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Tatanka Reveals Who He Wants To Induct Him Into The WWE Hall of Fame

Arda Ocal of The Score Television Network spoke with former WWE Superstar “The Native American” Tatanka while he was in Toronto to promote his upcoming appearances for CWI Wrestling ( Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Looking back on the two-year undefeated streak and why it didn’t lead to something bigger than it did:

“It did lead to a big thing, it lead up to Yokozuna, lead up to Ludvig Borga. Ludvig Borga was the one who actually defeated me. But Ludvig Borga, (WWE) had big plans for him, they really wanted to push him to the sky. They really wanted to do some real big things with Ludvig Borga, but it just never caught with him.”

Does Tatanka think about the WWE Hall of Fame, has his name come up at all and who you would he like to induct him?

“Ricky The Dragon Steamboat would be awesome, and the reason for that is because when I started the business, I was in the North Carolinas and we just hit it off. Im one of those guys that beleive that you never become successful by yourself.”

* Whether or not there was ever any other consideration for a character for Chris Chavis before Tatanka was chosen.

* His Wrestlemania IX match with Shawn Michaels in 1993 and having the honour of “opening WrestleMania.”

The five minute video interview can be accessed here.

  • Straight-edge

    warrior dont deserve it watch old videos only time he was in a good match. the wrestler in there with him was working his butt off. im sorry but when he can come back and do more then a clothesline and run. then he dont deserve HOF we give his spot to Tatanka

  • venom

    Warrior deserves to be in the HOF.

  • really

    Vince had issues with Savage and Warrior, which is why they are not in, Bruno should have been in ages ago but he wants nothing to do with it. Tatanka was fairly popular and is still in good standing with Vince.

  • Devil_Rising

    Warrior doesn’t belong in the HoF. The guy is a piece of shit as a person. He was NOT a good wrestler. He was, by all accounts, a real asshole to work with. An egomaniac, who bought into his own hype. The only reason he ever went anywhere, is because Vince was an idiot and pushed him to the moon. He never would have been a star if Vince hadn’t pushed him. Most guys have to work for it. Even Hogan. But Warrior was simply handed his “success”.

  • Straight-edge

    tatanka should go in way before worrior. simply because he could wrestle . savage yes should deff be in there.but as far as warrior. nah lets keep the HOF meaning something, not just let anyone in it. his name was bigger then what he really was.

  • PinkSinCara

    So we’ll have Koko and Tatanka, but no Savage or Warrior. Awesome.

  • italia911

    Fans who started watching wrestling after year 2000 dont know sh*t lol 1885-999 was the real deal with real wrestler.Tatanka have to get in the HOF not next year but one day for sure !!!

  • Gary

    Yall youngsn who think Tatanka dont need to be in HOF are crazy as sshit! he deserves it more then hlf the people that have been put in there….g’luck Tatanka

  • Straight-edge

    you people that dont believe Tatanka should be in the HOF. cant really be a fan of wrestling during the time he was doing his thing. wwe recently brought him back and made a joke out of him. but at one time he was really great. when he was with the million dollar man. he was at his best. thats back when they had more then 3 guys that knew what wrestling was. he still was one of the best of the time. i do agree savage should be before him. but it is what it is. Tatanka does deserve it.

  • venom

    Don’t forget Drew Carey is in the HOF.

  • really

    if koko can get in so should tatanka

  • Come on tatanka? Are you serious? No savage but tatanka in the hof, that would be an outrage

  • Obese Turtle

    Tatanka? Hall of Fame? Yikes!