suck/fuck their way to the top so they were never going to speak out. Beth Phoenix is a classic example of this she was engaged to someone outside the business but got her push by bed hopping way back in 2007. Talented but give someone else the time.

  • wf3458

    Well let see, unless your a main eventer you don’t a voice. It you speak up your a jobber regardless. This is why they need a voice of a union.

  • Bill

    Now I’m pissed. We could’ve had guys finally stand up for themselves, but of course, nobody does.

  • scooter

    So they get offered the chance to speak up and say nothing yet ranting to the fans on twitter is they way to go.

  • Greatest One

    Good thing Ryder was #NotAtRAW or he would’ve fist pumped some exec in the face for not being on RAW, again. WWWYKI

  • Matt

    smart bunch, first person to speak up, creative will “have nothing for them” and its future endeavors city for them