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Taz Says Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm Was Fixed

Former WWE/ECW/TNA star Taz said on his radio show that the fight between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm at UFC 193 was fixed and went into detail on why and how it happened:

“Why are some people not seeing this? This has been done in the wrestling industry for years. A guy or girl is going to take a break or go away, or has an injury that they have to tend to, whatever the reasons are, and they’re a champion – you take the championship off of them. You do not want your champion sitting home or making a movie, ‘Roadhouse 2′ or whatever Rousey’s going to do, or whatever Rousey’s going to do, or just needs a personal break, which she’s earned. This girl’s earned it. But you don’t want that person sitting home for five, six, seven months with that championship. IT’S BAD FOR BUSINESS! TAKE THE BELT OFF HER!”

“If you look at the actual K.O. – now, she did get nailed, Rousey, with several shots before the finish of the fight. Nothing that was like ‘oh my god,’ but she got popped a few times. But if you look at the actual knockout, as Rousey, she went for kind of a lazy punch or something – not lazy but she kind of missed – and as she spun to turn around her back was kind of turned to Holm. And as she slowly turned, a high round kick, I believe it was the left foot, or left leg of Holm, catches Rousey, drops Rousey, and then Holm grounds and pounds for three shots – boom, boom, boom. Ref gets in the middle, fight’s over, new champion Holly Holm.”

Taz also said that the only person he’s sure was in on the fix was Rousey.

“I’m telling you right now, that whole series, was the work. And I’m not sure who was in on it and who wasn’t but I know this much: the ref probably wasn’t in on it. Maybe he was I don’t know. Rousey was in on it – and again, this is all my opinion. Holm might not have been in on it.”

You can check out a clip of Taz explaining why he thinks it was fixed here:

  • Name

    If it was a lucky shot, it would be a much more obvious work (ie, fiction). The overwhelming beat-down has a lot of truth, just more about mentality and strategy (or stubbornness and the lack). Otherwise, the UFC would be quick to promote their new champ as the next best of all time (she is undefeated, still, so they can play that card with relative impunity as tired as it is).

  • Name

    The timing is somewhat convenient, but nothing else matches up well with reality. Taz is an interesting guy, but this was a silly accusation.

  • D2K

    Now Floyd Mayweather says he wants to train Ronda Rousey……………O.O

    Hmm……….maybe Taz isn’t Looney tunes after all. I mean, that does sound a little “convenient.”

  • CC

    Or “Taz says something edgy to try to make himself still seem relevant”

  • jackson

    what an idiot

  • TheFizPop

    I like to think of the editors here in the same breath, as the wwe creative.

    But is Tazz saying this as a work also? I mean without such views, these sites would continue with p*ss poor interaction lol, So by Tazz going the its a work route, is actually working the work, to work more interest about if its a work at all.

    If only Vinnie was standing cage side, ringing for the bell, we’d know its legit and not a work…

  • Solid

    Sorry W-E editors, the title of this article has some spelling mistakes, it should read “Taz smokes crack and says stupid things”

    Thanks. 😛

  • Daniel W Self

    Lets call it what it is Bull Crap and the moment Holly got in Rhondas head at the weigh in I knew it then RHonda was gonna lose cause she let her temper get the better of her 2 she tried to hard to do like she did in all her other fights and sorry Holly not stupid blonde she knew exactly what to do to kick her tail and she did

  • D2K

    The only part of this that is a “work” is that Rousey after saying she would take time off before this debacle happened gets an immediate rematch to where her opponents do not.

    It’s sickening that people cannot give this young woman (Holm) credit for her brilliant performance on this weekend. Just because she shattered the image some of your created in Ronda Rousey and destroyed the idol that you created, rather than except that people make excuses.

    Holly Holm beat the Deputy Dawg *blank* out of Ronda Rousey. She out boxed her. She outclassed her, and she systematically dismantled everything the Rousey hung her hat on. The reality is that Ronda Rousey must know face reality. She was cocky, arrogant, and she got humbled. It happens. It’s called human nature.

    What happens after this loss is what defines yo a a champion. As a true warrior. Muhammad Ali got beat by Joe Frazier in 1971. No one expected that to happen either. However, it was how Ali responded after than fight that truly made him the greatest of all time. He would not only beat Frazier twice, but he would regain the title by beating a young George Foreman who had left a path of destruction on his way to the heavyweight title.

    So what happen now is what will truly define Ronda Rousey. Now that she has had a bitter taste of humble pie, can she rebound to take back the title?

  • TheFizPop

    It’s obvious!! Ronda is the UfC Goldberg! How in gods name have people not realised?!!!! Dana Bischoff used Holly Nash to dethrone her, after feeding her never will’bes to build her up

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    You guys can say all you want regarding the Maturity and Professionalism of the MMA and UFC. But, what if the fight was actually fixed? I’m not going to describe Taz being a Professional (scripted) Wrestler, but I can understand his point of view. What if this WAS A WORK? You would think that a 2 Round TKO is not on Rousey’s level, but surely there has got to be something there.. it WAS only three hits when the Ref. had to step in.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Wow…. That has got to be the most… Ridiculous thing I have ever heard…..

  • Thomas Murray

    is he taking the pi ss ?

  • D2K


    I can’t even……seriously.