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Kenn Doane, who labored as Kenny of the Spirit Squad and Kenny Dykstra for WWE from 2006 to 2008, blames an affair between John Cena and Mickie James for ruining his relationship with the former Diva and costing him his job. While discussing the matter, Doane revealed that Cena was having a second affair with a then-WWE Diva who was married to a man not involved with the professional wrestling industry.

Though Doane did not specify the Diva in question, a clue he gave implicated Lisa Marie Varon, formerly known as Victoria in WWE and now known as Tara in TNA Wrestling, as Cena’s ‘Diva road girlfriend.’ Doane said the Diva was transferred from Raw to SmackDown in 2007 like him after being dumped by Cena. Two Divas transferred from Raw to SmackDown in the 2007 WWE Draft—and the entire year—Torrie Wilson and Varon. Wilson was in the process of divorcing Billy Kidman. Varon has been married to a man not affiliated with the professional wrestling industry since 1998, matching Doane’s claim.

Varon addressed Doane’s allegation in an interview with F4WOnline.com. She says, “KD said a Diva married to someone not in the business who moved from RAW to Smackdown in 2007 was sleeping with John Cena. Considering I had nothing to do with why he was whining on the internet, he sure gave enough details about someone he claims he wasn’t trying to involve. I was the only Diva married to someone not in the business who moved from RAW to Smackdown in 2007.

“I want to address this both professionally and personally. Professionally, you hear people talk about ‘backstage politics’ in wrestling. I’ll tell you what that means to me. Backstage politics is not some kind of psychological maneuvering. You work and travel with your wrestling co-workers more than you want to work and travel with anyone. The people who complain about backstage politics generally don’t have the ability to respectfully interact with others.

“I treat everyone with respect. Everyone. Ask the caterers, building security, wrestlers, executives, crew, fans, anyone, who I don’t treat with respect and they would be at a loss for words. And because you spend so much time with these people, you know a lot about the people who you travel with and work closely with. I found that the best way to not make waves is to keep my eyes and ears open, and my mouth shut when it comes to other people’s business.

“The people who complain that they were the victim of backstage politics often either don’t show people respect, or bud into other people’s business.

“On a personal level, what KD said was mostly false, although there was a little truth.

“I have been with my husband for 20 years. He’s the best guy in the world. But like any 20 year relationship, we have some good times and we have had some bad times. And anyone who I traveled with knows that. Because you learn intimate details about each other whether you want to or not.

“We have separated a few times. One of those times that we were separated, I dated John for about a month. It was not in 2006 or 2007. It was in 2002. It was when we were both in Louisville. I was married but separated. John was single. I was never his ‘road girlfriend’. I know that when we were separated, my husband also dated a couple girls. That’s what happens when you are separated.

“In 2002, it was common knowledge that John and I dated. It fed the rumor mills for people who have nothing better to do than gossip like old ladies. So for KD to use bits of information that he was only able to pick up because he was allowed in the inner circle of WWE, and smear me, when I only treated KD with respect, over an incident that he is upset about from 5 years ago, tells me that he didn’t learn anything about ‘backstage politics’ and how it relates to being a decent human being.

“Moving forward, I’m a glass-is-half-full kind of girl. Only my glass isn’t half full. My glass is 99% full. I am blessed. And I’m done discussing the 1%.”

  • SYM

    Ladies and gentleman I apologise for ant. Hes bias and has nothing intelligent to say. One minute he hates poko the next hes kissing poko’s ass. And ant if you agreed with poko u wouldve said there is no IWC instead of the IWC hating me. So as usual ant……Go Suck a Nut.

  • James

    And I’m not trying to say Cena’s a bad guy or Victoria’s a slut or Kenny’s a good guy. I’m saying stop believing everything you’re told by your superhero celebrity because everyone who’s getting paid millions for something they should only be getting paid thousands for is fucking everyone over.

  • James

    Really they both admitted to you personally that they were together for a few months before marriage? Unless you plan on citing your sources I call bullshit, seeing as no matter where you go they claim to have been high school sweethearts with no mention of a break or break up. And before you do the childish “Why should I have to cite my sources if you aren’t?” The first ten websites of Google told me so.

  • Soulshroude

    Notice that ever since the political term, “1%” came into play, everyone has started using it… blah.

  • voice of reason

    wow tara put it extremely politely & with alot of force to her words i respect the woman for that.

  • ant

    SYM STFU I agree with Poko u talk way to much shit over the internet like a little bitch and anyone like you who says why believe tara needs to undersand something,tara dosent gain or lose anything from this situation so she had ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to make this up and i personally do believe she was seperated plus a month isnt even a real relationship anyways so basically SYM the IWC hates you and we wish u would go away forever cuz youre a moron

  • SYM

    @poko u are real slick at talking. Its really funny because everytime u target someone its by age. And I can say anything I want about the Internet Wrestling Community. So calm ur balls and go back into ur little hole of sodom.

  • CC

    @Devil_Rising … you are usually right on a lot of things, but on this you are wrong. Firstly, she may have been married at the time, but separation is all part of divorce proceedings as well, and for all we know Tara and her husband may have been considering that route at the time. As she said, both parties were seeing other people, so it would have been adultery by both her and her husband, so no harm no foul.
    Secondly, John is the one who filed for divorce, not his wife. So no, she is not divorcing him for screwing around as its him divorcing her. Its only people like Doane who have brought up the cheating thing.

  • scott morrisson

    It was always difficult to masturbate to Tara because I thought of her as a perennially happily married woman. But now that I know that she sucked another man’s cock back in 2002 is gonna make the sea men hit the ceiling ;)

  • Leon

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t like cena at all but who gives a fuck who he is fucking. Just leave it alone. I’m talking about wrestling edge and fans. If he did or didn’t cheat on his wife is none of our business. Just to let you know that I hate john cena and he can go piss up a rope.

  • Little Jimmy

    Kenny’s only bitter because the only “cougar” he pulled was Pat Patterson in his KOTR 2000 get up.

  • YES! 3X

    @James. Actually both admitted to getting married after only a few months. Get your facts straight before you start calling people stupid pal. They dated in highschool, broke up, and then dated again for a short period of time before Cena proposed. I doubt they were even talking to eachother in 2008. And yes Cena broke bro-code. But you’re acting like Mickie James was forced into it against her will. It’s her fault too. Plus Kenny was a huge d-bag and was famous for being a jackass to everyone. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person if you ask me.

  • poko


    Dude, what are you, 12? Learn how to argue like an adult. Know what that means? That’s when you argue back at the specific audience that you disagree with. No, that’s nota meaningless “you all”, or amusingly, the mysterious “IWC” which you yourself are actually a part of.

    The funny thing with the IWC is that no one claims membership and yet EVERYONE argues against it. How the hell is that even possible? I see so many different opinions, yet people make up some kind of IWC consensus that they can rail against. It’s fucking stupid. I swear to god, logic classes need to be part of a basic high school curriculum.

    In short, stop being a sheep whines about the IWC. The fact is, the IWC is EVERYONE WHO TALKS ABOUT WRESTLING ONLINE. That includes you, that includes people who hate Cena, people who love Cena, and even that one kid who really, really likes Hornswoggle.

  • steven

    Just like her former entrance music said..”She Ain’t The Lady To Mess With, so go head with her bad self!!”

  • SYM

    Here we go the IWC once again believing what they hear. So because Tara Owned a Guy who “Claimed” she had an affair with Cena, hes lying and shes telling the truth? He didn’t even say her name and she got hostile. That shows shes feeling the guilt. And you all Feed into the Lies like the SHEEP you are.

  • James

    Exactly, it took place a year before he was married… you really think they weren’t together for at least a year before getting married? Just because they weren’t married doesn’t mean they weren’t together. He cheated on her, broke bro code, end of story. And just because Victoria says they were only together in 2002 doesn’t mean they didn’t slam in 2006. Do you really think she’s gonna come out and say “Yeah i let him in me while me and my husband were on good terms.” You’re all so easily manipulated by people’s words. No wonder Obama’s in office.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Does anyone notice Cena has spoken not a word on the matter? NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE.

  • YES! 3X

    In regards to this whole Mickie James things, are the Cena haters illiterate or something. I’ll spell it out nice and simple. Cena got married in 2009. He had his fling with Mickie James in 2008. For those of you who can’t do math that was 1 year before he took his wedding vows, meaning that it was not adultary. And Mickie James wasn’t married either. What cost Kenny his career was that he was a boring, nothing happening, unlikable jackass who wouldn’t and couldn’t draw a stick figure on his best day for the company. He was dead weight.

    And yes Tara/Victoria has just confirmed and Doane is a liar. He took a half truth and presented it as fact. Everyone always knew he was an ass—e but why he would want to tarnish the reputation of someone as nice as Tara/Victoria just because of his bitterness and jealousy is beyond me. He deserved to fail.

  • what?

    why are any of you so damn worried about who cena is humping ? i think some people have cena envy

  • Knightcon

    Devil Cena WASN’T. Married in 2005 so him with doesn’t matter and again regardless if he cheated he had a prenup and since NO ONE has said there was a cheating clause then it doesn’t matter. Cena maybe a cheating a-hole Bursa far as the court goes it doesn’t matter

  • Devil_Rising

    She is probably right, though it’s still not cool in my mind that she dated Cena at all. Being separated doesn’t mean being divorced, you’re still married, and it’s still technically adultery. Not that I’m putting her down. If her husband did it too, well there ya go…I still don’t think it’s necessarily right. If you’re going to do that kind of thing, get a divorce.

    HOWEVER, Uber-Cena-Fans, notice how she said absolutely nothing whatsoever about the Cena-Mickie James thing. Why? Because it happened. He was married, she was engaged to “KD”. Dick or not, it cost Kenny his career, which isn’t cool, because Cena and Mickie were the one who should have been punished. But then again, look what happened to Matt Hardy when Lita cheated on him. He was a victim, and a much nicer guy than Kenny, but he still also got fired, while Lita and Edge were not punished at all. So I guess that’s how the WWE works. Vince would know, he’s more than likely cheated on his wife dozens of times over the decades.

    Bottom line, Cena’s wife is divorcing him because he fucked around on her. Kenny’s word or not, there was already “proof” of him sleeping around. And more of it will likely come out in the near future. End of story.

  • poko

    “The people who complain about backstage politics generally don’t have the ability to respectfully interact with others.”

    Very interesting quote. She’s probably right in many instances. I’m sure some of the people complaining about “backstage politics” simply failed at getting anyone to like them.

  • Greg

    Cheater or not cena still fucking sucks. Maybe we can get back to discussing his sub par wrestling instead of his divorce.

  • jim

    KD needs to TAP out and SHUT up

  • Stevie P

    JohnCena33, I didn’t do it but you get downrated cause you sound like an idiot, especially when you feel the need to talk in caps a lot and you say a lot of nothing.

  • lazlo woodbine

    Not that I necessarily believe Doane – but why does everyone assume that because she is a better writer(and likely more intelligent) that she’s telling the truth? You guys should all be barred from jury duty.

  • LSC

    Kenny Dykstra, don’t you dare say anything, Tara has just owned you like a boss. Now shut up and continue living in the forgotten void you were in before you started to interfere in this BS

  • Buttercastle

    Kenn Doane had an affair with a phallic shaped pleasure toy.

  • Jedi Master Yoda

    The truth has come forward, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, never falsely judge should we, may get wrong victim we could.

  • JohnCena33


  • John Laurenitis’ Voice

    Like any gossip there is going to exaggeration. Saw this coming.

  • JohnCena33

    Funny how you Marks don’t even say anything about Cena, you knew you were wrong. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • JohnCena33



  • Logan

    She did this with such finesse simply beautiful. Always have and will continue to love, admire, and respect Victoria/Tara even more.

  • Dave

    Mr Doane.
    You just got owned.

  • sepulz

    I’m very jealous that census got to bang Victoria and Mickie James

  • MaNic

    she just made him look like a total dumbass while being polite about it… well done…well done.

  • Skip

    Always like that girl.

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