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Tammy Sytch Called “An Uncontrollable, Violent Demon” By Former Boyfriend

Former WWE performer Tamara Sytch, famously known as Sunny, is due to appear in court on Oct. 30 after being arrested for the fifth time in one month Tuesday and her second time in less than 24-hours, for allegedly violating a protective order stemming from an original September arrest. WFSB Channel 3 in Connecticut aired a news story on the matter Wednesday night, with comments from the victim.

The WWE Hall of Famer was arrested Monday night after police were called to her former Branford, Conn. home where she was found intoxicated. Law enforcement said her being inside the home violates protective orders issued by the court for previous domestic violence arrests.

After being released from jail on $25,000 bond Tuesday following her fourth arrest, a bail bondsman dropped Sytch off down the street from her ex-boyfriend’s home at approximately 4:00 p.m. A neighbor of the apartment complex noticed Sytch on the property again and she was subsequently arrested by police.

WFSB Channel 3 asked the bail bondsman for comment on the matter, but would not respond.

One neighbor who did not want to be identified discussed the matter to the news station. “She’s a really nice person,” the neighbor said. “She needs help and obviously she needs more help now because she loves the wrong guy.”

The victim, Damien Selvaggio, known on the independent wrestling circuit as Damien Darling, told WFSB Channel 3 that the only person who can help Sytch is herself.

“When Tamara is sober she is an amazing person, but when she drinks, she is an uncontrollable, violent Demon,” he said in a statement.

  • eric

    When i watch old youtube videos past 3 yrs of sunny. she is always ripping talking about sable. she is always bashing sable all time. in interviews she done last 3 yrs. she is talking about stuff about sable from 90’s as if it happen last month. @shawn if u listen to her on youtube. type it sunny bury sable. last 3 yrs she has been hating on sable. she talking about stuff with sable that is almost 15 yr old. Talk about how she is orignal diva of wrestling. it is kinda of entertaining listen to her go nuts about sable. On other hand it is kinda sad. she can’t let go of past. I bet it bother her. she is no longer in wwe. or on tv in wwe. As she was in 90’s. She was talented valet/manger for chris c. in 90’s wwf, ecw with shane douglas thriple threat faction. short run candio had in wcw in yr 2000. as crusierweight champion. She just misses wwe spotlight. she talks alot crap about sable, miss elizabeth, alundra blaze. in these interview past 3 yrs on youtube.

  • Jerk Factor

    So it’s fair to say the ex BF hasn’t been having many ‘sunny days’ lately.

  • Shawn O B

    she needs a psychiatrist because she is very angry and has a huge grudge. she would turn to alcohol to blow off steam (i think that doesnt help at all) so she needs psychological help along with whatever would help her with her willpower thats good for her.


    I’d say she is a “calculated attention whore”

  • eric

    She never peform. she was manger for her longtime bf chris candio in wwf ecw wcw. she never once perform or wrestle in wrestling ring. so that is wrong. Hope she gets help she needs. This happens alot to former people who are no longer in spotlight in wwe. scott hall now tammy. hhh said in radio interview in 2004 which u can listen on youtube. hhh said that it happens to alot of women who leave wwe. When he was talking about his ex gf chyna. saying alot of women in wwe it seems he says after playboy. he is right from chyna, alot of former women of wwe. it seems they get messed up after wwe. i wish sunny will get better. turn her life around. get help she really needs right now. god speed!

  • Max

    The devil’s favorite demon?