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Talk of Foley at WrestleMania 28, Melina Off WWE Live Events, Kowalski Auction

– The personal property of wrestling legend Walter “Killer” Kowalski will be auctioned off on August 11th at the Tonya A. Chambers Auction House in Saugus, MA. More than 300 items including robes, boots, memorabilia and antique furniture that the late Kowalski owned will be auctioned off.

– Melina has apparently been pulled from this weekend’s WWE live events. She wrote on Twitter today: “To everyone I told I was going to be at the WWE Live Events this weekend I will not be attending. Sorry about that.”

– There have been talks within the WWE office about possibly bringing Mick Foley back for a major match at WrestleMania 28 next year. When Foley was granted his release from TNA, part of the agreement was that he could not appear on WWE TV until his contract would have expired, which is in September.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • jo

    Maybe Foley vs R-Truth because Truth been fight ppl who been future or current or former champs before mick was champ before maybe he will face him

  • Sean Mooney

    Miz/Foley feud would be compelling, but I am not sure how good of a match they’d have (unless it were no DQ with big spots).

  • shawn

    foley vs. miz is well thought of, good chemistry would come out of this if miz can hold his own in a “war of words” with foley. im sure he would.

  • JIR

    I would concur with you @Assassino Miz v. Foley Extreme Rules would be a solid mid-card match for WM28 specially with the lack or MITB I was so used to it

  • venom

    I was thinking Foley vs The Miz would be good too. I don’t want to see Taker vs Foley again. I would like to see Foley face somebody different.

  • Assassino

    well no one hate on me for saying this but what about the miz vs foley?? i think that would be a good chance to see the hardcore side of the miz

  • Nicholas G

    HHH is going to bring back Mic Foley dispute what Punk said on Raw. HHH and Foley are good friends in real life. An I feel that Foley is tired of working for Hogan an feel he would be better off use in the WWE.

  • Captain

    Foley is GOD !!!!
    Bring him back home to WWE.!.! I am not a fan of TNA but its good that he did well there. But WWE needs him to come back and bring back the Hardcore Belt

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I expect Mick to either be the ref in the Cena/rocks match or take on Taker

  • Sean Mooney

    Hmm, I really didn’t think Foley wrestling at another Wrestlemania was realistic possibility. I guess Foley/Taker is possible, but I highly doubt that. Who could Foley feud with that would be both entertaining and potentially good in a brawl. I expect HHH/Punk Wrestlemania so other than Taker, I can’t think of anyone else. I’d rather see him ref Cena/Rock than wrestle to be honest though.

    Will Melina get released before Gail Kim?

  • Yeah, Melina’s getting future endeavored.