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What Was the Tape on Cena’s Arm?, Interesting Pre-Sale Code for WWE Event

– If you were wondering what the spiderweb-looking contraption that John Cena wore on his injured elbow during Raw this past Monday was, its called kinesiotape. Kinesiotape is a medical advancement to help athletes recover faster from major injuries.

WWE released details on Cena’s physical therapy program that includes using kinesiotaping. Cena’s physical therapist says Cena is recovering faster than most athletes, and he could be ready to return to in-ring action by the Hell in a Cell PPV at month’s end.

– WWE will return to Sacramento on January 22, 2013 for a Smackdown taping. What is interesting about this is the pre-sale code for this particular SmackDown event is SMACKFAN. Prices for the show held at the Power Balance Pavilion range from $15 to $95 plus additional taxes and fees and can be purchased now at

The pre-sale runs till October 14 at 10PM PT, then an Internet pre-sale kicks in on November 26 at 10AM PT till November 30 at 9AM PT.

  • Shawn

    Cena = Wolverine

  • scooter

    Honestly and I don’t say this out of hatred for Cena like a lot of people do, John needs to take a break the guy busts his balls for the company and he really shouldn’t be taking bumps at all never mind in a gimmick match like hell in a cell!

  • Warriors Armpit

    Yeah, the tape was used correctly… used it playing ruby over here in the Uk. Good stuff. Pulls all the tisue fbres n stuff together… like a compression bandage without all the pressure

  • Sammo

    @Ryan – Yeah, because Cena and WWE can probably only afford shit doctors…

    Gareth Bale (who plays football in England) wears Kinesiotape on his thighs quite often, and Cena’s looked like it had exactly the same application to me.

  • Ryan

    even if that was Kinesiotape it didnt look like it was applied properly it was all over the place, no way ive ever seen that applied before

  • me

    No, NOBODY gives a shit what was on Cena’s arm.

  • Stashathan

    SMACKFAN! get it? because CM Punk smacked a fan in this same exact arena hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Bawb

    This fucking guy really is Super!