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New Talents Coming for NXT, Officials Concerned with John Cena Bleeding, More

– WWE is releasing their first-quarter earnings report this morning. Vince McMahon will host a conference call at 11am EST to discuss the report. Stay tuned this afternoon for full coverage.

– Regarding new talents debuting on WWE NXT, William Regal said on this week’s episode that he has scouted potential new NXT Superstars but would not reveal them just yet. Regal promised we will see new stars debuting on NXT in the coming weeks.

– reports that there were higher-ups in WWE concerned with the amount of blood that John Cena bled out at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view on Sunday. They weren’t worried about Lesnar’s image as much.

  • Reverse prince albert

    I fucking hate the image wwe was to force feed us. sad times

  • eric

    please in wwe federation years there people bled and it was no big deal they got stich up it was done. roddy pipper made bret hart bleed in there wm8 ic title match with short punch. hogan would bleed at time. i mean i see no problem with it. wheter i or anyone like it or not cena is this decade new hogan. same lame gimmick same 5moves to win match at end style. hulkhogan=johncena same thing!

  • N8daGr8

    Maybe Vince didn’t want Cena’s blood dripping all over his knob when Cena sucked him off after Extreme Rules 🙂

  • chronoxiong

    They probably didn’t want Cena’s bloodied image haunt the Little Jimmy’s nightmares.

  • poko

    They’re trying to walk a fine line. They want him to appeal to women and kids, but they want him to win back the male demographic as well. Many of Cena’s biggest fans probably won’t like to see him all bloody.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    So does this mean they’re allowed blood now, just not too much?

  • JOE

    Smh, I seriously doubt he bleed more than 500cc’s of blood….. Chill out WWE

  • Jimbo

    What? He’s supposed to be so much of a superman that he’s not even supposed to bleed?