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Taz Defends Seth Rollins, Says he isn’t Reckless and calls him the Best Worker of his Generation

Following Finn Balor’s injury at SummerSlam, there has been a lot of talk this week about on whether Seth Rollins is a dangerous worker. Bret Hart has had his say and now Taz has weighed in on the debate via The Taz Show this past Tuesday:

Seth Rollins is one of the best workers arguably one of the best workers worldwide, in the modern day times of pro wrestling right now. That’s how good this guy is. That’s why he’s pushed like he’s been pushed for such a long time with Vince McMahon and WWE. You are not getting that push if you are reckless. If the locker room feels that you are reckless – no one is gonna want to work with you. 

Seth Rollins is not reckless. He’s catching heat for this bump. Do you guys really think that when two wrestlers are gonna go over a couple spots in wrestling match and they talk about it earlier in the day – hypothetically speaking, let’s play pretend – so Seth Rollins is sitting there with Finn B, 3PM on the day of SummerSlam in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center, and they’re gonna go over a match and talk about this match. Seth Rollins goes, “I’m gonna give you the buckle bomb into that guardrail”.

Finn goes – this is all pretend – “Nah, nah, nah, nah. I don’t want to take that. You hurt Sting with or, you know what, I’m not comfortable taking that bump, it’s dangerous.”

And then Seth Rollins – again pretend – says, “No, no, no. I have to get my stuff in and I’m doing this move.”

“I’d really rather you not.”

“Well, we’ll just figure it out out there.”

You guys really think that happens? THAT’S NOT HOW THIS IS DONE. When guys are not comfortable taking a move, the moves don’t happen. And you feel awkward to ask someone to take something that’s dangerous. I know this, cause I’ve done it – on both sides.

You don’t become as successful as a Seth Rollins by being a douchebag. And that’s a douchebag, when you go and do a move that a guy don’t want to take.

I know how wrestlers think. Cause wrestlers think the same way 30 years ago, to five years ago, to ten years ago, to twenty years ago, til tomorrow. Wrestlers think a certain way.

You can also watch a clip of Taz giving his opinion below:

  • Yespage

    Taz, wrestling requires one important thing, symmetry / non-eccentric bumps. If everything was cockeyed bumps, there would be injuries everywhere, with most moves. Rollins has had several injuries occur to wrestlers he’s wrestled. That is a pattern, not coincidence. I think he lacks the strength to perform that move correctly, having severely hurt two wrestlers with it.

  • Darryll Morris

    Eh…I get what Taz is trying to say, but my opinion differs. Seth has injured a number of people. Just in recent memory, breaking Cena’s nose. Ending Sting’s career (Also from the Buckle Bomb) And now taking out Finn with the same move. Something needs to be done. I’ve seen people argue that none are his fault. But fault to the side, a lot of injuries seem to be happening. At the very least maybe he shouldn’t be doing that move anymore since clearly it is either A. Difficult to take. Or B. Seth is sloppy with it.