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Tammy “Sunny” Sytch Calls Out Reby Sky For Ripping Sid Vicious

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch has called out Reby Sky for blasting “Sycho” Sid Vicious via Twitter. The wrestler/glamour model voiced her displeasure with Sid receiving the spotlight again on Monday’s Raw SuperShow after no-showing multiple independent wrestling events in the past year.

In response to Sky’s remarks, Sytch wrote on Facebook Tuesday evening, “WOW! Just read something about Reby Sky, who is only known for being Matt Hardy’s girlfriend going off about my good friend Sid Vicious…Like she has room to talk? Who is she? NO ONE! And she was completely disrespectful to the locker room at a show I was on with her… OOOHH just WAIT til I see her*t’s gonna fly!”

She continued, “One thing I’ve always stood by, you always show respect for those who have seniority in this business.. she’s too dumb and ignorant to know that.

“I was raised Old-school by the right people, and she deserves an Old school ass whipping…. she disrespected me and the entire locker room on the show I was on with Matt… I’ll never say I was on a show with HER. Matt and I have been friends for years….I’m surprised she hasn’t learned a little bit.”

Sytch also addressed Sid’s history of no-showing events, writing, “Regardless if he no-shows or not, someone like her has no right to disrespect someone like him! Sid likes to play his softball…everyone knows it.”

Shannon Moore also defended “The Millennium Man’s” work ethic. He wrote Tuesday night on Twitter, “Sid is great. He worked with 3 Count in WCW and worked hard. If you have been in the biz for 3 min your opinion don’t fn count. Thanks Sid!!”

Sky said of Sid Monday night, “That piece of sh*t Sid no-shows almost EVERY show in the last yr but prances onto Raw. Please tell us again how much u LOVE “the business.” Guess he managed not to “lose his wallet” this time. Sad thing is, now that he got 10 more mins of fame he’ll get more bookings to NO-SHOW.”

“F*CK people like that. You f*ck with peoples’ time, money & professional integrity because you’re too much of a douche to keep your word.

“I’m all for hustlin, but BLACKMAILING promotors into giving you more $ after threatening not to show then STILL not showing after they do…

“Makes me sick. .”

  • Nitro

    While I applaud Tammy for stepping up for a brother, she’s the last likely person to do it, since her sexy image of being wrestling’s Marylin Monroe has severy been tarnished by being the focal point of several tough scandals through the years, if she was as pure and innocent as Miss Elizbeth was, she would had every right in the world to voice her “righteous” opinions, but the truth is that Sunny along with Chyna might be the two girls whose careers have crashed and burned to the point where anyone would be embarassed to be seen alongside them

  • joe d

    Looks like matt hardy wont be at the wwe 1000th episode….thanks reby…id still bang her tho lol just saying

  • Eddie Money

    Reby sky has no right to be saying anything. Her and hardy are probably just hating because wwe would never contact matt for a comeback even for just one night

  • yofits

    Fatt Lardy will not diet!

  • CC

    Whats funny about this story is that if we go back to the stories on here about Sid missing those shows, we will find that a lot of the people now defending him, are the very same ones that bitched about him no showing and the lousy excuses he gave.
    Quite simply the only reason people are giving her shit over this is because she is connected to Matt, and its the hip thing to insult anything to do with him.
    When people on here say she has achieved nothing so has no reason to talk shit, then take a look at yourselves everytime you bitch about a wrestler or company. If you are entitled to voice your opinions when you have achieved less than nothing in the business, then Sky (whether she is right or wrong) is also entitled to voice her opinion.

    I dont think she should maybe have said what she said publicly, but she has every right to do so if she wishes.

    I can fully understand why Sid would put more priority into appearing on RAW, especially considering the pay cheque is probably higher and that WWE makes sure people dont know show, but that does not excuse his attitude when dealing with indy shows. Everytime he no shows, he lets down that indy fed, all the wrestlers on that card and any fans who have booked specifically to see him.

    Next time one of you guys who has bitched about Sky not achieving anything goes off and bitches about Matt Hardy, John Cena, WWE, TNA, Hogan, Bischoff etc etc etc etc, I’ll be laughing at what a fucking hypocrite you are.

  • Jerk Factor

    Barry Horowitz its obviously still real to you dammit!

  • barry horowitz

    And fuck reby sky she should mind her own business loud mouth bitch sid has actually accomplished something in life…and to that dude who said she turned wwe down well that makes her an idiot who doesnt want to make money and fame in which case shes in the wrong business

  • voice of reason

    i was raised old scchool too & if i was booked at a show i’d attend the show to fullfill my commitment it is called having a good work ethic & through sid not showing up to events & then giving piss poor excuses shows how pitiful his work ethic is and the sheer lack of respect he has for the fans & promoters.

  • barry horowitz

    Jjerk factor you probably think youre so cool cuz you come on here and make lil cute comments about things and try to get people all worked up how original of you…try getting a girlfriend or a job.

  • Big Papa

    “… I’ll never say I was on a show with HER.”

    Yet she did say that two paragraphs up.

    “And she was completely disrespectful to the locker room at a show I was on with her…”

  • Jerk Factor

    “I was raised Old-school by the right people” – what, on your knees sucking HBK and everyone else’s dick? Let me guess, you’re all going to thumbs down this comment because all of a sudden you like Tammy because she likes Sid and he reminds you of the good old days of the nWo and Austin. Bucnh of fickle mush heads living in the past! Having said that, WWE current product sucks as much dick as Sunny in her prime.

  • Raziel

    Anyone remember when in order to get comments like these from people they had to be interviewed?

  • BlaH

    Y would she be jealous when she already turned down the WWE.
    I always thought if u make a deal with someone u stick to it but Sid seems not todo that. I’m a fan of Sid and Reby (Queens,NY Finest) Sky.

  • Alan Wake

    Sid has been wanting a return to the E since 2005 and I’m happy he made it back(even if for only 1 night). Reby is just jealous.

  • Jimbotron

    Well said…even if Sid does skip his booked events, the last person that should be calling him out is Reby Sky.