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Talk Regarding Cena & The Rock’s Segments, Swagger Says He Was Robbed, HBK

– Jack Swagger says he was robbed by Teddy Long after losing the United States Title to Zack Ryder on RAW last night. Swagger wrote on his Twitter:

“I was robbed tonight by a imitation GM!!! I am the all American american,the greatest US champion Ever!@WWERawGM #EVER”

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– The feeling among most backstage at RAW in Boston last night was that John Cena has won the war of words with The Rock two weeks in a row now.

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  • Soulshroude

    It is now very clear that Marc Middleton does not watch RAW! Santino beat Swagger… NOT RYDER!! Get your fucking facts straight before posting articles or comments for your audience to read… your are failing as a journalist with all your “small” but accountable errors!!

  • For Real Man

    peep this. u know ur stuff. hit it dead on.

  • peep this

    The notes on his wrist were there intentional and its was made via certain camera angles so WE the dumb audience would see it. I mean come on. Like he really wrote notes on his wrist. Come on !!!!!!!
    And they have to invent shit to make Cena look better. Pretty sad if you ask me. Funny though, but come one WWE notes on the wrist. Ah ok….
    Love The Rock or hate him. You have to say he is if not the greatest promo guy ever. When he gets on a roll the shit just cant be touched.

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I don’t think anyone is winning really. Cena is just being truthful and Rock has lost his touch or the rating is really hindering the material he can use. Both are using lame material, saying the same things over and over and over…

  • Bill

    Cena’s serious empty arena promo was awesome, but Rock’s lessons were hilarious! It seems like we’re the winners with these kinds of promos!

  • Matt

    rap vs rock concert i wonder whos gonna win

  • @stockshark28 Wrestling is scripted not fake idiot.

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    RUSTanator is a freak

  • Lex

    “Johnny Cena went to town, riding on a pony, Rock stuck a feather up his ass and called him a Jabroni.” I am still laughing at that

  • For Real Man

    I really think Cena hates fun. And the people in the back need to know that fan interraction is the best thing about the old WWE/WWF. Gimmie a Hell Yeah! If ya smell! what the rock! is cookin. I got two words for ya!. Those ring any bells. Today all we have is ‘I’m the Miz and I’m Awesome’ and ‘Really? Really? Really?’. Rock comes out and makes sure to get the people involved. All Cena ever did was run out, shout into the mic and leave. People in the back need to wake up and see that Rock gave them a reminder of whats important in WWE.

  • Lex

    Does anyone else notice Cena turns into a Wigger when he gets serious. And he couldn’t look the Rock in the eye?

  • RUSTanator

    you guys are deluded, im no cena fan, but he is having the better of these exchanges, the rocks material is pathetic, it was funny when we first heard it in 1997, but he still uses the same lame catchphrases as back then, they must have seemed cooler as a kid because i cant wait for him to shut up at the moment.

  • Cakes

    And xXx is exactly right. The whole situation with the rock having notes on his wrist is a way to make cena look legit and develop real heat. This is about the 10th time the rock came back and cut a promo. Don’t you think he wouldve had notes on his wrist the first couple of times to get back in the swing of things? Plus, they were several different camera angles that focused on his wrist and the rock didn’t even try to hide out. So these people need to calm down with cena getting the best of the rock

  • Cakes

    Rock went right out to cena’s face and said you take away the names, catchphrases, twitter, movies, and fans and the rock will still be a man at his core and all cena would be is bitch. That shit was so intense it was ridiculous. Rock went right up to him, called him out, called him a bitch, and all cena could do is laugh? How did he win the war of words? Yea rock, the twitter references are getting old and this isn’t really a “catchphrase” era or feud, but cena basically repeats himself this whole feud. Rock has been owning cena since WM27 and the WWE is disrespecting the shit out of the rock byholding him back and allowing cena to get the upper hand

  • Jimbo

    Cena has won the war of words 2 weeks in a row? OK WWE, whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • Retro

    Heel Rock would be cheered MORE than face Rock with todays audience lol.

  • Jake

    Let the Rock turn heel and be Hollywood Rock saying he only came back to prove Cena is a knockoff bitch, even a heel Rock would still be cheered.

  • whocares

    another forgettable title run for thwagger

  • smb5445

    Who is “most backstage”, Vince and the people that have their heads up his rear. I Thought Rock easyly won this week and he did better than Cena last week. Vince just wants it to look like Cena is better so they can have a 50/50 spilt but it wont be anywhere close to that.

  • Swagger is boring as hell dude can put an insomniac to sleep

  • Devil_Rising

    Gee…that couldn’t be because that’s the way WWE has set it up, could it?

    And even so, with Cena “winning the war of words”, who keeps getting a bigger fan reaction? Oh yeah…the “sell out”, Rocky.

  • daria mcguire

    jack swagger didnt lose his title to zak ryder last night, he lost it to santino marella. Zak is still out on medical! you made a big typo!!!

  • Johnavan Shwarzanegger

    wernt santino der new us champ?


    Eh? im 100% that rock won it this week, all cena did was say the same shit again, and then was actually Surprised when his hometown fans said something against the rock, which btw rock actually made over 13 million dollars filiming

  • stockshark28

    Wrestlers seem so stupid when they post online in character!! Damn we all no its fake and the lil kids that don’t, I doubt they can read yet!