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Talk of Guerrero Possibly Going to TNA, Flair Pays Highspots, Gallows-TNA

– Sources close to the situation report that Luke Gallows is confident that he will get a contract from TNA after working a dark match last week.

– According to Highspots’ Facebook page, Ric Flair has paid the $35,000 that he owed them. They implied that someone else paid the tab for Flair with the following:

“Letting our own social media get the scoop, we have FINALLY been paid by Ric Flair for the debt dating back years ago. No jail time for Naitch. Whichever Angel pitched in the $ for him THANK YOU.”

– Regarding Chavo Guerrero going to TNA, people who know Chavo see it as a possibility. TNA had talked about bringing Chavo in several years back when there were rumors that he wasn’t going to renew his WWE contract. Also, Chavo’s uncle Hector Guerrero is one of TNA’s Spanish announcers.

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  • Greg

    they could throw chavo with the mexican thing thats the logical thing to do since its a latino thing but they would have to ask amarchea to change his look cause you put him and chavo side by side how they dress they look just like each other.. they could maybe use that.. let chavo come down dressed as anarchea and do something and and he takes off his bandana anc glasses and hes revealed as chavo gay i know but.. he could fit in tna decent.. hes still a decent wrestler.. but if you add one you have to take one.. cant have too many legends

  • Jay EZ

    I guess it is July 30th instead.

    “PWinsider: Breaking News is being reported once again here on PWinsider, apparently the Two-hr ROH Wrestling Premiere show that will air on ESPN Saturday September 24th has been moved up to July 30th. ESPN Wants the show to air as soon as possible being the buzz it is getting. This means ROH has to prepare much faster with planning their show. Once again it will be ROH Wrestling premiering on Saturday, July 30th at 8pm/9pm c.”

  • Jay EZ

    Press Release from ROH

    “ROH will begin programming with their huge premiere show on Saturday, September 24th at 8pm/9pm c. The premiere episode will be Two hours on nonstop wrestling. This will be the alternative to the other two companies. Ring Of Honor does not imitate, we innovate said President Cary Silkin.”

  • Stephen

    Since when is roh going to be on espn

  • Pissed Off Fan :(

    ROH is really going to nge on ESPN?! =D

  • Evil Doink

    I agree with CC above. (a) People always assume jumping ship, and (b) Chavo is a 40 year old guy. What else can he accomplish? TNA won’t pay him squat or use him for squat.

  • CC

    Thing is, whenever anyone leaves WWE the rumour mill always says that they may go to TNA.
    I really dont see what benefit signing with TNA would be to Chavo and I dont see what benefit TNA would get from him either.

  • Jon

    Argee with Jay EZ. ROH would be great for Chavo. First off if Chavo went to TNA or IMPACT wrestling if would be like the ECW original angle. Make a huge about nothing and bury him. Now even though Chavo I don’t think should be a long champion but he would be a help to the young talnet.

  • Shawn

    What? Come on, now, TNA would NEVER sign a WWE reject. Seriously, why would anyone even suggest that. Oh… wait…

  • Jay EZ

    Please Chavo don’t go to TNA. They will screw with you worse than WWE. They probably won’t even use you. TNA doesn’t even use their own X-Division guys. You’ll just be made a jobber like them. Kendrick is from WWE. Other than this ppv coming, he has been either a jobber or MIA. Ring of Honor is going to be on ESPN when Chavo can legally join another company. And ROH would make Chavo a champion again. Go to ROH.

  • RUSTanator

    theres more possibilities for him in tna due to their cross promotions with aaa, the x division and the mexican heels he could team with.

  • Charles Spears

    I actually seeing Chavo fitting in as an x-division wrester or team him with the Mexican America group and go after the tag team titles

  • venom

    Chavo should go to TNA, but I hope he isn’t expecting to be treated that much better there. He looks like he will go there with the Fatt Hardy attitude thinking he will be world champ. I hope I’m wrong.