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Tatsu Injured?, Jericho Comments on The Miz, Wade Barrett’s Finisher

– Chris Jericho took fan questions on Twitter last night and called The Miz the future of WWE.

– Yoshi Tatsu defeated Jinder Mahal at WWE’s live event in Shanghai, China this weekend. Yoshi may have hurt his arm during the match as he was checked on by trainers afterwards.

– As noted before, Wade Barrett is in action on WWE’s current tour of Asian. He defeated Ted DiBiase at the Shanghai event. Barrett was met with a loud “Welcome Back” chant when he came out for the match but quickly hushed everyone. While Barrett used his Wasteland finisher last week in the dark match against Zack Ryder, he’s been using the Winds of Change finisher on the tour of Asia.

  • Lew

    I mean technically the big boss man was usin it a long time ago before abyss

  • Dave

    They should drop the Winds of Change name and go back to calling it the Blackpool Slam.

  • ant

    @JOn Jon abyss does it better tho lol (thats not a diss to barrett tho im just sayin)

  • Jon-Jon

    Both are great finishers, even though he stole the Winds of Change from Abyss lol

  • Bill

    I think he should keep both finishers. I mean, the Wasteland is pretty cool, but it’s not like the Winds of Change sideslam where it can be hit suddenly & appear more powerful. Kind of like comparing the Sweet Chin Music in the corner with taunting to a sudden Superkick.

  • Tyson Kidd is better than everyone of you

    Like we give two shits about Tatsu..