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Tara Compares Working for WWE and TNA, Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter

– TNA Knockout Tara recently spoke with Here are a few highlights:

Q: You’ve been with TNA since 2009, what are the major differences you’ve noticed between TNA and WWE?

Oh my gosh! the first thing that I realised straight away was that the ‘Knockouts’ were such a main part of the show. When I first arrived we were doing four segments with the girls on one episode. It was nice because we got to showcase not just being boobs and butt, we got to go out there and showcase our talent, what we train to do is wrestle, kick-butt and not just having five minute matches.

We were having 12 minute matches, cage matches, the full works. It was amazing and the girls were all shapes and sizes we had the likes of Awesome Kong and ODB and it was just exciting to be a part of.

Q: Having worked for both Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter how would you compare your two bosses with their similarities and differences?

I rarely got to talk to Vince McMahon, I would always say hello if I walked passed him in the corridor but he was always really busy, and I can imagine he has a lot going on in his life.

On the other hand Dixie is always around backstage, we can approach her and she has a lot of meetings with us girls and tells us what an important role we have on the show, so that’s nice.

I respect Vince, he created a palace and I have learnt a lot from both Vince and Dixie.

  • stockshark28

    I love wrestling and hope that WWE continues to do well and that TNA gets stronger and maybe ROH will get a better network and start airing all over and maybe just maybe another wrestling show starts up! The stronger each company is the better off wrestling will be! It looks like
    Vince would love some day to leave wrestling behind him and if their isnt any other strong companies out there we could lose wrestling forever!!

  • kyle

    Of course she dosent, when that ship FINALLY goes under she has a way back to wrestling unlike gail kim

  • Jason

    I am just wondering if she ever took it up the back way by Vince or by Dixie strap on? TNA all the way!!!

  • CC

    Jason, you are the biggest mark on this site.
    You say Tara is treated better by TNA, but it wasnt that long ago that she left TNA and bitched about how unprofessionally she was treated, then when she couldnt get anything else, she came running back.
    Dont try to make out like TNA is perfect, as I know enough people in the business who have either worked for TNA or know people who have or still do work for TNA, and there is just as much crap talked about TNA as there is about WWE.
    I am no mark for WWE, I just enjoy it more and acknowledge a professional company over an amateur one.

  • adam

    Ya i could totaly see tara coming back to wwe for one last run with the company that started her. Also jason i as everyone else get it you wanna speak good for tna cause i guess you work for there. But once that company goes under like wcw did and im sure it will happen eventually but hell wwe might go under to if the network doesnt end up working like vince thinks it will because that will lose vince alot of money. BUt when tna goes down you say all these people would never come back to wwe mickie i could see why she wouldnt because wwe was pretty awful to her in the end callin her piggy james and all. BUt the same thing i say to my friends i will say to you money talks and bullshit walks. Thats one thing that vince has over tna really if he wanted people on that roster besides AJ styles because i believe he bleeds tna. If vince wanted anyone else he could just open his check book and be like you work for me now do we understand eachother and they would all be like yes sir. Because in the end if you dont want to do things for the most money or for the best company why do them.

  • Soulshroude

    It reads as though Tara doesn’t want to burn any bridges.

  • Simon

    Admittedly, im a WWE guy, and see TNA as the place people who A) are over the hill but keep going to stay in the spotlight B) couldnt make it to/in the WWE or C) are good and wreslte because they love it. unfortunatly, points A and B are happening more then point C, back before it tried to be WWE lite without the PG. But even i will admit, their womens division is simply better. Remember when people actually cared about the womens division? Back when we had the likes of Lita, Trish, Victoria, Mickie and to a lesser extent Ivory and Chyna? I remember actually caring about the storylines they were in, and when a womens match wasnt just a 2 to 5 minute filler.

    They had something golden with Beth and Natalia, but they blew it majorly. I disagree about the women not making money, do you think hed have pushed all those women and have them on ppv’s if they didnt make money? its simply now that the majority of the women he has are simply not that talented and never will be. Beth, Natty, Kong and Tamina are the only ones ive seen who can actually do it and do it well. To put it in perspective, lets compare the two companies to a kind of person. WWE is basically the typical jock when it comes to how it opperates. Sure, recently its began turning a corner with having CM Punka dn Danial Bryan as their main champs, but little has changed since. Its still “big and macho”, and woman arnt either of them, except Kong of course, she could snap half the guys in the company like a twig. While TNA is the gigner haired kid that most people look down on, yet has his redeeming qualities, like treating women with respect, but too in awe with their past heros to realise the past is holding him back and he needs to look to the future.

    Thats my half tired rant done, time to pass out and sleep.

  • ironcross

    Dont ask to come back then. ROT in TNAwful..

  • Nicholas

    You ever think about why nobody cares about Tna only the wannbe Jason wrestler. Because nobody care about Women wrestling sorry hate to say it but it is true. I mean every time I go to a WWE PPV party bash they always get up and got to the restroom or get a snack. What I really am getting at don’t think Vince is to high on Women wrestling because it don’t make money. Hate to say it but bottom line people don’t pay to watch women wrestling.

  • Bastion boogeyman

    Jason, shut the fuck up. We get it. You work for TNA. That’s as good as working for MccDonald’s. But the difference is that McDonalds will still be in business next year you bitch.

  • jason

    If you knew anything Adam, you would know that Gail only went back to WWE in 2009 because of her being on good terms with the wwe at that time. That and her sister had cancer and Gail needed the large funds to pay for it. Gail is well off now and really does not even need to wrestle for a living but does it because she loves this business. Gail nor Mickie will ever go back to WWE and again I dare any of you wwe marks to ask them that first hand.

  • adam

    The knockouts division is better every once in awhile then they do something terrible like have karen run it so it goes back and goes down the hole. Also were not really. As for what jason is saying if we ask gail all she will say is wwe is a hole but then they will offer her a huge check she will start drolling and go back to them then go back to tna and complain once again. And we werent really defending vince because seh said nothing bad about him. Its more were questioning if dixie should own a wrestling company

  • poko

    So … why are people rushing to defend Vince McMahon when Tara said absolutely nothing negative about him? She even said, “I can imagine he has a lot going on in his life.” She was simply asked to discuss the differences, and that’s what she did. Why would ANYONE get defensive over that?

    As far as the rest, even the biggest WWE fanboy in the world has to admit that TNA has had the superior showcase for female talent over the last several years. Everything else aside, the Diva’s division has been horrible for quite awhile.

    Seriously, nothing to fight over here.

  • Jason

    You can give me all the dislikes you want but in the end you know I am right.

  • Jason

    The bottom line is TNA treats there talent way better than what WWE does and Lisa/Tara just said this in a nice way. Ask any female worker that has worked for both companies which promotion treats there women talent better and all will say TNA over WWE. Ask Mickie James and Gail Kim about that one WWE marks, I dare you. lol

  • adam

    Also to add onto devil_rising. Vince runs a multi billion dollar operation that has a devlopment territory movie even though not succesful but still movie production company and is trying to launch a network. Even back then he had a bunch of stuff to do then to be able to randomly talk to some of hte lower card people. Dixie like you said basically is just a girl who daddy gave her a bunch of money and she was like oh i wanna buy a wrestling company even though she really doesnt know much about hte buisness. So of course she would be able to randomly talk to people in the hall because im sure thats all she does. And devil rising bassed on how tna is run i wouldnt be suprised if she has alot to do with it.

  • Devil_Rising

    Seems like I’ve seen this exact “article” before.

    Also, not that I’d ever stand up for Vince anymore at this point…but in all fairness to him, he’s a control freak who actually RUNS a company and controls every aspect of it, day and night, so of COURSE he’s busy.

    Dixie, on the other hand, is a figurehead who paid her daddy’s money to buy a wrestlin’ company, and she has PLENTY of time to talk to people backstage, because that’s probably about all she actually does. Meaning, I seriously doubt she does much of anything in the day to day operations of TNA.