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Talent Worried Following Brand Consolidation, Kelly’s Winning Streak Ends

— WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H announced on Raw that Superstars from SmackDown will be joining Monday nights for the foreseeable future. The “new concept,” as described by Michael Cole, will be known as Raw SuperShow. According to, the initiative has several wrestlers worried about their futures since it means less television time for those not in the upper crust.

— Brie Bella snapped WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly fifteen-match winning streak Monday night on Raw. The Jacksonville native had not lost since May 22, 2011, at Over the Limit. Brie’s victory also snapped her nine-match losing streak.

— WWE’s 2002 DVD titles on Triple H, Triple H: The Game and Triple H: That Damn Good, are being packaged together for release in Europe next month.

— Tyler Reks was backstage at Monday’s Raw in Tulsa, Oklahoma but not used. He wrote of his absence from the show: “Oh I’m here at the BOK Center…waiting patiently for an opportunity.”


  • Rob

    What should they be worried about? Back in the 90s there were tons of wrestlers on contracts and even in the two hour show, most of them were on TV. How? Tag Teams and Stables! Not everyone HAS to be a singles wrestler!

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    They gotta bring back certain titles back and HAVE to be able to balance out the wrestlers if they combine the shows agian. Im hoping they combine them bad! Theyd have to bring back titles like the Euro or like the Hardcore and/or Cruiserweight

  • Pin Me Pay Me

    @ HATER – I agree 100 percent.

    Brand consolidation = John Cena and Triple H on every show = more people getting buried = title unification = WWE 10 years ago.

  • Rob

    @Jon, didn’t you hear? We already have an Undisputed WWE Champion and he’s stuck in Mexico. They bill Alberto as the Undisputed Champion when the World Champion is still around. lol

  • shawn

    whatever. “supershow” gotta go.

  • Jon

    It good but now we need to combine the title and have a undisputed WWE champion.

  • D2K

    Realistically the brand split doesn’t really exist anymore anyway. They are just making it official now. As long as they still have two shows the amount of screen time doesn’t deteriorate. If anything it’s better because now Superstars are not locked in one place anymore.

  • Peep This

    I agree with you. I think original they did the separation to test a new business model. And in doing so at that time they had more cash flowing in with the popularity of attitude area. And having acquired the deep rost that they had at that time. And guessing here, but to take the company in the right direction and portraying the image as a whole. Meaning not having two different champions. Is put things back to the way they were. I mean I dont know about all of you, but back in the day when the roster was on both shows. I was tuned in to both. When it split, I could have cared less about smackdown. And I think allot of people felt that way as it was know as the B rated show. So, business wise it makes sense to put it back to the way it was. As you bring both audiences from Raw and Smackdown watching both shows. Im sure the die hard fans watch both. However, when it split, I just really did not have any real interest watching the B rated smackdown. Then over the years they tries to mix it up by sending a namer person over there to help ratings. Kind of like the current orton thing. While there is nothing wrong with that. It pretty sad when you have to send a guy or two over to the other show to boost ratings. SO it only makes sense 1 roster two shows. That way they can mix it up and get the full audience of of the two day a week program. I think going back to the old business model makes more sense. But then again some of the crap they come up with, you gotta say what the heck were they thinking.

  • CC

    @Devil_Rising. I appreciate your opinion, but I think the brand separation is the reason why we have ended up being force fed Orton and Cena. I mean, back in the days when Raw and SD shared a roster, we never had a lack of different champions. There was always more variety and a better structure to how people made their way up the ladder when the only brand was WWF/WWE.

    If it means trimming some of the fat from the rosters, then while that means some good guys will lose their jobs, it will also allow them to focus more on guys like Shamus etc, instead of giving them a title run then dropping the ball with them and moving onto their next project.

  • Black Scorpion

    Maybe add an hour to Raw, add an hour to Smackdown, add a Saturday show, bring back defunct titles (Cruiserweight, TV Title, US Tag Titles, Six Man Title), add new titles (Divas Tag Team Title). Maybe it’ll work, maybe not. It’s just one Scorpion’s opinion….

  • Bawb

    Why not just put people in stables? It’s about damn time, that’s how Nitro did it. It gave people more TV time, in fact. And people actually had GIMMICKS.


    I think its a dumbass idea and will probably get alot of wrestlers that people like buried or fired

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    they really need to have better storylines for this to work again. and getting rid of a few more wrestlers/divas will be good i think.

  • Karl

    Perhaps they’re going to reunite the brands precisely because they want to get rid of some wrestlers.

  • Camille

    Make it a 3 hour show like Nitro. Plenty of time for the undercard.

  • Destiny

    I agree in point with mabry, they should make Smackdown on equal footing to Raw, such as making the show live and doing bigger shows like three hours Smackdown’s so that the brand becomes like another division (like how other sports have divisions and conferences within the same league) instead of like a feeder league.

    As for Ryder, don’t really care if they’d use him. His internet show is funny at times, but it doesn’t transfer well to a WWE ring. Would he be as popular with fans if he hadn’t decided on doing the internet show? Probably not.

    While I like the idea of the feuds that could come out of SuperShows, I think its going to make storylines get old a lot quicker.

    The WWE is still making house shows for the separate brands though, so we shall see what they decide from there.

  • mabry

    i think Devil_Rising is right, just imagine if now that there is 2 world championships Cena gets to hold one all the time, what would happen if there were only 1?. We would probably see Cena or Orton with the belt all the time, just like it happened with Austin-The Rock-HHH. What they should do is to make Smackdown more equal to RAW, give it more importance, otherwise, many guys will dissapear… Would they use Ryder at all if there was one Brand considering that they dont use him now?

  • Devil_Rising

    The brand split is the only way we’ve been able to enjoy so many wrestlers. Guys like Rey Mysterio and Christian, possibly even Eddie Guererro and CM Punk, would not be have had world title runs, were it not for the brand split. It was neccisary, because they had picked up so many wrestlers from WCW, ECW, etc.

    If they permanently killed the brand split, they’d seriously have to let about 20 or so wrestlers, AT LEAST, go. Probably more. And then all you’d be stuck with, is nothing but Orton, Cena, Miz, etc. on both shows, every single week. And little else. Get the picture?

  • Im Latino Heat and Im Rated R

    03 n 04 even 05 Smackdown! was the brand to watch

  • It made 2002 sucked, but it made 2003 and 04 thrive IMO. It has been shitty ever since. Glad it might go away.

  • Izzy

    It’s about god damn time. Brand split is what killed the early 2000s

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I bet they might be trying to end the brands and just be one agian